Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 78

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Finally Seeing the Land Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “I’ve only heard of it, but I’ve never seen it.

” Dark King shook its head.

“But that fish can!” Lin Qi followed the Dark King’s line of sight and looked at the holy light fish that was tied up.

He suddenly remembered the scene earlier.

Lin Qi had a vague feeling, but he had not caught up yet.

Dark King continued to explain, “Legend has it that the holy light fish and the demon fish are mortal enemies.

When they meet, they will fight to the death.

However, the holy light fish live in groups, and the demon fish mostly travel alone, so most of the time, the demon fish is the loser.

I thought demon fish went extinct.

” Dark King let go of the holy light fish and opened its mouth to bite the holy light fish, allowing the fish’s blood to drip into the sea.

“The demon fish and the holy light fish are mortal enemies, so it will definitely not ignore an injured holy light fish.

Although we can’t find it, we can let the demon fish find us.

” The Dark King laughed sinisterly.

Its big black face looked particularly strange under the illumination of the Holy Light.

Lin Qi also chuckled sinisterly.

Then, he took out a handful of Explosive Beef Meatballs from the system.

“Hehe, since the guest will come, I’ll prepare some gifts to repay its ‘care’ during our time here!” .



The blood of the holy light fish spread out in the seawater.

Lin Qi and the Dark King noticed that the fog around them began to surge.

It’s coming! Very good! Lin Qi and the Dark King held their breath and concentrated, carefully observing their surroundings.

They saw that the fog was getting thicker and thicker, to the point that they could not even see their own fingers.

Lin Qi and the Dark King could not even see each other.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Suddenly, there was a splash from the right side of the raft, as if something had jumped out of the water.

Dark King’s eyes were blood-red.

It turned around, and its thick tail directly slapped the approaching entity away.

“Lin Qi! ” Dark King shouted.

Lin Qi threw the Explosive Beef Meatball in his hand at the figure.

He silently calculated the range of the explosion.

When the meatball hurtled close enough to the figure, Lin Qi shouted in his heart, ‘Explode!’ With a boom, the figure was blown up and blood splattered everywhere.

At the same time, the surrounding fog disappeared at a fast pace.

Not long after, Lin Qi finally saw his surroundings.

The demon fish, which had been blown up into a bloody mess, smashed heavily into the sea.

The dark green blood slowly spread out.

Lin Qi took a deep breath.

They finally got rid of the fog and breathed in the fresh air.

Dark King also threw the holy light fish before him to Lin Qi.

“If you put it with the other holy light fish, it might survive.

” Lin Qi and the Dark King were lucky.

If they had not caught some holy light fish, they would still be wandering in the fog, and they might have even killed each other.

Lin Qi looked at the Dark King and asked, “What about the demon fish?” The Dark King waved its big claws.

“It’s okay.

Even if it doesn’t die, it will lose a layer of skin.

Now it’s no longer a threat to us.

Besides, the demon fish is going to be extinct soon.

Let it go.

” The reason was not actually because the Dark King’s heart was overflowing with kindness but it could be merciful whenever possible.

After all, the demon fish did not cause them any actual harm.

Now that it was at least seriously injured, it would not pose a threat.

Lin Qi and the Dark King were a little tired after tormenting themselves for the whole day.

However, they still decided to hurry on.

What if there were other demon fish nearby? They might not be so lucky next time.

They rowed and rowed until the next morning when the sun rose.

They ate a simple meal and fell into a deep sleep.



Just like that, they kept heading west.

Two days later, they finally saw land from afar.

The Dark King was so excited that it wanted to grow two tails so that it could speed up the raft.

Another half a day passed and they reached the shore.

After drifting on the sea for so long, Lin Qi finally appreciated how safe it was to step on the ground.

Even though it was a long time from when they jumped off the cliff, the Dark King was very familiar with that place.

Lin Qi breathed in with all his might and felt the soil under his feet.

During the time he was drifting on the sea, he even caught a fishy smell on his body.

“Dark King, take me to the orc tribe.

The tribe is called the Bru tribe.

Do you know where it is?” Lin Qi was very excited.

He could finally rush back.

“Let me think, Bru… Bru.

” Dark King scratched its dog head.

After a while, he said, “Ah, I remember.

But it’s a little far.

It’s in the other direction.

” “Then let’s go quickly.

I can’t wait.

” “What’s the rush? It’s already night.

Let’s leave tomorrow.

” Dark King was a little unhappy.

“Leave early and arrive early.

Why wait until tomorrow?” “Aren’t you afraid of encountering the giant dragons again? This place isn’t far from the Dragon Valley.

” Dark King threatened Lin Qi.

At the mention of the giant dragons, Lin Qi was still a little afraid.

If he were to do it again, he might not be so lucky.

Moreover, the Imitation Fruit was gone.

The Dark King did not want to leave, and he did not know the way himself, so he had to give up.

Tomorrow would be fine, as long as he could go back.

Dark King took Lin Qi to a cave.

In order to celebrate their return to the land, he specially asked Lin Qi to make a big meal.

Lin Qi had to open the system and make a meal of all the delicious food available.

The man and dog duo ate heartily in the cave.

The next morning, the sun had just risen when Lin Qi woke up Dark King.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the Bru tribe,” Lin Qi urged.

“… Ah, I know, I know.

” Dark King was helpless.

In order to avoid being discovered by the giant dragon clan, they took a detour around the Dragon Valley.

When Lin Qi discovered that they had arrived at the black stone area again, the Dark King was not afraid and immediately passed through it.

However, Lin Qi was afraid.

He shamelessly sat on Dark King’s back.

Otherwise, it would take a long time to go around it.

Lin Qi also found many parcels near the black stone area.

There were also burnt shoes.

Most of them looked familiar.

They were the items of the trial participants.

He did not know how those people were doing.

After the stone rain that day, there were a few acid rains.

Moreover, the volcanic eruption had affected many places.

Hopefully, they were still alive.

If it were not for Lin Qi’s experience those past few days, any ordinary person would have died eight times over.

They walked all the way and recalled their memories.

They came to the place where Lin Qi first met the Dark King.

The half-burned beast-catching net was still there.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.

At that time, I thought I saw a ghost.

If you were hungry, you should have just said so.

You just had to steal,” Lin Qi mocked.

“Who told you to cook such delicious food? Besides, you chased me for so long and even hit me a few times.

At least I didn’t kill you all in one blast.

You should be content.

” Dark King was still a little angry when it remembered that day.

Lin Qi also saw the place where the stone pies were stored.

He went up and looked around.

All the stone pies and gourmet dishes left behind were gone.

It seemed that the orc tribe had taken them.


At least during his absence, the orc tribe would not go hungry.