Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 84

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Migration of the Entire Tribe Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The Dark King walked over with a cold smile.

“You big idiot!” All the members of the Bru tribe were busy packing up their belongings.

After all, that was a place where their ancestors had lived for generations, so there were too many things to pack up.

There were only two people in the entire tribe who were not busy.

One was the old priest.

He was old and had inconvenient limbs.

Moreover, he had a high status, so he naturally did not need to do it himself.

The other person was Lin Qi.

As the hero of the tribe, no one would blame him for being idle.

Lin Qi himself was not someone who liked to be pampered.

It was just that he had been thinking about a problem.

If a woman said that a man was ‘cowardly’, then did that woman love that man or not? It was the puzzle of the century.



The Bru tribe was extremely efficient.

In just three days, all the orcs were ready.




That day, all the orcs gathered in the square.

In front of them was a huge square stone platform.

On the stone platform stood the old priest and Lin Qi, who was supporting the old priest.

The old priest cleared his throat, “Members of the Bru tribe, for a long time, we have struggled against acid rain and demonic beasts.

Because of the lack of food, we often don’t have enough to eat.

Now, our hero, Lin Qi, will take us to a paradise.

There will be no demonic beasts there! No acid rain! Moreover, there is sufficient food.

We will settle down there, and we will start a new life!” The old priest raised his arms high, and the orcs below cheered, ready to welcome a beautiful future.

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COM After a while, the old priest pressed his hands in the air, and the orcs all stopped talking.

“Although we are about to leave the land where we have lived for many years, and we are about to go to the Peach Blossom Island, we will always be the bravest orcs! For the tribe!” All the orcs raised their right arms.

“For the tribe!” “For the tribe!” The old priest raised his cane and pointed forward.

“Onward!” The orcs carried their luggage and weapons.

Under the morning sun, they set off for a new life.



The orcs advanced very slowly.

They mainly took care of the elders and children in the tribe.

In the middle of the group was a large wooden palanquin.

In the palanquin sat three people, the old priest, the Holy Maiden, and Lin Qi.

The old priest was recuperating at the end of the ceremony, but the atmosphere between Lin Qi and the Holy Maiden was a little awkward.

Ever since that day, every time Lin Qi saw her, he would think of the enchanting scene of that night.

His mind would always flash over the white, tender skin and the delicate feeling of touching it.

Every time he thought of that, he could not compose himself.

The Holy Maiden would also become self-conscious, and then blush.

Even at that moment, Lin Qi crossed his legs and bent down as hard as he could.

The Holy Maiden lowered her head with a red face, and her eyes would glance at Lin Qi’s lower abdomen from time to time.

Lin Qi felt that the atmosphere was getting hotter and hotter.

He looked at the exposed part of the Holy Maiden’s white legs and swallowed his saliva.

In order to prevent the situation from getting worse, he quickly walked out of the palanquin to get some fresh air.

He jumped off the palanquin and looked around.

Lin Qi immediately found where Yu Meng and Luther were and quickly walked to them.

Just as he was about to greet them, Yu Meng acted as if she did not see him and walked away.

Luther bumped Lin Qi’s shoulder.

“What did you do to offend her?” Lin Qi shrugged.

“I don’t know!” He felt that it was probably because of the Holy Maiden again.

He and the Holy Maiden had used the same palanquin just now.

Even though there was an old priest in there as well, she was still unhappy.

Just like that, some people were jealous, some were shy, some were put in a difficult position for two days, some were enjoying the show, and some… And the dog was stuffed full of delicious food.

Two days later, they finally arrived at the beach.

That beach was the beach where Lin Qi and the Dark King had arrived ashore, and the raft they used was still there.

Lin Qi explained the method of making the raft to the orcs.

“I suggest that we take the raft in groups of five!” The orcs were heavier, and the five of them could take care of each other.

“We need a lot of wood.

The wood should be as thick and hard as possible.

We also need some vines to tie the wood together.

Of course, ropes that are strong enough can also be used.

” Lin Qi was afraid that the raft made by the orcs would fail, so he tried to explain it clearly.

He clapped his hands.

“Let’s begin!” With Lin Qi’s guidance, the orcs put their luggage on the ground and took their axes to chop the trees in the forest.

Lin Qi planned to use the raft from before.

The raft was big enough to fit three more people.

He shuttled through the forest, instructing the orcs to cut the wood.

“The cut should be as smooth as possible, and the length of the wood should be the same.

Sigh… That tree is crooked, why did you choose it? Everyone, I’ll say it again, straight wood!” Lin Qi acted like a nanny, instructing the orcs from time to time.

As a woman, Yu Meng did not participate in the work of cutting down trees.

She sat at the side and watched Lin Qi run around.

She did not even realize that a smile had unknowingly appeared on her face.

“You like him!” A voice suddenly sounded beside Yu Meng’s ear.

Yu Meng was shocked.

When she turned around and saw that it was the Holy Maiden, her expression instantly turned cold.

“You misunderstood! I don’t!” The Holy Maiden sat next to Yu Meng.

She subconsciously wanted to hide, but there was a faint fragrance on the Holy Maiden’s body.

It smelled very comfortable.

In the end, Yu Meng remained seated there.

“That fool Lin Qi can’t tell.

We are both women.

I can still tell.

” The Holy Maiden looked at Yu Meng’s side profile.

“You know what? I’m actually very envious of you.

” “Envious?” “That’s right.

I’ve been the Holy Maiden since I was born.

I can’t freely fall in love.

I can even count on my fingers the number of times I’ve sacrificed for the tribe.

” There was a hint of loneliness on her face.

“I can only passively wait for the arrival of a hero and then dedicate myself to him.

” “I can tell that Lin Qi likes you and you like him.

That’s why I’m envious of you.

” The Holy Maiden rested her chin on her hand and looked at Lin Qi in the distance.

“So, I want someone I like too.

” Hearing the Holy Maiden’s words, Yu meng’s face softened.

She looked at Lin Qi in the distance as well.

“Who likes him? He’s a fool.

” “Alright, don’t get upset with him, I was the one who tried to do something to him that night, but he refused.

” The Holy Maiden patted Yu Meng’s shoulder.

“Listen to me.

The sooner you say something, the better!” Yu Meng looked at the Holy Maiden back as she left, deep in thought.

“Should… Should I say it?” Yu Meng looked a little cute as she thought.

At that moment, Lin Qi had glanced at Yu Meng.

Their eyes met, and Lin Qi happily waved at Yu Meng.

Yu Meng made a face, then turned her head and thought, ‘That doesn’t sound too bad!’