Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 43

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 43

Chapter 43: The Little Varin Girl Ever since that time, the Varins were targetted by the empire.

Later on, it was also rumored that many Varins still existed, but they could only live in secrecy and did not dare to appear before others.

That was because the king had given an order that anyone who colluded with them would be killed without mercy.

Yu Meng squatted down and carefully observed for a moment.

She took a deep breath and said, “It’s alright.

These are all left over from the battle between the Holy Knights and the Varins in the past.

There shouldn’t be any danger!” With her words, the three of them felt relieved and continued to walk forward.

However, after walking for a few steps, Lin Qi suddenly stopped.

His sharp ears seemed to have heard something strange.

“What’s wrong, Master?” Jin Lingling walked over and asked.

Lin Qi narrowed his eyes and looked behind him.

He seemed to have noticed that there was movement in the grass.

“Shh! Don’t make a sound!” Lin Qi made a gesture of silence and then slowly approached the grass.

The other three seemed to have sensed something was wrong and began to be on guard.

Lin Qi slowly pushed the grass aside.

Everyone held their breath, afraid that some evil entity would jump out from the grass.

However, when he pushed the grass aside, he found that there was a little girl in rags, which surprised Lin Qi and the others.




How could such a little girl appear in the Terrifying Mountains? “This…” Lin Qi was confused and scratched his head.

Jin Lingling, who was beside him, took a good look at the little girl.

She slowly reached out and asked, “Little girl, why are you here?” Although the little girl’s face and body were very dirty, she had big clear eyes.

She barely reacted.

She kept blinking as if she could not understand Jin Lingling’s words.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM “Is she a mute?” Lewis asked.

Jin Lingling smiled again and said to her, “Little cutie, can you answer me? I promise I won’t hurt you!” However, the little girl had not said a word.

She just stared at Lin Qi and the others.

Then, Yu Meng’s expression suddenly changed.

Her eyes widened as she pointed her magic staff at the little girl.

That alarmed Jin Lingling.

She immediately stopped her and said, “Yu Meng, what are you doing?” Yu Meng narrowed her eyes and said, “She’s a Varin!” “What?” Everyone was very surprised.

Jin Lingling’s eyes widened and she looked at the little girl.

“You… How do you know she’s Varin?” “Look at the wound on her leg!” Jin Lingling lowered her gaze and found that there was a cut on the little girl’s leg, and the blood that flowed out of the wound was blue.

“Blue blood?” Lin Qi was confused.

It seemed that the little girl was not like them.

“Varin?” Jin Lingling was also scared and took two steps back.

Varins were considered to be a foreign race, they were brutal by nature and attacked instinctively.

However, the little girl had not done anything dangerous.

She just stood there obediently, not crying or making a scene.

There was no sign of hostility within her big, clear eyes.

“She’s not hostile.

” Lin Qi slowly squatted down and pinched the little girl’s cheek.

“She’s warm, not cold-blooded.

” The little girl’s expression did not change and she did not say a word, which was strange.

Yu Meng remained alert because there might be others from the Varin tribe nearby.

“No, she’s dangerous!” Yu Meng said to everyone, very determined.

However, Lin Qi smiled.

“What could a child do? But you are right to assume that with her presence here, it means that there must be others from the Varin tribe nearby.

” “That’s right.

Although this child is not doing anything now, it doesn’t mean that we are safe.

It’s better to kill her to avoid future trouble!” Lewis took out his sword.

“Wait!” Lin Qi immediately used his hand to block Lewis and said, “Even if she is from the Varin tribe, you can’t kill her.

She is just a child.

You can’t do that!” Then, Yu Meng narrowed her eyes and raised up her magic staff.

“Being merciful to the enemy is being foolish.

Lin Qi, get out of the way!” It seemed that those two were so blinded by their fear that they would not even spare a child! Lin Qi picked up the little girl.

Yu Meng and Lewis, who were standing at the side, were stunned for a moment and asked, “Lin Qi, what on earth are you doing?” “A swordsman’s sword should never be used against an unarmed person.

If you do that, you will be breaking the code of honor!” Lin Qi continued, “It seems that this little girl is lost.

Let’s send her back.

There’s no need to kill her!” Hearing that, Lewis became angry.

He had been holding back his anger for a long time.

He pointed at Lin Qi and said, “If you take her with you, Yu Meng and I will not follow you.

We will split up from now on!” Lin Qi sighed deeply.

“It’s just a little girl…” “Lin Qi!” Yu Meng also said seriously, “She is a Varin.

The empire has given the order.

Once they are found, kill them all!” “No, I won’t let you do it.

You shouldn’t do such a thing.

Don’t kill the Innocent!” Lin Qi said to the two of them loudly.

“So be it!” Yu Meng nodded and walked away.

Lewis sneered at Lin Qi, “Without us, what do you have left, Lin Qi?” Then, he left with Yu Meng.

Lin Qi and Jin Lingling looked at the kid helplessly.

“Master, what should we do?” Lin Qi took a deep breath.

Without Yu Meng and Lewis, it was impossible to get magic essence.

After all, his food could only enhance the skills of others.

“Wait a minute.

” Suddenly, Lin Qi raised his head and looked at Jin Lingling, asking, “If I’m not mistaken, you are a fire mage!” Jin Lingling blinked in a daze and smiled bitterly, “Master, my fire magic can only be used for cooking!” “But that is still magic, right?” “It is only beginner-level magic.

Master, please don’t tell me that you are counting on me alone.

” Jin Lingling was a little afraid.

However, Lin Qi smiled and said, “Look, we have time.

We should be able to help the little girl find her family.

So, during this period, you’ll be the protector!” Jin Lingling quickly waved her hand and said, “No, no, I’m just a chef!” Lin Qi did not care.

He took out a piece of spicy fried chicken from the system and smiled.

“Don’t worry, I know a way!” That was a new delicacy that the level three system had unlocked.

Its function was to allow fire mages to increase the range and damage of their spells.

Even for a beginner mage like her, the fire spells that she cast would be even stronger than the intermediate-level spells! “Master, are you serious?” “Of course! Stop talking and let’s go!”