Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 62

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 62

Chapter 62: An Important Discovery by the A-Grade Queen Insect On the ground filled with the corpses of the beasts, a five-meter tall creature blocked Peter’s path.

This was an A-Grade queen insect.

The A-Grade queen insect did not attack Peter.

On the contrary, it appeared very humble.

“Master!” “I am willing to serve you!” “I have an important piece of information for you this time!” Peter dragged his smart mecha to the A-Grade queen insect.

Then, he looked up at the huge creature in front of him.

After he controlled this A-Grade queen insect, it had been gathering information about the beasts for him.

Furthermore, this queen insect also controlled three humans at the same time.

It controlled Professor Eugene from the Genetics College, Locke, the eldest grandson of the Locke family, and Major Elinda from the Federal combat command center.

Of the three humans, only Professor Eugene had been controlled by the A-Grade queen insect half a month ago.

The remaining two humans had become the soul slaves of the A-Grade queen insect a few years ago.

After becoming a soul slave, they would be fully loyal to their master and would definitely not do anything to betray their master.




At the same time, the A-Grade queen insect became Peter’s soul slave and was completely loyal to him.

Peter let go of the smart mecha and moved his numb wrist.

“Tell me, what important information did you gather this time?” The A-Grade queen insect had three eyes that looked at Peter with reverence.

It knew about Peter killing the S-Grade queen insect before as every queen insect was connected to each other via brainwaves.

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COM “Master!” “After you killed the S-Grade queen insect, a robot found my nest.

” “Oh, that robot looks the same as the robot behind you.

” Peter’s pupils shrank when he heard what the A-Grade queen insect had said.

“Continue talking.

What did that robot tell you?” A smart mecha of the same model had actually looked for the A-Grade queen insect.

It seemed that the organization behind this had an unspeakable motive.

Peter desperately wanted to know what the smart mecha that had gone to find the A-Grade queen insect had said.

The A-Grade queen insect felt its master’s anxious expression and immediately told Peter everything it had learned.

A few minutes later, Peter learned about the entire incident from the A-Grade queen insect.

After the smart mecha found the A-Grade queen insect, it projected a virtual image in front of the queen insect.

In the image, a humanoid creature appeared.

According to the description of the A-Grade queen insect, this humanoid creature looked very tall and was estimated to be at least six meters tall.

Other than its tall figure, there was no doubt that it was a human.

Based on the A-Grade queen insect’s description, it should be a giant.

Most importantly, this giant offered very generous terms to rope in the A-Grade queen insect.

As long as the A-Grade queen insect joined the “Holy War” organization, it could obtain potions to increase its level.

Furthermore, the giant promised that it would take an extremely short time for the queen insect to advance to the S-Grade.

Peter knew that if an A-Grade queen insect wanted to advance to an S-Grade queen insect, it would take a lot of time to continuously nurture mutated creatures in order to have a chance of leveling up.

This probability was very small.

Thus, for an A-Grade queen insect, being able to advance to the S-Grade in a short period of time was indeed very tempting.

However, it still didn’t dare to make a decision on its own.

It happened to find its master nearby, so the A-Grade queen insect left its nest and rushed to see Peter.

Peter pondered for a moment and finally agreed to allow the A-Grade queen insect to join the organization called the Holy War Organization.

“You can join that Holy War Organization, but I’ll give you a strengthening potion to allow you to advance to the S-Grade first.

” When the A-Grade queen insect heard what its master had said, its ugly face twisted even more from ecstasy.

“Master! Are you saying that I can progress to the S-Grade in advance?” Peter had planned to upgrade his soul slave, the A-Grade queen insect, to an S-Grade after the crisis with the beasts was resolved.

Previously, after seeing the terrifying self-destructing power displayed by the S-Grade queen insect, he was even more certain that he wanted to increase the strength of the A-Grade queen insect.

However, he had to find Professor Eugene after returning to the base city.

This was because only Professor Eugene could make strengthening potions now.

He also had a very important goal of allowing the A-Grade queen insect to join the Holy War Organization.

He wanted it to steal the important information inside the organization.

That was because after gathering all the evidence from the beasts that attacked the base city, all the evidence pointed to this organization called the Holy War Organization.

Before the S-Grade queen insect self-destructed, it had said that the Holy War Organization would avenge it.

Moreover, Peter was sure that the S-Grade queen insect had definitely not reached the S-Grade before joining the Holy War Organization.

It probably also joined the organization when it was still at the A-Grade and obtained the strengthening potion to advance to the S-Grade.

Obtaining a strengthening potion that could allow the A-Grade queen insect to advance to the S-Grade in a short period of time was not difficult for Peter.

However, to his surprise, the Holy War Organization could also create this strengthening potion.

Together with the potions that he had found in the smart mecha that contained the Thunder God genes, Peter’s curiosity about the Holy War Organization increased.

After learning this information from the A-Grade queen insect, Peter asked it to go back to its nest first.

Then, he would send someone to deliver the strengthening potion to it.

After sending away the A-Grade queen insect, Peter continued to drag the smart mecha towards the base city.

Other than the three humans under its control, no other human knew about the secret of the A-Grade queen insect.

He had to keep this secret until Peter solved the problem with the Holy War Organization.

More than half an hour passed after the A-Grade queen insect left.

An area illuminated by the lights finally appeared in front of Peter, accompanied by the roar of mechas.

“They’re warriors who are operating mechas!” They had been sent by the Federation.

After the crisis with the beasts was averted, they immediately operated their mechas, which had lost their combat power, to the battlefield outside the city to look for the remains of the Genetic Warriors who had died in battle.

“These Mecha Warriors have appeared at the right time!” In front of him, three mechas had turned on the lights and were rummaging through the corpses of the beasts.

However, these Mecha Warriors felt that something was very ironic.

This was the first time they had operated a mecha that had lost its combat power.

Furthermore, they were looking for the remains of Genetic Warriors.

In the cockpit of one of the mechas, a warrior operating a mecha was talking to his companion.

“Sigh, have we Mecha Warriors declined? We’ve actually started to do this kind of job to find corpses!” His companion operated his mecha and dug out the thigh of a human from the corpses of the beasts.

“This Genetic Warrior died too miserably.

Look at this broken thigh.

More than half of the flesh on it has been eaten by the beasts.

” At this moment, the Mecha Warriors behind them heard their discussion and walked to the center.

“Shut your mouths.

Don’t forget that they were the ones who protected the base city! They were the ones who defeated the beasts!”