Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 40

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The Terrifying Mountain Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The crowing of a rooster sounded as the sun rose.

A ray of light from the horizon shone on the earth, and the warmth spread across Lin Qi’s body.

Not only was there the warmth of the sun, but there was also a warmness on his body that felt like a hug.

Lin Qi did not sleep well last night so even the bright sunlight had not woken him up.

On the contrary, the lightest feeling of sunshine gradually woke Yu Meng up.

When she opened her eyes, she found that Lin Qi was next to her.

Her face instantly flushed red, and she scooted backward.

“I, I didn’t fall asleep on him last night, did I?” With that in mind, Yu Meng became nervous.

She immediately put on her veil and cloak while she pretended that nothing had happened.

At that moment, the sunlight was getting more and more dazzling.

Lin Qi, Jin Lingling, and Lewis had also woken up.

After they ate some breakfast, they packed their luggage and continued their journey.

During that time, Lin Qi found that Yu Meng had not said a word to him as if last night’s incident had made her feel very awkward.

Lin Qi also pretended that he did not know anything.

Well, he learned not to provoke her anymore.

Lewis slept like a pig last night.

He had no idea what had happened.

Jin Lingling did not even need to be mentioned.

She was knocked out by the intoxicating cilantro and did not know of anything that took place after she slept.




Therefore, she only knew about what they had done to Yu Meng last night.

Of course, Yu Meng was not aware of what had happened after she had eaten the Enchanted Cilantro, so she did not dare to bring it up again.

After the four of them finished organizing, they successfully passed through the forest and arrived at the vast grassland in the south.

There were many passive low-level demonic beasts in that grassland, so their journey was very smooth.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM If they wanted to meet five-star demonic beasts, they had to pass through that grassland and enter the southern plateau’s peak, which was the Terrifying Mountain near the Stormy Bay.

There were more five-star demonic beasts there, but the mission still had a certain degree of luck.

That was because, among the five-star demonic beasts, there were also many levels.

If they were lucky and only encounter an ore giant, then according to their strength, they should be able to get the magic essence from them.

On the other hand, if they were unlucky and encounter a fledgling dragon, then it would be difficult to deal with.

Those were the prime five-star demonic beast, almost equivalent to a six-star demonic beast.

Moreover, they also roamed in the Terrifying Mountain.

After encountering one, it would lock onto its prey with its red eyes, so the possibility of escaping was almost zero.

They walked for more than half a day and finally arrived at the Terrifying Mountain near Stormy Bay.

As they looked up, they noticed the mountain peak was shrouded with dark clouds and rolling with thunder.

Next to it was the coastline, which was also the edge of the Cloud Beast Sea.

That was the habitat of the giant beasts of the sea.

Journeying through those waters was equivalent to sending one to their death! They did not think too much of it.

They had to go up the mountain first.

After finding the ore giant, they had to kill it quickly to prevent it from being snatched by other participants.

Before Lin Qi and the others could react, they heard the sounds of fighting coming from the top of the Terrifying Mountain.

“It seems that the other participants have also gone up the mountain to fight.

We can’t lose to them!” said Yu Meng.

However, Lin Qi heard something strange from the sound of the fight.

“If it’s sn ore giant, it can’t possibly be making those low-pitched noises.

Think about it.

The huge body of the ore giant is capable of producing powerful attacks, but this sound doesn’t seem like it belongs to the heavy strikes of an ore giant at all…” “Are you saying that the other participants didn’t encounter an ore giant?” Lin Qi nodded.

“That’s right.

If my guess is right, they must be in a tough battle.

” Lewis took a deep breath and said, “This mountain is full of demonic beasts above the five-star rank.

Can we really go up?” “Don’t say that.

If others can do it, so can we!” Yu Meng encouraged the group.

However, she was a little scared.

She looked at Lin Qi and asked, “What do you think we should do?” “Follow the sound of fighting!” “What? Aren’t you obviously trying to get involved?” Lewis ridiculed.

Lin Qi shook his head.

“No, five-star demonic beasts are very vigilant.

Now that there is fighting, they will definitely attract more.

We just have to follow their path.

This way, we can guarantee that we won’t encounter any demonic beasts!” “We are here to kill demonic beasts, but you want to avoid them?” “You don’t understand, do you?” Lin Qi smiled and pointed to the top of the mountain.

“The higher up the Terrifying Mountain, the lower the level of five-star demonic beasts.

I think it’s easy to meet fledgling dragons as we go up the mountain, but when we get closer to the top, there will be many ore giants waiting for us!” Jin Lingling praised, “Master, you’re so smart!” In fact, Lin Qi had done his homework.

Although he did not have any combat ability, he was very knowledgeable about the habits of demonic beasts.

Then, everyone walked in the direction of the fighting noises.

They did not dare to get too close, nor did they dare to get too far.

The key was to maintain a distance.

Halfway up the mountain, Lin Qi looked into the distance and realized that it was the participants of Seven Day City who were fighting.

As expected, Lin Qi guessed correctly.

At that moment, those participants were dealing with the most troublesome demonic beast, the fledgling dragon.

The fledgling dragon was a low-level dragon.

It had the skills of a regular dragon.

Although it had not fully become a dragon and could not control itself in the air, it had the reverse scales of a dragon which is a high-level defense.

One could even be poisoned if one came into contact with it.

It was a demonic beast that had both offense and defense.

Even though the young master of the Ming family in Seven Day City had the strength that even a grand swordmaster could not surpass, he had no chance of winning against the fledgling dragon.

“It seems that the battle over there is very intense!” Jin Lingling looked at the fledgling dragon.

A few of the reverse scales on its body had already fallen off.

It seemed that it had been injured.

“Among all the participants in the trial, Seven Day City’s team composition was relatively well-coordinated.

However, they had also fallen into a bitter battle.

It can be imagined just how terrifying that fledgling dragon truly is!” Lin Qi did not meddle in other people’s business.

He continued to ascend the mountain.

“Let’s go.

Don’t worry about it.

The fledgling dragon’s attack range is very large.

It won’t be good if we get stuck in the crossfire!” The group continued to climb the mountain.

Halfway up, they heard the sounds of fighting from one side.

It seemed that there was another battle on that side as well.

The noise was very loud, but it did not seem like it was from an ore giant.

A fireball was shot toward them.

Fortunately, Lin Qi reacted quickly and dodged to the side.

The moment they turned their heads, they saw Chen Lin’s group.

They had already obtained the five-star magic essence.

They slowly walked over and smiled at Lin Qi, “Hey, what’s wrong? Haven’t you obtained the essence yet?” Lin Qi did not say anything.

However, Chen Lin would never forget how arrogant Lin Qi was toward him back then.

Therefore, he had been waiting there for him for a long time.

“Young Master Lin, when I went up the mountain just now, my shoes became a little dirty.

Could you please kneel down and help lick them clean? I can let you off on account of how obedient you are.

” “Have you forgotten that there are rules in the trial? We can’t interfere with each other.

” “Hmph! Who cares? We’re at the Terrifying Mountain.

Only those with true strength are the rulers here!”