Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 45

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Mecha Warriors! The Federation’s Hope In the slums of New York Base City.

Usually, no one cared about this place.

The dirty sewers gave off a foul smell.

Countless mutated beetles in the sewers opened the ugly organs on their backs.

Then, they released waves that could interfere with communication signals.

This was an ability unique to mutated beetles.

As long as there were enough mutated beetles, they could affect the communication of large areas.

They were the main culprits behind the disruption of communications in the base city.

The most direct consequence was that the mechas stationed in the base city could not be controlled through a centralized command.

At this moment, in the Federal Mecha Command… Ever since the alarm on the city wall announced that an enemy was attacking, the headquarters had been unable to send out Mecha Warriors to support the attack on the city wall.

There was no other reason.

The communication signals had been disrupted.

Thus, they could only rely on people to run and issue orders.




However, this efficiency was too slow.

The Mecha Warriors stationed on the city wall relied on their powerful firearms to temporarily suppress the attacks of the mutated creatures.

However, if they did not receive reinforcements, they would not be able to last long.

After another half an hour, Mecha Warriors finally appeared on the streets of the base city.

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COM Meanwhile, the citizens had been frightened by the alarm.

After all, it had been a long time since they had heard the alarm.

In the past, the number of mutated creatures that attacked the base cities was not as exaggerated as this attack.

Furthermore, the alarm would not be triggered in the past.

It would only be triggered when large groups of beasts attacked.

When the majestic mechas passed through the streets… The surrounding crowd sent their blessings.

“Ahhh, there are so many Mecha Warriors.

They have to kill all the mutated creatures.

” “Look, the one operating the largest mecha is my brother.

” “Children, may God bless you and bring you back safely.

” “Brothers! Although I’ve lost my legs, you can kill the mutated creatures for me!” The citizens knew that the Mecha Warriors walking in front of them were the hope of this city.

Without them, the base city would have been invaded by the beasts.

They and their families would also become food for the mutated creatures.

Following the Mecha Warriors, the Genetic Warriors appeared on the streets.

Unlike the Mecha Warriors, the appearance of these Genetic Warriors attracted strong opposition from the people.

“No! Don’t go.

You’re just causing trouble…” “Merciful God! Don’t let these children die.

” “Look at the size of those Genetic Warriors.

How can they fight against those powerful mutant creatures?” General Hawk walked at the front of the Genetic Warriors team.

Upon hearing the shouts from the surrounding people, his expression turned ugly.

Although he usually refused to stand up for the Genetic Warriors, when faced with such a treatment with such a clear difference compared to the Mecha Warriors, no one would be in a good mood.

This had always been the case with the Genetic Warriors in the Federation.

At this moment, a few loud noises sounded from the city wall.

Boom! Boom! Boom! This was the sound of the Federal cannons being fired.

After the three railguns each attacked once, there was a cooldown of half a minute.

Only then could they fire again.

If they were lucky, the three railguns could eliminate a small area of mutated creatures with one shot.

However, the disadvantage was that the cooldown period was a little long.

This was equivalent to giving the mutated beasts time to regroup and attack.

Just as the railguns finished firing and entered their cooldown period… The collapsed ground suddenly widened.

Then, five tall mutated rhinoceroses appeared.

They ran out from underground and accelerated towards the city wall.

Bang! The first mutated rhinoceros rammed its tough horn into the city wall.

A very large hole was formed in the alloy wall from the powerful collision.

Then, the second rhinoceros rushed up and hit the same spot.

These tall mutated rhinoceroses were trying to break through the city wall.

This way, the beasts could enter the base city.

At this moment, the first batch of Mecha Warriors who had rushed over to support the existing Mecha Warriors had already climbed up the city wall.

After their defensive power was replenished, the beasts outside the city wall were temporarily suppressed.

However, groups of mutated birds appeared in the sky.

Their target was not the ordinary humans in the city.

Instead, it was the Mecha Warriors who were defending the city walls.

The ferocious mutated birds stretched out their sharp claws and continuously harassed the mechas on the city wall.

Once there was a gap in the defense of the mechas, the sharp claws of the A-Grade mutated birds would instantly pierce through the mecha’s defense.

In an instant, more than ten mechas on the city wall fell to the ground.

The mechas had either lost their combat power, or the warriors operating their mechas had lost their lives.

As time passed, the number of Mecha Warriors continued to decrease.

However, the number of mutated beasts outside the city wall was still increasing.

Other than the beasts that appeared in the front of the base city, a large number of beasts also appeared in the other three directions.

Thus, the entire base city was surrounded by beasts in all four directions.

At this moment, in the square in the center of the base city… The citizens had gathered here and looked at the large screen above the square.

The video on the screen was showing the Mecha Warriors guarding the city wall.

All the city walls were being attacked by mutated creatures.

This scene frightened the ordinary citizens.

They realized that the Mecha Warriors seemed to be unable to hold on anymore.

Then, the scene changed.

The image of the President of the Federation appeared on the screen.

Beside the President of the Federation was his son, Paul.

He was also Callie’s father.

Paul entered a mecha and began operating it.