Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 64

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Peter’s Next Plan General David heard his assistant shouting in fear.

He frowned and reprimanded her.

“What happened? Why are you making a fuss?” The assistant turned to General David and pointed to the scene in front of him.

“General David! Come over and take a look.

The Mecha Warriors who were searching for the remains of the Genetic Warriors outside the city just sent a video.

They found a human.

” “Hm?” General David walked to the center of the command room and looked at the figure on the screen.

At this time, Peter was covered in dried blood.

He was covered in his own blood, as well as the blood of mutated creatures.

This made him look a little terrifying.

He was like a demon that had crawled out of hell.

However, General David still recognized him.

Among the Genetic Warriors he had seen, only the God of War Peter was over 2.

5 meters tall.

“He’s really back!” The assistant standing beside General David heard what General David said.




At that moment, a person appeared in her mind.

It was the God of War who had single-handedly resolved the crisis in the base city.

“Oh my god! Is the God of War Peter really back!” At the next moment… All the staff in the command room ran to the screen.

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COM “It’s the God of War Peter.

He really came back.

” “This is great.

The God of War Peter has returned safely.

He is the hero of our base city.

” General David reacted quickly and immediately turned to look at his assistant.

“Quickly forward the video of the God of War Peter’s return.

No, no! Start the live broadcast immediately!” “Then, inform the people who can still move to gather in the square.

We will welcome the God of War Peter back.

Also, put up a banner.

I want everyone to know the Federation’s current attitude towards the God of War Peter!” “Also, I want to personally welcome the God of War Peter back!” His assistant quickly opened the notebook and recorded General David’s orders.

Then, orders were issued from the command room.

The base city at night instantly became lively.

Many people who knew that the God of War Peter had returned.

They did not need the Federation’s orders.

Instead, they voluntarily came to both sides of the square.

They didn’t have time to make a banner welcoming the return of the God of War Peter.

Thus, they could only find a pen and paper and write down what they thought best to represent their feelings.

On the square in the center of the base city, the bottom half of the huge screen had been damaged due to the attacks from the beasts.

However, even so, the Federation still broadcasted the return of the God of War Peter.

The large number of people gathered in the square looked up at the figure on the screen.

A few children were carried by their father over their heads and rode on their father’s necks.

“Dad, I see the God of War Peter!” “Dad, the God of War Peter looks so scary!” “Don’t talk nonsense.

The God of War Peter is doing this for us humans.

His body is covered in the blood of the insects.

” “Don’t listen to your father.

When the God of War Peter washes away the blood on his body, he’s still the most handsome God of War.

” At the entrance of the Federal building, General David quickly walked down the stairs and took a vehicle to the city gates of the base city.

He had already informed the National Guards guarding the city gate to not open the city gate in a hurry.

The gate could only be opened after he reached the city gate.

In order to show how much the Federation valued the God of War Peter, General David had done everything he could.

After all, with the current strength of the Federation, they did not dare to offend a Genetic God of War.

A few minutes later… David’s vehicle arrived at the city gate.

There was already a team of National Guards waiting there.

As General David appeared, the team of National Guards stood on both sides of the city gate in two rows.

After the soldiers guarding the city received the order to open the city gates, they opened the gates that had been sealed for a long time.

As the city gates slowly opened, everyone waiting there focused on what was behind the city gates.

The first thing that appeared in everyone’s field of vision were two mechas from the Federation.

These two mechas were carrying the remains of a mecha-like machine.

Everyone was momentarily stunned.

What was this thing that also looked like a mecha for? General David also looked puzzled.

Just as General David was about to ask, the God of War Peter appeared behind the mechas.

When he saw the team that welcomed him, he stood still and did not speak.

Peter, who had grown up in an ordinary family, had never seen such a scene like the one before him.

Although he felt that it was a little ridiculous, he couldn’t say so directly.

Meanwhile, after General David saw Peter appear, he immediately ran to the God of War Peter and extended his hands.

“The God of War Peter! On behalf of the Federation, I welcome your safe return!” Peter looked at David in surprise.

He knew that General David was the supreme commander of the Federation’s mecha army.

However, the Federation still consisted of the President and the other senators.

If there was anyone who could represent the Federation, Peter knew that it was definitely not the commander of the mecha army in front of him.

It was not that Peter felt that the Federation was looking down on him to simply send a commander of the mecha army to welcome him.

Instead, Peter sensed a change in the upper echelons of the Federation from David’s words.

After he started dating Callie, he learned that Callie’s grandfather was the President of the Federation.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, General David.

I’m curious why Callie didn’t come with you.

” General David hadn’t expected the God of War Peter to directly ask about Callie.

“The God of War Peter, Callie might be waiting for you at the Federal Building…” Peter interrupted General David by raising his hand.

“General David! Please get someone to transport this mecha to the Genetics College.

I’ll go to the Federation to find Callie first.

” Before General David could react, Peter was walking in the direction of the Federal building, leaving General David to look at his hurried figure.

The assistant standing behind General David put her mouth close to General David’s ear.

“General David! The person responsible for tailing Callie has sent back a message.

He has discovered the hiding place of the President of the Federation and asked if…” General David heard his subordinate’s report and knew that his subordinate was waiting for his orders.

At this moment, Peter’s departing figure had not completely disappeared.

General David watched Peter’s receding figure, a sheen of sweat appearing on his forehead.

General David ignored the cold sweat on his forehead and immediately turned to look at his assistant.

“Inform the people following Callie to retreat immediately.

Don’t alarm Callie and the President.