Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 17

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Saving Lives is More Important Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation At that moment, when the guards of the Leonard family heard Lewis say such words, they instantly lost confidence in their master.

Other young heirs like Yu Meng, were even willing to be the wife of the chief bandit for the sake of her guards.

However, that Lewis actually sold out his guards for his own life.

However, Luther wanted to kill Lewis, so he did not agree.

He ordered his subordinates to lock Lewis in the cage again and kill him on the night of the wedding.

Lewis kept begging for mercy, but it was in vain.

Yu Meng could not be bothered to care about him.

She was thinking about how to use tonight’s opportunity to leave the mountain.

Her mana had been used up.

It would be great if Lin Qi was here… She then realized that it was the first time Yu Meng had such a thought.

She was suddenly hoping that Lin Qi would come to her aid.

On the other side, the young heirs and guards were running down the mountain naked.

Having their lives spared, they did not care about anything else and descending the mountain.

Just as they reached a safe distance, a flame suddenly lit up in front of them.

The guards subconsciously looked over.

It was Lin Qi who was holding a torch.

Lin Qi could not help but laugh when he saw that group of shirtless guards and young heirs.

“You… What happened to you guys?” Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Then, they told Lin Qi about their experience.

After Lin Qi heard about what had happened, he knew that both Yu Meng and Lewis were in danger.

Lewis probably deserved it, but he did not deserve to die.

Yu Meng was still so young, so she could not be that guy’s wife.

Lin Qi tapped his chin.

He heard that Luther was a grand swordmaster.

He knew that they could not defeat him with pure strength.

The only way was to sneak in and free them.

Although Lin Qi knew that it was a dangerous mission, he did not shirk from it.

After all, he had full confidence in himself now.

“You guys set up camp at the foot of the mountain first.

Be ready at any time.

I’ll go up the mountain and sneak into their stronghold to save them!” When everyone heard that, they could not believe their ears.

Was that person really Lin Qi? They had never seen such a courageous person.

They knew that the other party was stronger than them, but Lin Qi was not afraid at all.

He even wanted to save them alone.

That kind of courage made many people admire Lin Qi.

“Young Master, you mustn’t.

You have a chance at passing the trial.

You are the hope of the Lin Family!” The chief guard suddenly pulled Lin Qi back.

However, Lin Qi smiled.

“Don’t worry.

If I can’t even settle this small matter, how will I manage the Lin family in the future?” His voice was not loud, but everyone heard it loud and clear.

At that moment, the chief guard had tears brimming in his eyes and he sighed deeply.

“Young Master has finally grown up and can take on such a big responsibility.

If you can return safely from the trial, you must tell Master about this!” “Alright, you guys stay here and be ready at any time.

I will go up the mountain now!” At Lin Qi’s command, the guards stationed themselves one after another.

They even set up some traps.

If they were chased down later, they would be able to defend themselves.

Lin Qi used the bright moonlight to illuminate the mountain road.

He slowly approached the mountain stronghold on the peak.

He looked around and found that the mountain stronghold was brightly lit.

The bandits were all eating and drinking happily.

Lin Qi did not enter directly.

Instead, he found a watchtower with only a few people guarding it and climbed up.

While he was sneaking in, he suddenly smelled the scent of urine.

It caught his attention and he immediately looked in the direction of the source.

Lin Qi found that there was a cage in front of him, and in it was Lewis, whose face was full of despair.

As for the smell of urine… That guy… Could it be that he had peed his pants out of fear? How pathetic! Lin Qi sighed.

Taking advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention, he quietly called out to Lewis in the dark.

Lewis heard a sound and lifted his head.

“Eh? Lin Qi? How did you…” Lin Qi gestured for him to stay silent and whispered to him, “Where’s Yu Meng?” Although Lewis knew that Lin Qi had not come just to save him, he was still desperate enough to try begging.

“Lin Qi, quickly save me!” “I’m asking you, where’s Yu Meng?” Lewis took a deep breath and pointed toward the direction of the stronghold.

“Inside!” Lin Qi nodded.

“Wait here.

I’ll go save Yu Meng first then I’ll come back to save you later!” Then, Lin Qi sneaked toward the stronghold.

The bandits had drunk a few glasses of wine so their vigilance was relaxed.

None of them realized that Lin Qi was an intruder.

Lin Qi took that opportunity to sneak into the stronghold quietly.

However, when he tried to enter a room, he found Luther coming out.

He immediately reacted and hid against the wall, holding his breath.

Luther did not expect that someone would sneak in.

Therefore, he had not taken any precautions and he did not find Lin Qi.

Lin Qi took advantage of the moment he turned his back and immediately sneaked into the room.

Then, he found that Yu Meng, who was sitting on the bed, was dressed up like a bride.

However, her sad face caused Lin Qi to bite his tongue and keep his comments to himself.

Before Yu Meng realized it, Lin Qi walked in.

She was too distracted thinking about how she could escape later.

“Oh, you’re already dressed like this.

It seems to me that you really want to stay here and be the wife of a bandit.

” As soon as Lin Qi’s voice reached her, Yu Meng looked up and saw that Lin Qi was looking at her strangely.

She instantly blushed.

“What… What did you say?” “I’m just kidding!” Lin Qi chuckled.

“Why are you here? Were you captured too?” Lin Qi laughed again.

“Do I look like I’ve been captured? I’m here to save you!” Hearing that Lin Qi was here to save her, Yu Meng’s hope was immediately ignited, but she did not feel good about it.

She had always regarded Lin Qi as her opponent, but why was she always saved by him? “I… I don’t need you to save me!” Yu Meng snorted coldly.

After hearing that, Lin Qi turned around and said deliberately, “Oh, alright then! I’m leaving!” Yu Meng’s face became even redder.

Of course, Lin Qi knew what she was thinking.

“Come on, I’m already here.

Let’s think of a way to get out first!” Hearing Lin Qi’s words, Yu Meng’s opinion of him changed slightly.

Then, Yu Meng quietly followed Lin Qi out.

There were bandits guarding the door so naturally, they could not get out through there.

They climbed out of the room through the window, but if they wanted to leave the stronghold, they had to go out through the main door.

“What do we do now? If we pass through the main door, we will definitely attract the attention of the bandits!”