Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 20

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Locke, You Are Courting death! Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Peter could not help but curse when he heard his classmate shouting for help behind him.

He was carrying Callie now, which already affected his speed.

If he hadn’t extracted the genes of the mutant creatures previously, he and Callie might have ended up like the two logistics students.

He simply had no time to care about the classmate behind him.

After all, the B-Grade mutated vultures were getting closer and closer to them.

Just as Peter was feeling extremely anxious, the system prompt sounded in his mind.

[B-Grade mutated vulture genes detected.

Extracting…] [Extraction successful.

Congratulations to the host for obtaining 10 times more speed.

] Ten times more speed! .



Peter instantly felt that his lower limbs were filled with power, and that the ground beneath his feet was moving backwards quickly.

At this moment, two high-explosives were fired from the canyon.

“Locke, are you crazy!” Carter saw two high-explosive bullets pass by him and suddenly turned around.

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COM Locke was the one who had fired the high-explosives.

The mutated vultures were already very close to the entrance of the canyon.

Thus, launching high-explosives at this time was tantamount to murdering Peter and Callie.

At this moment, Locke had a sinister look on his face.

This was the best chance to get rid of Peter.

How could he miss it? He knew that the bitch only cared about Peter and didn’t even bother to look at him.

Since that was the case… Go to hell with your Peter! His high-explosives were not aimed at the three B-Grade mutated vultures.

Instead, they were aimed at Peter and Callie.

After Locke fired the explosives, he saw Carter controlling his mecha to capture him.

Thus, he immediately operated his white mecha to run deeper into the canyon.

Two high-explosives exploded behind Peter.

A violent shock wave caught up to Peter.

Peter instantly felt a strong push against his back.

After his body had been strengthened, he could now withstand a shockwave of such power.

However, Callie, who was crawling on Peter’s shoulder, was only slightly stronger than a normal person.

After the shockwave passed, Callie felt her throat prickle.

Then, she spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Callie, hang in there.

We’re almost at the canyon.

” Peter carried Callie to the entrance of the canyon and rushed right in.

Seeing that Peter and Callie had finally arrived… Carter and the other Mecha Warriors fired high-explosives at the same time, destroying the entrance of the canyon.

They knew very well that the collapsed entrance could only temporarily delay the attack from the mutated vultures.

It wouldn’t be long before the mutated vultures reacted.

After all, the vultures could fly.

After discovering that the entrance to the canyon had been blocked, the vultures would increase their altitude.

Then, they would fly in from the crack above the canyon and continue to attack Peter and others.

Meanwhile, Peter carried Callie deeper into the canyon.

He had expended a lot of energy to run into the canyon.

He had accidentally extracted the genes of the mutated vultures, which increased his speed by 10 times.

However, he also consumed his physical strength more quickly.

Carter led the Mecha Warriors to travel behind Peter.

However, they did not realize that the Genetic Warriors were originally following behind the Mecha Warriors.

Now, there was a reversal.

The distress message had been sent.

They wondered how long it would take for the Federation to send reinforcements.

It was also Carter’s first time seeing such a terrifying number of mutated vultures.

It was impossible for the Federation to send out many mecha armies in a short period of time.

After all, they had just finished a fierce battle with the mutant creatures.

How could they gather so many Mecha Warriors in such a short period of time? At the thought of this, Carter looked ahead at Callie, who was crawling on Peter’s shoulder.

The greatest possibility was that the Federation would send out an elite flying mecha squad.

It would probably bring Callie back.

As for the rest, they would have to depend on their luck.

That was right.

He didn’t know where that damned Locke had gone.

He was the eldest grandson of the Locke family.

Thus, his family would definitely save him at all costs.

Alternatively, Locke might have a way of keeping himself alive.

Carter could still clearly remember that Locke’s running speed was actually much faster than his Intermediate-Leveled Mecha.

At this moment, a Mecha Warrior behind Carter suddenly shouted.

“Lieutenant Colonel Carter! Look up!” More than ten mutated vultures had appeared in the crack above the canyon.

Obviously, the vultures had also discovered the humans in the canyon.

A B-Grade mutated vulture moved its scarlet eyes.

Then, it bent over and rushed down.

“Form a defensive formation!” Carter immediately gave an order.

Then, an Intermediate-Leveled Mecha stood parallel to Carter.

Meanwhile, two mecha students operated their Elementary-Leveled Mechas and stood behind them.

They formed an offensive and defensive formation.

Then, Carter turned on his voice transmission.

“Peter! Bring Callie here…” The weakness of Genetic Warriors was that their physical defense was too weak.

There was no way they could withstand the attack of a mutated creature, let alone a B-Grade mutated vulture.

Without the protection of the Mecha Warriors, Peter and Callie could be torn into pieces by the vultures in an instant.

At that moment, after Carter shouted, he realized it was too late.

He did not expect the B-Grade mutated vultures to be so fast.

In the blink of an eye, a B-Grade mutated vulture had flown above Peter’s head.

“You’re asking for death!” Peter did not panic when he saw the mutated vulture appear above his head.

His physical fitness was now ten times stronger and his power had reached a value of 12,000kg.

This was not including the 20 times more rage that he had obtained previously.

Peter grabbed Callie with one hand, afraid she would fall off his shoulder.

Then, the mutated vulture thrust its sharp front beak at Peter’s head.

Peter punched the mutated vulture in the head.

The head of the mutated vulture simply exploded.

Its massive body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Carter, who was not far away, gaped at this scene in shock.

The other three Mecha Warriors also showed expressions of disbelief.

“This… this is a Genetic Warrior?” “Am I seeing things? The Genetic Warrior killed a B-Grade mutated vulture with one punch…” “That’s impossible! There must be a mistake.

That’s not a B-Grade vulture.

That must be it…” Peter smashed the head of the B-Grade mutated vulture with one punch, shocking the Mecha Warriors who were present.

Just as the Mecha Warriors were shocked… A white mecha appeared behind Peter.

Carter had just closed his open mouth when he saw the white mecha appear behind Peter.

Then, he flashed a terrified expression.

“That’s an A-Grade mecha!” “How did Locke turn an Elementary-Leveled Mecha into an A-Grade mecha…”