Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 63

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Sudden Change Lin Qi covered his head with both hands and bent down to avoid the falling rocks.

However, the rocks were still too dense, and Lin Qi could not even count how many times he was hit.

What was worse was that some of the rocks were hot or cold.

Lin Qi’s back was hit by a cold rock, and now his entire back was stiff.

He gritted his teeth and ran into the forest with all his might, hoping that the trees could help shield him.

“Everyone, run into the forest!” Lin Qi did not forget to instruct everyone at that time.

After all, Lin Qi did not want any of them to be muddled and killed by the rocks.

That would be a sin.

In the original world, saving a life was better than all the wealth in the world.

He would help as many people as he could! At first, he could still hear the footsteps of others beside him.

Later, he could only hear the sound of rocks hitting the ground and tree trunks.

Just like that, after running for an unknown amount of time, Lin Qi finally found a cave.

He quickly ran in.

When he ran into the cave, he stumbled and fell to the ground.

Despite the circumstances, Lin was quite lucky.

Although he had been hit by rocks many times, only one of them had a special temperature.

Even so, he could no longer feel his back.

Lin Qi kept struggling and tried to sit up.

After a few attempts, he finally got up and leaned against the rock wall behind him.




He held his breath and looked for recipes in the system, hoping to get rid of the chill in his body.

After flipping through it for a while, Lin Qi’s eyes lit up.

[ Chili Soup: Removes all chills and cold effects on your body after consumption.

] [ Ingredients: Chili, Water.

] Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM He did not expect such an ordinary dish to be able to save his life at such a critical moment.

Fortunately, when he was preparing the ingredients, Lin Qi had brought a lot of common ingredients with him just in case.

Otherwise, where would he find chili in such a place.

Lin Qi quickly activated the system and made the cold-dispelling soup.

[ Dish Name: Spicy Chili Soup, Level-1 Dish, Ordinary Level, Magic Effect: It can dispel all the coldness in the body.

] [ Material Consumption: Chili (x3), Water (x1)] [ Cooking… Cooking completed ] [ Ding! You have obtained: Spicy Chili Soup ] Lin Qi quickly took out the soup and drank it in one gulp.

After a while, he felt the chill in his body disappear.

He stood up and stretched his body.

His back was no longer stiff.

Lin Qi went to the cave entrance and observed the stone rain outside.

He estimated that the rain would not stop for a while.

He had been tormenting himself the whole day.

He decided to sleep for now.

He took out the Super Sticky Starch Paste and spread it on the cave entrance.

He found a relatively dry empty space in the cave and decided to sleep.

After lying down, Lin Qi thought for a moment, stood up, and picked out the stones scattered around him.

He took a few of the most convenient ones and put them beside him.

If anything unusual happened at night, at least he had a weapon.

However, no matter how good the stones were, they were not as useful as Explosive Beef Meatballs.

He hoped that the next system upgrade would give him the recipe for those meatballs.

‘I wonder how Yu Meng and Luther are doing.

After I left, did they eat well? I wonder if the orc tribe bullied them.

‘Oh right, I wonder if the orcs who were supposed to come for me found the prepared stone cakes.

Sigh, I have to go back as soon as the rain stops.

’ .


Although the sound of rocks falling on the ground could not be considered white noise, Lin Qi was really too tired.

He fell into a deep sleep while his imagination ran wild.

Moreover, he slept very soundly and did not dream.

He slept until noon the next day.

When Lin Qi woke up, the stone rain had stopped, leaving only black rocks on the ground.

He walked out of the cave, looked around, and looked up at the sky.

The sky was still gloomy.

There was no sunlight, not even wind.

It was very calm.

Nevertheless, Lin Qi knew that in that area, the calmer it was, the more dangerous it was.

He packed his things and prepared to leave.

The problem was, he had no idea where he was.

He only knew the approximate location of the orc tribe, but there was no sight of the sun that could help him navigate.

He had no choice but to believe in fate.

He looked around, picked up a branch that had been broken by a rock, and threw it high into the air.

The branch spun a few times in the air and fell to the ground.

Looking at where the tip of the branch pointed, Lin Qi fixed his clothes, took a deep breath, and strode forward.



Without the sun as a reference, Lin Qi did not know how long he had walked for.

He just felt that the atmosphere was getting hotter and hotter He had even adjusted his direction twice… in other words, he had thrown the branch twice.

If there were members of the orc tribe there, they would be able to tell Lin Qi to hurry in the opposite direction! However, Lin Qi first chased the dog, hid from the rain, and then threw tree branches.

He did not know if something was guiding him to get closer and closer to the depths of the forest.

However, that journey was not without any gains.

Lin Qi found a lot of ingredients and picked up everything he could.

At least he would not go hungry.

Slowly, Lin Qi realized that he was going in circles, because he saw his own traces from picking ingredients several times.

There was nothing he could do about it.

Other than trees, there were also all sorts of flora in that place, and they all looked the same.

Moreover, whether it was in his previous life or the current one, Lin Qi had no experience of surviving in the wild.

Lin Qi refused to be discouraged and continued to walk in another direction.

Soon, he turned back.

Even if Lin Qi did not believe it, he knew that he had encountered a ‘ghost fighting a wall’.

Of course, he did not mean that he had really encountered a ghost.

It was just that when a person could not tell directions clearly and their self-consciousness was blurred, that kind of situation would occur.

There was nothing he could do, so he could only rest on the spot.

Lin Qi flipped through the system and looked at the various ingredients.

In the end, he decided to cook a meal.

He was not hungry.

After all, he had just drunk the Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup yesterday.

He could maintain his strength for three days.

It was just that he really did not know what else to do.

Having a satisfying meal at that time would stimulate the dopamine secretion in his body and could help him relax.

After thinking for a while, Lin Qi decided to have western cuisine from his previous life.

He would first make a Delicious Steak and then a chowder.

Although those two dishes were very ordinary, with the addition of the system, they were definitely unrivaled delicacies.

In a short while, the aroma of the steak and the chowder spread out, making Lin Qi’s appetite soar.

Unfortunately, there was no red wine.

Just as Lin Qi was about to taste it, the ground started to shake, and the gravel on the ground bounced along with the shaking.

Some big rocks rolled down the slope, and the noise was extremely ear-piercing.

That change scared Lin Qi so much that he jumped up.

He quickly packed his things, because he did not know what caused the shaking.

He did not dare to walk around.

He could only find a thick tree.

If anything happened, he could climb it.