Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 87

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 87

Chapter 87: BaitTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Lin Qi originally wanted to lead those orcs to live happy lives and not worry about food shortages anymore.

They did not have to worry about the demonic beasts’ attacks either.

He had not expected to lose ten people along the way, and nine orcs were still unknown.

Lin Qi felt a little guilty.

The old priest called out to Lin Qi, “Child, we don’t blame you.

It was you who solved the problem of food shortages for us, and it was you who led us to this beautiful Peach Blossom Island.

” The old priest seemed to see the guilt in Lin Qi’s heart and comforted him.

“The old priest is right,” the Holy Maiden echoed from the side.

“Without you, we might have starved to death.

” Only then did Lin Qi feel a little better.

“All of you can stay in the camp for the next few days.

You must strengthen the guards.

Dark King and I will go and see what is playing these tricks.

” Lin QI clenched his fists.

The old priest patted his head.

“You must pay attention to your safety, child.

Come back safely.

” Lin Qi nodded firmly, turned around and walked out with Dark King.




He first checked the supplies in the system, and then made some simple delicacies for self-defense.

He also told a few orc commanders to strengthen the guards.

Just as Lin Qi and the Dark King were about to leave the camp, Yu Meng and Luther chased after them.

“What are you doing out here? Go back, it’s dangerous!” Lin Qi stopped them.

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COM Luther said with a smug look, “I’m a grand swordmaster, much more powerful than you.

You can face the danger, but I can’t?” “But…” Lin Qi wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Yu Meng.

“Where you go, I go,” Yu Meng said with a straight face.

As usual, she was direct and did not give Lin Qi a chance to speak.

To be honest, Luther and Yu Meng had not faced any danger recently.

It was Lin Qi who had been taking care of them for the past month.

In order to save them, he went out to look for food alone.

After returning, they listened to Lin Qi calmly talk about how he would deal with it alone once more.

Their hearts were not calm at all.

Thus, at that time, they decided not to let Lin Qi face the danger alone.

Just like that, the three of them and the dog set off on their journey.

“Do you have any ideas?” Luther asked Lin Qi.

“I don’t have any ideas either, but let’s go to the place where they disappeared first.

” Lin Qi was still confused.

There were no witnesses, no sounds of fierce fighting, at least no one at the construction site and camp heard it.

It was not far apart.

Lin Qi had been walking fast for half an hour, and the orcs would have been faster.

Moreover, the orcs were brave and good at fighting, and Abalu was the best among them.

How could they disappear without a sound? It was completely unreasonable.

Soon, they arrived at the construction site.

The orcs were suddenly called back so there were still axes scattered on the ground and some wood that had been cut down but had not been dragged away in time.

The Dark King sniffed carefully on the ground while the other three looked around to see if there were any valuable clues.

Half an hour later, the three people and the dog gathered together again to share their findings.

The Dark King said, “The smell of the trees here is too strong.

Besides, these orcs don’t pay much attention to hygiene, they urinate and defecate everywhere.

Anyway, I don’t smell any strange smells.

” Luther also shared, “There are no obvious signs of fighting around here, and there are no traces of blood.

” Yu Meng continued, “There are no traces of magic.

” Lin Qi thought for a while and said, “No, there won’t be any progress at this rate.

Since there are three people missing every day, it means that the other party has been observing us.

As long as we wait here, the other party might walk right into our trap.

” Luther suggested a different opinion, “However, there are no signs of a fight here, which means that the other party didn’t hunt here.

It’s very likely that they were on a certain path.

” “That’s right!” Yu Meng agreed with Luther.

“When you guys weren’t here just now, we asked the orcs for some information.

These missing orcs disappeared on the way back to the camp, and the time is not fixed.

Some of them went back after finishing their work at night, some went back the next morning, and some disappeared after saying that they were hungry in the afternoon.

” Lin Qi rubbed his chin and thought for a while.

“How about this? We wait here until dark, then one of us will go to the camp from here, and the rest will protect him from behind.

” Yu Meng said, “One of us will protect them.

The three of us are too obvious, so the remaining two will wait here.

If there’s an attack, quickly send out the signal, and these two can also help as soon as possible.

” Lin Qi felt that it was not a safe idea.

“But… It’s too unsafe.

” The Dark King, who had not expressed its opinion, agreed with Yu Meng.

“Let’s listen to her.

Three people would be too obvious.

” Lin Qi could not persuade them and had to agree.

“Then I’ll be the bait.

The Dark King will protect me.

” Luther smiled and said, “Forget it.

You’re too inexperienced.

This kind of thing will definitely be done by a grand swordmaster like me.

The other party can subdue the orcs and subdue you in an instant.

” Seeing that Lin Qi still wanted to say something, he raised his fist and lightly hit his chest.

“It’s settled then.

Don’t be so wishy-washy and act like a woman.

” A certain woman glared at him coldly and said to Lin Qi, “That’s right.

A simple-minded fool with strong limbs is more suitable for this kind of thing than you.

” Luther shrugged helplessly at the side.

He was really narrow-minded.

Lin Qi could only give up.

“Then Luther will be the bait.

Dark King will protect you from behind.

” The Dark King was unhappy.

“Why should I protect you from behind? Why don’t you do it?” Luther said, “Because you run fast?” Yu Meng added, “Because you’re the best.

” Lin Qi quipped, “Because you’re the worst?” “… forget the first two.

Who the hell is the worst?” “You have dark-colored fur which is suitable for discreet protection.

” The Dark King could not be bothered to argue with Lin Qi, so it had no choice but to agree.

Then, it tugged at Lin Qi and wanted to say something.

“I know,” Lin Qi answered first.

“Extra meal!” Without saying anything, he took out a big bowl of Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup from the system.

“Drink whatever you want.

You can have as much as you want!” .


Soon, night fell.

Luther held his weapon and was ready to set off.

Before he left, Lin Qi grabbed a handful of Explosive Beef Meatballs and handed them to Luther.

“These things… Aren’t for you to eat.

Wait a moment!” With great difficulty, Lin Qi stopped Luther’s accidental suicide attempt.

“These are called Explosive Beef Meatballs.

Yes, it can explode.

If you’re in danger, hurry and throw it out.

When the Dark King comes to save you, we’ll look for you as soon as we hear the sound.

” Luther put the meatballs into his pocket and said, “Thanks, Brother.

” The Dark King followed behind slowly.

Before it left, it gave Lin Qi a look.

The general meaning was, “Don’t worry, leave it to me.