Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 32

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Choosing Students for the God Creation Plan Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “Fifty times more rage!” Peter simply activated 50 times more rage.

In an instant, his entire aura changed.

“Master, wait a moment.

” Peter was about to extract the Thunder God genes again, but Professor Peter stopped him.

“Master, I don’t really understand why your entire aura has changed in such a short period of time.

” “However, I guess you must have used some powerful skill.

” “I suggest that you do not extract the Thunder God genes in this state.

” Peter couldn’t figure out what he was going to say.




“Why can’t I extract the genes?” Professor Eugene narrowed his small eyes at Peter.

“Master, when you destroyed the A-Grade mutated gecko with a single punch, you had this kind of aura.

” “However, after that, your aura disappeared.

I guess that there was a time limit.

” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “If you extract the Thunder God genes now, when your aura disappears, then…” Professor Eugene didn’t finish his sentence.

However, Peter understood what he meant.

He looked at Professor Eugene with a complicated expression.

Professor Eugene was indeed a smart person.

In reality, what Professor Eugene wanted to say was very simple.

Peter had failed to extract the Thunder God genes because his current physical strength was insufficient to withstand the power of the Thunder God.

In the past, Peter was able to extract the Thunder God genes as his physical strength could still withstand its power.

The Thunder God genes were indeed ridiculously powerful.

If Peter activated 50 times more rage, his physical strength would increase and he would be able to continue extracting the Thunder God genes.

However, there was a time limit to his rage.

Eight minutes later, his rage would lose its effect.

Then, Peter would explode instantly when his physical strength returned to normal.

It had to be said that controlling Professor Eugene was very beneficial.

At the very least, Professor Eugene had studied genes for half his life.

This kind of rich experience was something that others did not have.

This was equivalent to having an advisor by Peter’s side.

This was too cost-effective.

As for extracting the Thunder God genes, Peter already had a plan.

He would look for mutated creatures that could increase his physical strength.

This would make up for his lack of physical strength.

Just then, Professor Eugene continued to speak and shocked Peter again.

“Master, I have a lot of Thunder God genes in stock…” After Professor Eugene finished speaking, he ran to the safe and opened it in front of Peter.

It contained a large amount of synthesized Thunder God genes.

Peter saw Professor Eugene open the safe.

The safe was filled with a large amount of synthesized Thunder God genes.

All he could see were synthesized Thunder God gene potions.

He did a rough calculation.

There were thousands of these potions.

This old fellow was truly extraordinary.

He had actually secretly synthesized so many Thunder God gene potions.

This made sense.

After all, Professor Eugene had enough time to synthesize the Thunder God gene potions.

Now, these Thunder God gene potions belonged to Peter.

Next, Peter would start building the Genetic General Army.

Every member would minimally be a Genetic General.

He simply didn’t know what kind of expression the mecha armies would display when they saw the genetic army destroying mutated creatures with a single punch.

Peter was looking forward to it.

In order to form a powerful genetic army.

He first had to select suitable students, as well as eliminate those who were timid and afraid of death.

How should he screen them? He would organize a competition.

He would get Professor Eugene to organize an elimination match for all the students of the Genetics College.

Of course, Peter didn’t have to participate.

If Peter actually participated, it would be too unfair for those students.

With Peter’s current strength.

He would definitely remain in first place.

Thus, Peter would not participate in the competition.

However, that did not stop him from abusing the genetics students.

Peter asked Professor Eugene to announce that all students in the genetics major would participate in the competition starting from tomorrow.

The competition was divided into three main categories.

They were strength, speed, and psychological endurance respectively.

The categories of strength and speed were easy to understand.

As long as the participating students reached the passing standard, they would be able to enter the next challenge.

As for the psychological endurance challenge, it was more special.

It would require participating students to complete the mission under extremely dangerous circumstances.

It was mainly to assess the ability of the students to remain calm on the battlefield.

This required Peter to lead the team to search for mutated creatures in the wilderness.

It so happened that Peter also needed to find genes that could improve his physical strength.

Then, Peter asked Professor Eugene to take out the stored Thunder God gene potions.

He wanted to inject Thunder God genes into every student who participated in the competition.

This way, he could more accurately select the students he needed.

There were 3,125 students in the genetics course.

It was quite difficult to find a suitable person among so many students.

In the meantime, Peter asked Professor Eugene to distribute the Thunder God gene potions according to the number of participating students.

He had to start tomorrow morning.

Seeing that Professor Eugene was serious about his work, Peter left the laboratory.

Peter walked into the single dormitory area and arrived at the door of his dormitory.

At this moment, the door of the dormitory beside him suddenly opened.

Peter looked towards the source of the sound as Callie pushed open the door and stepped out.

“Callie! Why are you here?!”