Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 5

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Thunder God Genes, Tenfold Physical Enhancement! Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The sample Professor Eugene took out actually contained the genes of the Thunder God! There was no other reason.

Just now, the system had told him very clearly that after extracting 0.

001% of the Thunder God genes, his attributes had increased tenfold.

If the progress of extracting the Thunder God genes had increased by just a bit, the increase in attributes would be terrifying.

Peter immediately opened the attribute interface.

[Power]: 12,090kg (Due to the limitations of the host’s physical strength, the host can only exert 60% of this strength.

) .



[Speed]: 20.

5m/s (Ordinary Person: 7m/s) [Physical Strength]: 200 (Ordinary Person: 8) Sure enough, after the physical enhancement, Peter’s punch now reached a power of 7,254kg.

It had doubled compared to before.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Also, Peter found that his speed had increased by more than two times.

If he extracted all of the Thunder God genes, it was not impossible for him to obtain power comparable to the gods.

Peter tried to make a guess.

At this time, Professor Eugene had been across the room, observing Peter’s reaction after injecting the potion.

“Peter, how are you feeling?” Upon hearing Professor Eugene’s question, Peter knew that only he could see the system interface that appeared in front of him.

Peter deliberately closed the interface in front of him.

After all, it was inconvenient to study the system interface in front of Professor Eugene.

He pretended to wave his arms and looked at Professor Eugene.

“Professor Eugene, I feel stronger.

” “Oh! That’s good.

You can go back first.

Come find me in three days.

” Professor Eugene didn’t say why Peter should go back to find him in three days.

However, Peter could guess that it must have something to do with the gene-enhancing potion.

Perhaps the next time he came to see Professor Eugene, the extraction of the Thunder God gene would increase.

Peter felt a strong sense of hunger after leaving the lab.

This was a normal physiological reaction after his body was strengthened.

The genetics course canteen was open all day.

Thus, as long as one had points, they could eat whatever they wanted.

However, Peter only had 22 points left.

It seemed like he had to think of a way to earn points.

More than an hour later, Peter walked out of the canteen.

He ate a total of two kilograms of meat and five kilograms of bread to drive away his hunger.

Of course, he also spent four points on the food.

His current points balance was 18 points.

If he continued eating like this, he wouldn’t even be able to last a week, let alone a month.

Peter went back to the dorm first.

Then, he learned two ways of earning points from his roommate.

The first method was to return to New York Base City as a genetics student and hunt the mutated creatures that sneaked in.

After all, it was inevitable that a small number of mutated creatures would sneak through the defense network protecting the base city and infiltrate the city.

Those mutated creatures hid in dark, narrow places.

From time to time, they would come out and attack ordinary humans.

The Federation was having a headache because of this, but they were unable to use their large mechas in such a small area.

Therefore, they could only hire Genetic Warriors to hunt and kill them.

Of course, the rewards were also very generous.

However, this method did not suit Peter.

This was because Peter had just become a genetics major.

Thus, he couldn’t accept the task of hunting mutants.

It should be known that mutated creatures that could infiltrate the base city were at least C-Grade creatures.

As a result, the minimum requirement for accepting the mission was to be a C-Grade Genetic Warrior.

As for the second method, Peter could give it a try.

Ever since the Genetics College was established, it had set up a Combat Power Ranking.

Each grade corresponded to a different combat value.

There were different combat values from the lowest E-Grade to the highest A-Grade.

Other than that, there was also a ranking for the ordinary students who had just entered.

It was the Newcomer Combat Power Rankings! The rankings were originally created to encourage the newcomers.

Many rookies who were not wealthy would challenge the Newcomer Rankings in the training room.

There was no other reason.

As long as one could enter the top 50 rankings, they would be able to obtain generous rewards.

However, placing among the top 50 was still very difficult.

At this time, after Peter left the dormitory, he walked towards a square building.

He headed towards the training room in the Genetics College.

Peter attracted the attention of the other students as he passed by a sports field.

“Look at that new student!” “What’s so surprising about a newcomer? You guys really have nothing better to do.

” “Don’t you know about this newcomer? He was the one who got first place in the mecha course.

In the end, his spot was taken by someone else, which was why he came to our Genetics College.

” “How do you know so much? You speak as if it’s true.

” “Hehe, I happened to be beside this newcomer when he was enrolling.

I heard it from the teacher.

” “What’s this newcomer’s name?” “It seems to be Peter! Eh? Look, he seems to be going to the training room…” Peter ignored the chatter behind him as he turned a corner and reached the path he had to take to reach the training room.

A few minutes later, Peter arrived at the training room building.

In the training room of Genetics College, there was an extremely sensitive intelligent detection machine.

There was no need for staff members to be present during the challenge between students.

Peter let out a breath and walked steadily into the training room.