Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 2

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Downtrodden Genetics Course Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “Peter! You have been allocated into the genetics major.

” “Please stand with the genetics major team.

” Peter looked incredulous when he heard the teacher finish his sentence.

After all, he had obtained full marks in the mecha course.

The West Point Mecha Department had no reason not to accept Peter, unless something had happened in between.

It was Callie who walked up to him and woke him up from his daze.

“Peter? Are you okay? That’s strange.

Why did the West Point Academy assign you to the genetics major? You scored full marks for the mecha course!” Peter also knew that there was a problem, but he couldn’t think of what it was.

Could the teacher have gotten the name list wrong? .



Peter walked up to the teacher and voiced his doubts.

However, the teacher who was responsible for receiving them asked Peter to go back to the genetics team and wait until they returned to the West Point Academy.

Peter had no choice but to stand with the genetics team first.

Some students in the other major teams knew Peter and saw him standing in the genetics team, causing a commotion among them.

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COM “What’s going on? Peter is number one in the mecha course.

How did he get assigned to the genetics major?” “I heard from my dad that a member of the Locke family is going to enter the mecha course to study, so he’s taking up a slot…” “Oh my god! This is too shameless.

He actually took someone else’s spot!” “It’s one thing to take up other people’s spot, but to push them to the genetics major… Who doesn’t know that only a fool would choose the genetics major?” “Can you not discuss other people’s matters!” Callie simply couldn’t stand to listen any longer and spoke up to stop her classmates from talking.

The students who had been discussing earlier looked at Callie as if she was stating the obvious.

At that moment, Callie was distraught.

After all, she knew who had stolen Peter’s place in the mecha course.

However, she was afraid to tell Peter as she was afraid that Peter would cause trouble in a moment of anger.

After all, Callie’s family didn’t want to get into trouble over Peter.

The person who snatched away Peter’s spot in the mecha course was the eldest grandson of the famous Locke family.

Following that, the various colleges sent out commuter cars to transport their students.

Feeling helpless, Peter could only get into the genetics major commuter car first.

Ten minutes later, the commuter car Peter was in arrived at the campus of the genetics majors.

There was not a single mecha in sight.

After all, this was the Genetics College.

At the same time, his citizenship that was supposed to be allocated to mecha majors was also canceled.

This was what Peter cared about the most.

His family situation was not very good.

The whole family was counting on him to enter the mecha course and then obtain his citizenship.

This would improve the quality of life in the family.

But now, everything was just a dream.

Even if Peter went to the Federation and made a scene… … or even go to the Federation court with the person who had taken his spot… … Peter knew that he would definitely be able to win.

But what was the use of that? Since that person had dared to take his place, they also knew that Peter would not dare to make things worse.

Peter could ignore the person’s vengeful behavior, but his family could not.

At this moment, a teacher who taught the genetics major walked over.

“Follow me to settle the admission procedures.

Also, the genetics major doesn’t provide free accommodation and food.

You need to spend points to purchase them.

” Peter frowned upon hearing this.

If he had entered the mecha major, the Federation would provide him with accommodation and food for free.

That was because it was the mechas that were currently fighting the war between humans and mutants, not Genetic Warriors.

Genetic Warriors were physically stronger than ordinary people.

However, compared to the steel bodies of mechas, they were much weaker.

When fighting with mutated beasts, Genetic Warriors could only hide behind the mechas.

They were responsible for killing the mutated creatures that were heavily injured by the mechas.

For this reason, the Federation gave the Genetic Warriors a code name.

They were the Battlefield Cleaners! At this time, Peter opened his smart device and looked at his points balance.

The balance showed that he still had 82 points.

After the global mutation of creatures, points in the Federal world replaced the previous monetary system.

This was Peter’s entire fortune, which he had saved by working part-time during the holidays.

The accommodation cost two points a day.

In addition, one point could be exchanged for one kilogram of meat or five kilograms of bread.

This was also the lowest daily food requirement for the genetics majors.

After genetic strengthening, their bodies would be several times stronger than that of ordinary people.

Thus, the amount of food they needed increased accordingly.

As for the prices of the vegetables, they were ridiculously expensive.

If he spent his points sparingly, this amount of points would only last for a month.

What would he do after one month? After finishing the admission procedures, Peter received the Genetics College uniform and a smart wristband.

Each genetics major had a smart wristband, which was part of the standard allocation kit.

Other than that, the Genetics College stated that the accommodation fee would be paid monthly.

After paying for a month’s lodging… Peter instantly lost 60 points.

His current points balance was 22 points.

Peter didn’t bother checking the points again and turned off the display.

“The only way is to not strengthen my genes first.

” In that case, his daily demand for food would be much lower.

After all, 0.

5 kilograms of meat or one kilogram of bread daily was enough for an ordinary person’s appetite.

The former number one in the mecha course had actually been assigned to the genetics major.

What was the genetics major? It was a major that only fools would choose.

Just as Peter was worrying about this, a cold voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Detected that host has chosen the genetics major and successfully activated the Gene Extraction System.