Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 66

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Where Has Callie Gone? At the Federal Building in the base city.

The hall on the first floor had just been cleaned by staff.

The carpets on the marble floor had been replaced.

Meanwhile, the guards guarding the building by the door had changed into brand new uniforms.

They stood on either side of the hall, ready to welcome the arrival of the God of War Peter.

Peter stayed a little too long as he passed the square, mainly because he was pestered by the excited citizens.

In the end, General David arrived with the National Guards to disperse the people gathered in the square.

This gave the staff of the Federal Building time to clear the hall on the first floor.

They had followed General David’s instructions fully and had carefully designed everything, from the layout of the hall to the positions of the guards.

General David’s intentions were very simple.

He wanted the God of War Peter to feel the gratitude of the Federation for saving the base city.

However, to General David’s surprise, Peter paid no attention to the fancy rituals after entering the Federal building.

Instead, he walked straight to the elevator, intending to go to the President of the Federation’s office.

When Peter entered the base city, he sensed a hint of danger from General David.

This supreme commander of the mecha army had accidentally exposed his intention to control the highest authority in the Federation.

“God of War Peter! Please wait a moment.

The President is not in the base city now, and Callie should not be here either…” Peter, who was about to enter the elevator, heard what General David said behind him.

Thus, he could only turn to look at General David.

“I know that the President is not in the base city.

When I returned from the island, the President had already left in an aircraft.

” .



After saying this, Peter felt that Callie should not have left the Federal building.

Something must have happened here while he was gone, causing Callie to leave.

Peter completely gave up on the idea of entering the elevator and turned to General David.

“General David, why isn’t Callie in the Federal building? Doesn’t General David know that it’s very dangerous outside?” As Peter spoke, a ruthless look appeared in his eyes.

He had not cleaned the blood on his body after returning from outside the city.

Thus, it made Peter look bloodthirsty and violent.

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COM General David could feel a strong murderous aura from the God of War Peter.

In an instant, his aura as a person who had been in power for a long time was suppressed.

“God of War Peter, it… it was Callie who left the Federal building out of her own volition.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask the staff here.

” General David’s assistant, who was beside him, immediately jumped out to help him.

“God of War Peter, Callie did leave the Federal Building on her own.

At that time, General David tried his best to stop Callie from leaving.

” Peter wasn’t satisfied with their answer.

Did they really think he was a three-year-old kid? Putting aside the fact that Callie was his girlfriend, they didn’t even know where Callie, who was the granddaughter of the President of the Federation, had gone.

Thus, he wouldn’t believe it if they said there was nothing fishy going on here.

However, the girl who next appeared behind Peter spoke and attracted Peter’s interest.

“God of War Peter! Welcome home!” Peter looked towards the source of the voice.

The girl who had appeared behind him was none other than Anna, the Genetic General from the genetics course.

Anna walked up to Peter.

When she saw the scars on Peter’s body, her bright eyes flashed with distress, but she cleverly hid it.

“God of War Peter! General David is right.

Callie left the Federal building on her own.

” Peter looked at Anna with disbelief.

What exactly had happened in the base city while he was gone? Now, even Anna was on David’s side.

Then, Peter looked at Anna with mixed emotions.

This was the girl who had once fought beside him, the girl who had once worked with him to stop the beasts.

What exactly had she experienced to make such a choice? However, Peter was certain that the conditions that General David had promised Anna were definitely very generous, so generous that Anna could not refuse them.

Peter didn’t voice his thoughts.

He chose to respect Anna’s choice.

Then, Peter simply left the Federal building.

He wasn’t far from where he wanted to go.

He was headed for the Genetic Command on the other side of the square.

He knew that Professor Eugene had been hiding there when the beasts attacked the base city.

The smart device that Peter had previously worn had been destroyed when the S-Grade queen insect self-destructed in the underground cave.

He would find Professor Eugene first and plan his next move.

Half an hour later, Peter arrived at Genetic Command.

The Genetic Warrior who was responsible for guarding the place did not recognize the God of War Peter.

Instead, he turned the situation into a joke.

When the Genetic Warrior saw Peter, who looked like a “demon”, he sounded the alarm in fear.

An ear-piercing alarm resounded through the silent night sky, attracting a large number of Genetic Warriors to run out of the Genetic Command.

They thought they had encountered an enemy.

Although the crisis of the beasts had been resolved, the Genetic Warriors who were temporarily stationed in the base city had been tense.

Who knew if there were any new dangers? In fact, this also reflected that they currently lacked the sense of security that the God of War Peter provided.

At this moment, another Genetic Warrior ran out from the Genetic Command.

From the uniform he was wearing, it could be determined that he was a high-leveled Genetic Warrior, also known as a C-Grade Genetic Warrior.

He was only one grade away from becoming a Genetic General.

Peter recognized the Genetic Warrior who had just run out.

“Barker!” When the first batch of elite students was selected from the Genetics College, Barker was almost eliminated.

It was Peter who discovered his potential.

Barker heard the “demon” in front of him call out his name.

A surprised expression appeared on his face, but he quickly reacted.

He could recognize the God of War Peter from his voice.

“Peter, the God of War Peter! Is that really you?” Barker was pleasantly surprised.

Ignoring Peter’s filth, he ran up and hugged him.

The other Genetic Warriors were momentarily stunned.

At the next moment… The first Genetic Warrior to react turned around and ran into the Genetic Command, shouting as he ran.

“The God of War Peter is back!” This Genetic Warrior ran along the tunnel that led to the Genetics Building and attracted the attention of the other Genetic Warriors.

“What! Did I hear wrongly? Did he just say that the God of War Peter is back?” “He’s shouting that the God of War Peter is back.

Let’s go to the gate!” “You guys go first.

I’m going to tell Professor Eugene that the God of War Peter is back.