Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 94

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Taking the Initiative to Attack Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Compared to the orcs, there were not many cannibals.

Even if half of them were still out hunting, there would only be a total of 30 of them.

With that in mind, Lin Qi signaled for Abalu to continue.

“At first, I couldn’t find the exit of the cave.

Later, I found out that the cave was underground! It was connected to the outside by mud.

I snuck out to the exit of the cave, entered the mud, and then swam upstream.

“But when I came out of the mud, I got lost.

I walked around randomly.

When I was cleaning off the mud by a river, a cannibal suddenly rushed out from the side.

I fought with him, but I was no match for him.

He was too strong, and he even cut off one of my arms.

” Abalu shook his empty sleeve.

“After that, I ran like crazy.

I don’t know where I ran to but I can’t remember what happened after that.

I vaguely remember that I bumped into someone, and then I was hit by something, and then I fainted.

” Hearing that, Lin Qi was secretly shocked.

The cannibals actually lived in a cave at the bottom of the mud.

No wonder when they first arrived on the island, he and the Dark King searched all the nearby places, but they could not find any other intelligent creatures.

That was quite troublesome.

The cannibals could retreat back to the mud whenever they want, but what about the orcs? Lin Qi tried to coax Abalu again, “I know you just woke up and are still injured, but… I need someone who is very good at fighting in the jungle, and… It’s best if they can lead us to the nest of the cannibals.

” .



Lin Qi was ready to be rejected by Abalu.

After all, he had not recovered from his serious injuries.

If Lin Qi had no other choice, he would not have troubled Abalu.

He had not expected Abalu to give a forthright smile.

“No problem!” He was so happy that Lin Qi was stunned.

“You’re not worried…” Abalu waved his hand.

“What’s there to worry about! I’m the most courageous warrior of the orcs, and I want to take revenge on those cannibals!” Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM When Lin Qi heard Abalu’s words, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Have you seen any other orcs there?” Abalu replied confidently, “No! “I haven’t seen any of my tribesmen in the process.

If I had, I would have saved them all.

If someone had helped me, I wouldn’t have gotten lost so easily.

” Lin Qi touched his chin.

“I remember you saying that there were animal bones on the ground.

There were no human or human-like bones?” Abalu thought for a moment and said, “No! At least I didn’t see any at that time.

” “Then would you…” Before Lin Qi could finish his sentence, Abalu interrupted him.

“I am a hunter.

I am in the business of catching beasts.

It is impossible that I can’t distinguish between human and beast bones.

” That was strange! Where did the other missing orcs go? If Abalu was so sure, there should be no problem with that news.

Could it be that the other orcs had been eaten? Were they captured by the cannibals and used for other purposes? Were they like Abalu, who escaped but got lost? Of course, it could not be ruled out.

Abalu was a part of the first batch to be captured.

Before he escaped, no other orcs had been captured.

At that time, Lin Qi remembered another detail.

“You said that you suddenly fainted while walking?” “Yes, it was quite sudden.

It was also my own negligence.

Logically speaking, we used knockout drugs before, so we should have been on guard.

But at that time, I didn’t feel anything at all, and slowly lost consciousness.

” Then it should be poisoning.

The most obvious difference between poisoning and knockout drugs was the reaction of the person involved.

It was impossible for the best hunter like the orcs to not have any reaction at all.

It should be because they did not know when they were poisoned! Lin Qi did not think much about it.

“Then you should rest and recover.

When your body can move freely, we will set off!” Before he left, he left some food for Abalu to replenish his strength, hoping that he could recover faster.

Lin Qi went back to his place and called the Dark King over to discuss the battle plan.



Just like that, three days passed.

Abalu’s strength had almost recovered.

At the very least, he could walk and run at a certain speed without any problems.

During those three days, Lin Qi had also prepared a lot of emergency delicacies, and offensive-type delicacies such as Explosive Beef Meatballs.

They then set off on their journey, with many orcs following behind them.

Every now and then, Lin Qi wishes that a beautiful woman would come to him, with tears in her eyes, and say goodbye to him.

However, after a while, none of them have come.

Yu Meng did one better一she knocked on Lin Qi’s door last night.

When he had just opened it and noticed that it was her, he was a little excited.

He thought that Yu Meng had been enlightened about the situation.

Since she came to find him so late, perhaps something exciting would happen.

Unexpectedly, Yu Meng picked up her magic staff and said to Lin Qi’s face, “If you dare to die out there, I’ll use intermediate ice magic to blow up your grave!” Hearing that, Lin Qi felt pretty good.

Yu Meng must have been concerned about him… Right? .


Lin Qi and the others walked into the forest.

He looked at Abalu and said, “We’d better find the nest of the cannibals.

If we really can’t, we can only try to lure them with my delicious food.

“However, according to the cunning of the cannibals, they might not be fooled.

” Abalu nodded carefully.

“Do you still remember the place where you found me? Lead me there!” Lin Qi and the Dark King led Abalu through the forest and soon found the place where they found him.

There were still some dried bloodstains on the ground, the Dark King pointed in a direction and said to Abalu, “You rushed over from that direction.

At that time, you were… No, when you fainted because of your injuries, I checked that direction and hadn’t found anything.

” Abalu carefully looked at the surroundings.

He picked up some dirt on the ground and sniffed it.

He turned around and said to them, “Other than you guys, the cannibals should have been here at that time, and they should have been right next to you guys.

” What?! The Dark King and Lin Qi were shocked.

“Look!” Abalu pointed at the weeds next to him.

“The grass here has been trampled flat, and there is a small footprint on the ground next to it.

The size is definitely not the ones of orcs and ordinary humans.

” “Then how did you know that the cannibals were following us?” “Look at the grass again.

Look, this is the yellowing of the roots of the grass after the cannibals stepped on it.

Look at the grass over here.

This is obviously your footsteps on it.

The yellowing of the roots is basically the same.

“If you were sure that you didn’t meet the cannibals at that time, it means that the cannibals must have come here after you left!” The precise analysis stunned Lin Qi and the Dark King.

After all, he was a jungle hunter, and he had made a breakthrough right from the beginning.

However, it was a little creepy.


Fortunately, they left earlier, or else they would have been ambushed.