Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 38

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Field Challenge Begins Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios At 8pm, Anna returned to the dormitory.

She lived in a six-person dormitory, which only cost 20 points a month.

It was also the cheapest dormitory in the entire Genetics College.

At this moment, Anna opened the door and saw that her roommates were all back.

The five girls had gathered together and were chatting.

When they saw Anna, they immediately changed the topic.

“Anna, Big Boss Peter is so handsome, so why doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” “Who says Big Boss Peter doesn’t have a girlfriend? Just now, I was going to the canteen to eat when I saw Big Boss Peter with a pretty girl.

” “Anna, will you become Peter’s disciple?” Anna heard her roommate’s comment and looked reproachful.




However, when she turned around with her back facing them, a blush appeared on her face.

Peter’s tall figure remained in her mind.

This was the first time Anna felt this way about a man.

Was this an expression of liking someone? Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Anna sat on the bed, her emotions in turmoil.

She could not help but look at the time.

She guessed that she might not be able to get her citizenship today.

Anna was too embarrassed to ask Peter about it.

It would make her appear too unsteady.

However, she was really anxious.

This was because her mother’s health was getting worse.

They did not have their citizenship, so they could not enter the Federal public hospital for treatment.

She could only go to a private clinic for treatment.

However, Anna could not afford the fees offered by a private clinic.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Anna immediately jumped out of bed.

She wondered if it was Big Boss Peter.

However, a female voice sounded from outside the door.

A disappointed look appeared on Anna’s face as she walked towards the door and opened it.

The visitor was a female teacher from the Genetics College.

“Anna, pack your luggage and belongings.

You’re moving to the single room dormitory area now.

” Anna was obviously stunned when she heard what the female teacher said.

The single dormitory required a lot of points every month.

How could she afford it? The female teacher could tell that Anna was concerned.

“Anna, you’re now a B-Grade Genetic General.

According to the student rules, you can enjoy the benefits of a single dormitory for free.

” It was free and she did not have to spend points on it! The surprise came too suddenly.

Anna began to pack her belongings in a flurry.

“Congratulations, Anna!” “Anna, that’s not right.

We should call you God of War Anna now.

We’ll miss you.

” Her roommates offered their blessings, and Anna hugged each of them goodbye.

Then, Anna left with a few bags on hand.

The single dormitory was not far away, so Anna walked over on foot.

At this moment, the staff members were already waiting for her at the entrance and had already processed her check-in.

Then, Anna arrived at her single dormitory.

The moment she opened the door, fresh air blew into her face.

This was the aura of freedom.

From now on, this place would belong only to her.

Anna walked in and dropped what she was holding.

When she looked up, she saw a card on the table.

The word “citizenship” was written on the card.

“Oh my god! This is… my citizenship…” Anna covered her mouth with both hands and tried to control her emotions.

The surprise came too suddenly.

After seeing the words on the card, her vision instantly became blurry.

This meant that she would be able to get back to New York Base City tomorrow and take her mom to the Federal hospital.

After calming down, Anna picked up the card on the table.

“This is what Big Boss Peter got for me…” Anna held the card carefully to her chest in fear that it would suddenly disappear.

Meanwhile, Peter was eating alone in the room beside Anna’s room.

In front of Peter was a video of the mecha army fighting mutant creatures.

Callie was working in the laboratory today and would be back later.

Meanwhile, he was preparing for the wilderness assessment three days later.

An hour ago, Peter received a message from the queen insect.

The S-Grade queen insect had given the A-Grade queen insect another command.

It ordered for the mutated creatures under the A-Grade queen insect to gather in the area controlled by the S-Grade queen insect.

At that time, Peter wondered if the S-Grade queen insect was going to launch an early siege.

This couldn’t be left unguarded.

Thus, Peter had Professor Eugene go ahead and inform the Federation.

Of course, he would instruct Professor Eugene on what to say so that the Federation wouldn’t suspect him.

As for whether the upper echelons of the Federation would believe what Professor Eugene said, this was not something Peter could control.

Peter wanted to use the time to train the selected students to form an effective fighting force.

Thus, Peter decided to allow the 240 students to extract the Thunder God genes once again before setting off.

This time, the concentration of the Thunder God genes was slightly higher than the first extraction.

He did not know how many of these 240 students could resist the violent attributes of the Thunder God genes.

There were still three days before they set out.

Peter would know the answer then.

How many students could eventually follow him to the island?