Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 25

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 25

Chapter 25: An Encounter in the Forest Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation In order to search for night light grass outside the city, Lin Qi brought Luther along.

After all, with a grand swordmaster by his side, he was not worried about being attacked by demonic beasts.

The two of them left the city in the middle of the night.

The area around the Black Wind Castle was surrounded by forests, and Lin Qi came from the New Moon Forest along with the others.

That forest was the lowest-level forest among all four directions, and the other areas were all relatively more dangerous.

Luther had the strength of a grand swordmaster, so naturally, he was not afraid of any demonic beasts in that forest.

However, there were still exceptions.

When they arrived outside the city, Lin Qi led Luther into the forest.

He did not know if it was just his imagination, but he felt that the forest was exceptionally quiet一not even the hoot of an owl could be heard.

“Young Master, the night light grass that you are searching for is in the area ahead!” With Luther’s familiarity with the mountain, the two of them soon arrived at the area with the night light grass.

They saw a patch of grass that was emitting a weak light.

Those were the ingredients that Lin Qi needed.

Lin Qi did not care about anything else and went forward to pluck some.

He had not wanted to stay in that place for a second longer than needed.

“These should be enough!” Lin Qi put all the night light grass into his backpack and turned to leave.




However, at that moment, Lin Qi heard a shout.

It seemed as though someone was calling for help in the distance.

The voice was very faint, which proved that the victim was very far away from his location.

“What’s wrong?” Luther turned around and asked when he saw that Lin Qi had stopped moving.

Lin Qi froze and said to Luther, “Listen, do you hear someone shouting?” Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Luther was not paying attention to it and sighed.

“Young Master, this is the New Moon Forest.

At night, many demonic beasts will come out to hunt.

If that unlucky guy encounters some, then he is just considered unlucky!” Luther did not care about those things.

After all, it was common to find a few corpses in the New Moon Forest.

However, Lin Qi did not agree with him.

He turned around and said, “Since we heard it, we can’t just leave them to die.

” Seeing that Lin Qi was walking in that direction, Luther could only sigh helplessly and follow him.

However, at that moment, Luther found that the aura around Lin Qi had suddenly become strange.

Lin Qi had not heard him since he was focused on heading toward the source of the voice.

He completely ignored the fact that Luther had disappeared.

“Luther, if you encounter a demonic beast later, you don’t have to hold back…” When Lin Qi turned, he suddenly found that Luther was nowhere to be seen.

That scared him.

In that forest, any demonic beast could come out and attack him.

Without Luther’s protection, he would be in an extremely dangerous situation.

“No… It can’t be that bad, right?” Lin Qi was terrified.

He shouted a few times, but Luther still did not return.

He started to panic.

He was calm under Luther’s protection earlier, but now, he was so scared that his body was trembling.

All of a sudden, he heard another cry for help.

That time, the sound was even louder, as if someone was running toward him.

Lin Qi began to get nervous.

He looked in the direction of the voice and saw a black figure running in his direction.

He gritted his teeth and walked over.

He then realized that a lone wolf was chasing after a girl.

Lin Qi wanted to save the girl, but he had no chance of beating it at the moment since Luther was not by his side.

The first thought that entered his mind was to escape.

He did not know who the lady was anyway, so it was reasonable for him not to save her.

However, just as he turned around, he heard the fierce bark of the lone wolf, and the girl was clearly exhausted from being chased.

If that went on, the girl would be eaten.

Was he really going to walk away? While Lin Qi juggled his conflicted feelings, the girl ran toward him.

It seemed that he would not be able to escape that disaster, so he could only brace himself and move.

Lin Qi pulled out the longsword that Luther had given him for self-defense.

To prevent fear from enveloping his brain, he subconsciously roared and decided to raise his morale.

His voice was very loud, and the girl seemed to have noticed her savior as she ran over and hid behind him.

Lin Qi took a deep breath.

He had never dealt with a demonic beast before but that was not the first time he could not even hold his sword steadily.

The wolf followed the girl.

When it saw that Lin Qi was holding a longsword, it did not rush over immediately.

Instead, it stared at Lin Qi, bracing itself to attack.

At that moment, Lin Qi felt a chill all over his body.

Although that was only a two-star lone wolf in front of him, to him, whether he could escape or not was the real problem.

The lone wolf seemed to have noticed Lin Qi’s trembling hands and immediately pounced at Lin Qi.

Lin Qi became nervous and frantically swung his longsword.

Fortunately, it was a two-star demonic beast.

It stopped when it saw Lin Qi waving his longsword.

That gave Lin Qi a chance to think.

He knew that those low-star demonic beasts were afraid of fire.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, Lin Qi took out his lighter.

Seeing that there was some dry wood under his feet, he simply threw the lighter onto the ground.

The fire gradually grew and spread in all directions.

The wolf saw the fire and immediately cried out, turning around and leaving.

The two of them who watched the lone wolf leave were slightly relieved.

Then, Lin Qi turned around and asked, “Are you okay?” The girl was wearing a mage’s uniform.

She should be a mage, but there was no reason for a mage to be chased by a two-star lone wolf.

The girl put on her cloak and said to Lin Qi, “Thank you!” “It’s okay.

By the way, are you a mage?” The girl was stunned.

She blinked and shook her head.

“No, I’m not a mage.

I’m a chef from the Central Hotel of the Black Wind Castle.

” “A chef from the Central Hotel? Then why are you here in the middle of the night?” It turned out that the girl was here to pick ingredients in the forest, just like Lin Qi, except that the ingredients she wanted were wind mushrooms.

Lin Qi felt a little uneasy.

The girl did not seem to be very bold.

Why had she come here in the middle of the night to look for ingredients? Before he could think more about it, a voice suddenly came from behind, “Young Master!” It was Luther’s voice, which made Lin Qi turn his head and sigh.

“Oh, where did you run off to?”