Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 46

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 46

Chapter 46: The Stubborn Yu Meng “This… How could I just take this?” Lin Qi said as he scratched his head.

“It’s okay.

This five-star magic essence is useless to us.

Just take it down the mountain and help the patient in your village.

” Lin Qi looked at the five-star magic essence and nodded.

“Thank you, sir.

I’ll humbly accept it.

” The tribe leader pointed to a tent not far away.

“By the way, you can stay here for the night.

If you go down the mountain now, you’ll definitely encounter some troublesome demonic beasts.

Our people are familiar with the mountain’s paths and know the best time to avoid them.

I will send someone to show you the best path to get down the mountain tomorrow morning.

” “Seriously?” Lin Qi’s tightly knitted brows relaxed.

He had not expected things would go so smoothly! The sky was already dark.

Lin Qi and Jin Lingling settled down and enjoyed the Varin tribe’s performance around the campfire.

They did not have to worry about demonic beasts attacking in the middle of the night because there were also special guards keeping watch.

On the other side, after Yu Meng and Lewis separated from Lin Qi, they met the ore giant on the mountainside.

However, they underestimated the power of the ore giant.

Without Lin Qi’s food, they were no match for it.

They could only flee and hide in one of the caves to avoid danger.

“D*mn it! We almost defeated that ore giant today!” Lewis complained.

Yu Meng was also disappointed.

She had not expected that they were not even capable of defeating a single ore giant without Lin Qi.




“I’m so hungry.

Yu Meng, do you have any more rations?” Lewis asked.

Yu Meng rolled her eyes.

“I’ve already eaten all my rations.

How could I have more now?” “Ah, that brat Lin Qi must have taken all the rations with him.

” “But, he will look for us sooner or later.

He and Jin Lingling have no fighting strength at all.

How could they get the magic essence without us?” Yu Meng smiled confidently.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Little did they know that Lin Qi had already obtained the magic essence.

He was even planning on going down the mountain tomorrow.

Early the next morning.

Lin Qi and Jin Lingling were trekking down the mountain.

As the tribe leader said, they did not encounter any demonic beasts on the way.

The two sides of the mountain path were surrounded by swamps.

The demonic beasts did not dare to enter the swamps, so they naturally would not be anywhere near that path.

In about one morning, Lin Qi and Jin Lingling had already reached the foot of the mountain.

However, Lin Qi did not choose to continue forward.

Instead, he handed the magic essence to Jin Lingling and said, “There are no more demonic beasts along the way.

Take the magic essence and go back to the city!” “Master, what about you?” Jin Lingling asked.

Lin Qi turned around and said, “There are still two people on that mountain that I have to bring down.

” Hearing that, Jin Lingling smiled bitterly and said, “Master, they treated you horribly.

Why are you still thinking about them?” “So we’re just planning on leaving them? Let’s not talk about that anymore.

Hurry up and go back.

It won’t be good if the sky turns dark!” “Okay! Then, Master, you have to be careful!” Then, Jin Lingling ran into the city reluctantly.

Lin Qi spent nearly three hours walking back up the mountain.

The trip down had exhausted a lot of his energy so he was a little tired.

After walking out of the mountain path, he came to the mountainside.

Demonic beasts could appear there at any time.

Lin Qi looked around carefully.

At that moment, Lin Qi heard fighting noises coming from the south.

He quickly ran in that direction.

It was Yu Meng and Lewis.

They were fighting with an ore giant.

Perhaps because they were fighting on an empty stomach, the two of them were at a disadvantage, so their fighting strength had obviously decreased by a lot.

The ore giant was a five-star demonic beast.

Although it was quite slow, its attack power and range were terrifying.

Moreover, its body was wrapped in rocks that were impenetrable.

One could only use magic to attack.

At that point, Yu Meng’s magic energy had been depleted, so she could not pose a threat to the ore giant.

Lewis was even more so.

He was not even a grand swordmaster, so he could not do anything to it.

Seeing that the two of them were defeated, Lin Qi suddenly rushed out and threw two Magic Sweet Potatoes at them.

“Lin Qi?” Yu Meng and Lewis were shocked.

They had not expected Lin Qi to be the one to save them in that critical moment! The situation was dire so they had to hurry.

The two of them quickly ate two mouthfuls of sweet potatoes and recovered some of their magic energy in an instant.

Then, everything in front of them was dark.

The ore giant had fiercely punched into the ground and the resulting force caused the debris to rise toward them.

Yu Meng immediately raised her magic staff and chanted, “Water Magic: Water Barrier!” Instantly, water flowed from her magic staff and gradually wrapped around their bodies.

The power of the ore giant’s punch was instantly absorbed by the barrier.

“Now, run!” The three of them took advantage of the fact that the barrier could still hold on for a while longer and ran back quickly.

Although the ore giant’s attack and defense were very strong, it was very slow.

It did not choose to chase after them.

The three of them returned to the cave.

At that moment, Yu Meng and Lewis were both panting in exhaustion.

After that battle, they were covered in wounds and could not hold on any longer.

Looking at their miserable appearance, Lin Qi put his hands on his waist and said slowly, “Okay, we don’t need to fight this ore giant anymore.

Let’s go down the mountain!” “Go down the mountain?” Lewis raised his head and looked at Lin Qi curiously.

He said, “Didn’t you say that the way down the mountain would be more dangerous? If we go down the mountain now, wouldn’t we be throwing our lives away?” Lin Qi explained to the two of them that he knew a mountain path where they could completely avoid demonic beasts.

Hearing that, Lewis was a little relieved.

He said without hesitation, “If that’s true, then I’ll go down the mountain with you!” “Okay! Then, Yu Meng, let’s go…” Before Lin Qi finished his words, Yu Meng stopped him and said stubbornly, “I will not go down the mountain without the magic essence!” “Yu Meng, don’t be stubborn.

How can we get the magic essence in our current state?” Lin Qi did not reveal that he had already gotten the magic essence.

If they knew, they would definitely expose the Varin tribe.

If they informed the empire, it would definitely bring disaster to the Varins.

Yu Meng did not listen to Lin Qi’s advice and insisted, “It’s okay.

After resting for a few days, my mana will recover.

” She did not expect Lin Qi to help her at all.

After all, she had already parted ways with him.

“With your current strength, even if you recover your mana, you are still not a match for the ore giant!” Lin Qi said without thinking.

That sentence made Yu Meng furious.

She stood up and said to Lin Qi, “No match? I, Yu Meng, will definitely get that magic essence! You’ll see!” Seeing her stubborn face, Lewis pulled Lin Qi to the side and said, “Lin Qi, why don’t you tell me first, where is that path?” Lin Qi shook his head.

“No, I can’t leave Yu Meng alone!” “What? Do you want to die with her? Cause I don’t want to!”