Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 81

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Running Away From Home Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Good luck!” The Holy Maiden waved at Lin Qi.

Lin Qi also made a goodbye gesture to the Holy Maiden, closed the door, and threw himself on the bed.

‘Today was a good day for the tribe so why was Yu Meng angry? Does she like me? Should I go after her? ‘Why did the Holy Maiden kiss me in the end? Does she like me too? If the Holy Maiden confessed to me, should I agree? Do I want to? ‘Sigh, I didn’t expect to be so popular.

’ In his wild thoughts, Lin Qi fell into a deep sleep.



Early the next morning, Lin Qi got up, washed up, and even dressed up.

He made a delicious breakfast according to Yu Meng’s taste and went to the first house on the left in the south row that the Holy Maiden mentioned.




Knock! Knock! Knock! Lin Qi knocked on the door.

“Yu Meng, are you awake?” He did not get a reply.

“I made your favorite food for you! It’s still warm so get up and eat it!” Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM There was still no reply.

He knocked on the door again.

“Yu Meng? Are you still angry with me? Would you believe me if I said that we were just discussing the orc tribe moving to Peach Blossom Island?” Lin Qi stood at Yu Meng’s door and babbled for a long time, but he did not get any reply.

He knocked on the door with more strength and suddenly heard a rustling sound from inside.

“Yu Meng! You’re finally willing to see me? I didn’t disturb you, did I? Listen to my explanation about last night, it’s not… Believe me when I say that we were just… Huh?” A strong orc slowly opened the door and looked at Lin Qi in confusion.

“Hero? You… What are you doing here?” “You… I… No, why are you in Yu Meng’s house? You two… I don’t believe it!” Lin Qi was about to break down.

“Yu Meng? Oh, you mean Ms.

Yu Meng, she’s not here, she lives in the back, and your friend, Luther, lives next door.

” The orc pointed toward the next house.

Lin Qi blushed a little.

It was a misunderstanding.

‘That made sense, I mean, why would Yu Meng like him? He’s not as handsome as me.

’ Lin Qi complained in his heart.

“Sorry for disturbing your sleep! I’ll go first.

Ah… This is for you, sorry to disturb you.

” Lin Qi stuffed a piece of bread into the orc’s hand and ran away.

No wonder the Holy Maiden smiled mischievously when she wished him good luck last night.

It turned out that she had given Lin Qi the wrong address from the beginning to embarrass him.

She was also a woman and a first-class beauty.

She had thrown away her pride and taken the initiative to seduce Lin Qi, but she had not succeeded.

The Holy Maiden certainly wanted to save face, so she gave Lin Qi a small punishment.

‘Women are really narrow-minded.

’ Lin Qi cursed in his heart.



Lin Qi finally arrived at the right house, but he found that the door was not tightly closed.

He knocked on the door.

“Yu Meng? Yu Meng! Are you in there?” There was no response.

“Then I’m coming in!” Lin Qi mustered his courage and slowly pushed the door open.

Then, he carefully looked around.

There was no one inside.

Lin Qi entered the house and put the delicious food on the table.

‘Strange, where did she go so early?’ Lin Qi wandered around.

It was so clean.

‘Something’s wrong.

’ Lin Qi felt something was off.

The house was too clean, so clean that there was nothing extra.

Yu Meng’s luggage was gone too! He searched the whole house carefully again.

Indeed, everything was gone.

Lin Qi ran to the next door, which was Luther’s house.

Soon, Luther opened the door with a confused look.

Luther looked at Lin Qi with his sleepy eyes.

“What are you doing?” “Have you seen Yu Meng?” Lin Qi knew that it was not the time to explain.

“No, I haven’t seen her since the party yesterday.

What’s wrong?” Luther said as he put on his clothes.

“She’s gone.

Even the house is empty!” Lin Qi said in frustration.

It seemed that Yu Meng was really angry with him.

If he had known last night, he would not have listened to the Holy Maiden and went to find her immediately.

“All her stuff is gone?” Luther walked to the next room and looked around.

“Really? What happened between the two of you?” Luther knew that something must have happened between Lin Qi and Yu Meng.

Otherwise, why else would Yu Meng disappear the second Lin Qi came back.

“Oh, it was Yu Meng who came across the Holy Maiden and me last night… Wait, what does it have to do with you?” Lin Qi looked impatient.

However, Luther had already cottoned on.

“The Holy Maiden? You’re good.

That girl usually ignores me.

Tell me what happened quickly.

” Luther came over and put his arm on Lin Qi’s shoulder.

Lin Qi shook the arm off his shoulder and ran away quickly.

“Hey, where are you going?” “I’m going to find Yu meng.

There’s breakfast in her house, you can eat!” Lin Qi said without turning his head.

Lin Qi planned to ask those at the gate of the tribe.

The gate was the only exit of the tribe, and there were orcs guarding the gate at all times.

Yu Meng would have definitely been seen! Before Lin Qi reached the main gate, he saw a familiar figure.

It was not Yu Meng, but the Dark King.

It was lying on the ground, sunbathing.

Lin Qi walked up and asked, “Dark King, what are you doing?” The Dark King said lazily, “Are you blind? I’m sunbathing.

After floating on the sea for almost half a month, I feel that my fur has a musty smell.

Sunbathing is very comforting” “How long have you been lying here? Have you seen a human girl? She’s very beautiful.

” “Girl? Which girl? Did she enter your house first or later last night?” The Dark King said without raising its head.

“Later… She went in later.

Wait, how did you know?” Lin Qi said in surprise.

“Pfft, what is there that this king doesn’t know?” The Dark King said with a wretched smile.

Lin Qi was speechless.

That d*mn dog must have been lying on the ground and peeping last night.

Fortunately, nothing happened between him and the Holy Maiden.

Otherwise, that d*mn dog would have seen everything.

“Then did you see it?” “I didn’t see it!” “… Which one are you talking about?” “The one I didn’t see.

” He slapped Dark King’s dog head.

“Let you peek, let you spout nonsense! I have been very merciful nowadays apparently!” The Dark King was furious.

“Kid, you…” “Stop your nonsense, come with me to find Yu Meng.

” Lin Qi turned around and left.

He had to leave.

If he had not, he would have been bitten by the dog again.

“Why should I go with you? You…” Lin Qi took out a holy light fish from the system and held it toward the Dark King.

It opened its big mouth and swallowed the holy light fish in one gulp.

It even burped.

“Coming, coming!” The Dark King followed behind Lin Qi.

The Dark King convinced itself that it was all for friendship.


It was definitely not because the fish was delicious, definitely not.

Definitely not!