Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 76

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Holy Light Fish Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation However, they had not seen a huge eye slowly opening in a cave on the island the moment they left on the raft.

There was an endless sea, a simple raft, a man and a dog.

It had been three days since they left the Peach Blossom Island.

They ate and slept every day.

At first, they felt very comfortable, but it was like that every day.

Lin Qi was bored to death.

There was nothing to do to pass the time, no pleasant scenery, only the endless sea and the scorching sun hanging high in the sky.

Dark King was still okay.

According to it, it had been that way for more than half of the past 100,000 years.

It slept at night, slept in the day, and ate when it was hungry.

Lin Qi had never believed it at the beginning, but now he gradually accepted it.

It was mainly because he was numb.

Moreover, because they could only determine their direction through the sun, they had to sleep at night.

They often drifted away and had to readjust their direction the next day.




Lin Qi already had doubts about his plan.

If it were not for the fact that they did not have to worry about food and drink, they would have collapsed long ago.

Just like that, another three days passed.

That night, the two of them lay on the raft looking at the stars in boredom.

They fell asleep as they watched.

Suddenly, Lin Qi felt that there were flashes of light in front of his eyes.

He rubbed his eyes and looked around.

Suddenly, he found that the dark sea was emitting a brilliant phosphorescence.

Lin Qi quickly woke the Dark King up and asked it if it knew what was going on.

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COM Dark King looked at it carefully and suddenly started laughing.

“We’re rich! Hahaha!” Lin Qi was confused and asked the Dark King, “What’s wrong? What do you mean we’re rich?” The Dark King then explained to Lin Qi, “This kind of light is emitted by a kind of demonic beast known as the holy light fish.

It’s a six-star devil beast, but it doesn’t have any offensive power.

The light you’re seeing now is called Holy Light, and it can heal injuries.

“So no matter what kind of race they are, they are likely to keep some holy light fishes.

Generally speaking, as long as it’s not the kind of injury that will cause imminent death, it can be healed by Holy Light.

” It was the first time that Lin Qi had heard of a demonic beast that could heal injuries, and he felt that it was very magical.

The Dark King continued, “The most important thing is that eating holy light fish can extend your life, so they are very popular, especially for you humans.

Your life is especially short and your body is weak, so one can be sold for an astronomical price.

“Weren’t you going to participate in some laborious trial? Catch a few holy light fish and you can pass any trial!” Hearing that, Lin Qi became even more excited.

He quickly took off his clothes and plunged into the sea, followed by the Dark King.

The man and dog duo enthusiastically caught holy light fish in the sea, then threw them onto the raft one after another.

It was only when they caught 20 to 30, had the other holy light fishes finally realized that they were in trouble.

They scattered and quickly swam away.

Seeing that the fishes had swum away, Lin Qi and the Dark King did not chase after them.

Instead, they swam back to the raft.

Dark King then picked up a holy light fish and swallowed it.

Seeing that, Lin Qi hurriedly put the other holy light fish into the system.

The Dark King was unhappy.

“Keeping it all for yourself? Give me half!” Lin Qi expressed that he knew the Dark King very well.

“Give you half today, you’ll eat it all right away, and tomorrow you’ll still ask me for more.

“Such a valuable thing, I’ll sell it to those high-ranking officials in the Mill continent.

I can make whatever you want to eat.

What’s the point of eating dried fish?” The Dark King thought about Lin Qi’s words and felt that there was some truth to them.

Seeing that Dark King listened to him, Lin Qi took out a holy light fish from the system and observed it carefully.

The fish was no different from any other ordinary fish in terms of size.

However, the holy light fish was transparent.

Lin Qi could even see the blood vessels under its skin, and the scales on the surface had some unique texture.

It seemed that it was that texture that allowed the holy light fish to emit brilliant phosphorescence.

Lin Qi bathed in the Holy Light and felt a warm current course through his body.

His fatigue was swept away.

Just as Lin Qi was immersed in the Holy Light, a huge black shadow flashed past under the raft.

The Dark King suddenly raised its head and looked around.

It felt that something was wrong.

It suddenly felt a palpitating feeling.

At first, it thought it was an illusion, but the palpitating feeling lingered in its heart.

The Dark King came to the edge of the raft and carefully lowered its head.

Suddenly, it saw a huge dragon head rushing out from the bottom of the sea.

The surging water almost overturned the raft.

Lin Qi and the Dark King firmly held onto the raft to stabilize themselves.

It was a water dragon! The water dragon was not a giant dragon, but it had a part of the dragon’s bloodline in its body.

Although the reproduction ability of the dragon race was very poor, they were lustful by nature and could mate with other races to give birth to offspring.

The water dragon was born from the mating of a giant dragon and a demon fish.

At first glance, it was similar to a giant dragon, except that it did not have wings and limbs.

However, ts tail was particularly thick and strong.

With that tail, the water dragon moved extremely fast underwater.

It did not have wings so after the water dragon reached the highest point, it dove through the sea’s surface using gravity to pull its weight down.

The splashes made Lin Qi and the Dark King wet.

Then, the water dragon with half its body deep in the sea stared at Lin Qi and the Dark King.

“You sc*m, how dare you steal my holy light fish? How dare you!” Lin Qi waved his hand hurriedly.

“We don’t know what a holy light fish is, we are…” Slap! Lin Qi was slapped hard by the holy light fish before him.

Everything happened so suddenly that Lin Qi forgot to put away the holy light fish.

You should not hit people in the face when you attack them, and you should not expose your shortcomings when you scold them.

Lin Qi was furious.

He grabbed the holy light fish, slapped its head twice, and threw it into the Dark King’s mouth.

The water dragon was even more furious when it saw that scene.

It did not waste any more words.

It dove into the sea and crashed into the bottom of the raft.

That time, it actually knocked the raft into the air.

Lin Qi and the Dark King held on tightly to the raft so that they were not thrown out.

Fortunately, the wood was relatively strong.

Otherwise, it would have been enough to disintegrate the raft.

They were at sea, the home of the water dragon.

Even the Dark King admitted that he could not defeat the water dragon in the sea.

Dark King hurriedly extended its tail into the water and turned it quickly, like a propeller.

The raft flew forward under Dark King’s propulsion.

However, no matter how fast the Dark King spun its tail, they could not outrun the overlord of the sea.

It soon caught up.

Lin Qi’s face turned pale.

He hurriedly took out the Explosive Beef Meatballs and the Devil Pepper Powder from the system.

He sprinkled the pepper powder into the water.

When the water dragon choked on the pepper powder and jumped out of the sea, he threw the meatballs at the water dragon.

With a boom, the water dragon was stopped by the explosion.

Dark King seized the opportunity and increased its speed.

Soon, they left the water dragon behind.

They had barely escaped.