Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 1

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Super Gourmet System! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation It was a place where magic existed.

The world’s most powerful forces were controlled by great mages.

However, even the most remarkable of mages had places that they dare not set foot in.

East of the continent was an endless sea.

A myriad of vicious sea creatures discouraged the faint of heart from entering its waters.

To the west was the Devil’s Desert.

It was endlessly dry and crawling with bewitching devils that tempt travelers into hell.

Far north lied the Frost Forest that was frozen all year round.

That was a place that no human dared to enter.

The icy cold was enough to deter anyone from it.

Last but not least, to the south of the continent was the most terrifying place in the legends.

It was inhabited by giant dragons that liked to collect treasures and it was also where the ogre’s nest, the Stormy Bay, was located.

It was rumored that there was an entire continent within the Stormy Bay in the past.

Many adventurers yearned to explore those regions but those who set off never returned! Found in the Mill continent, is the Radiant Light Empire.

In the Radiant Light Empire, New Moon City was founded by the Supreme Mage, the New Moon Duke, a hundred years ago.

Afterward, it became one of the ten major cities in the empire.

It occupied the most fertile land and its people led peaceful lives.

The most magnificent river in the whole empire, the Seward River, also passed through New Moon City, which further displayed the uniqueness of the city.




It was a place where countless people yearned to visit but more importantly, it was also a place of worship for numerous mages.

New Moon City had inherited the magic tome passed down by the New Moon Duke a hundred years ago, allowing the city to occupy an important position in the empire.

It was the most glorious existence of the Radiant Light Empire.

Any mage or ordinary person would show the highest of courtesy to anyone who has stepped foot in the New Moon City.

That was the extent of the unshakable status of the New Moon City and the Lin family happened to be the most powerful entity in New Moon City! Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM “What is this place? Wasn’t I in the middle of cooking? Why… Have I appeared here?” Lin Qi opened his eyes in shock.

The scene of him cooking and the Western medieval scene interweaved, giving him a splitting headache.

Eventually, he managed to sort out his memories.

He was certain of one thing—he had transmigrated! Coincidentally, his name in that life was also Lin Qi.

‘This is a continent that practices magic.

As long as you master strong magic, you can do whatever you want!’ ‘And… I happen to be the son of the most prestigious family in the Radiant Light Empire, the Lin family.

I’m now a person of high stature!’ The memories in his mind allowed Lin Qi to grasp the situation of that world.

His father, the head of the Lin family, resided in New Moon City.

He was an incomparably strong mage, and he even possessed terrifying martial art skills.

It was a position of absolute authority! Instantly, Lin Qi’s face was filled with glee, and he could not help but lick the corners of his lips.

 ‘In my previous life, I was born into an ordinary family.

I was a person who did not excel in academics nor extracurricular activities.

I did not have any outstanding achievements.

Although, in this new life I’m also untalented and my aptitude is mediocre at best.

‘Even so, being born into the powerful Lin family, I can still do well in life!’ Immediately, Lin Qi became excited.

If he did not have talent, then so be it.

Not having talent meant that he did not need to face any sort of danger.

Besides, the icing on the cake was that his father was the current head of the Lin family.

That was enough for him to enjoy a lifetime of prosperity and wealth.

“Young Master, it’s time to eat.

” “Mary and Dinah are at your service.

” In the next moment, two beautiful maids donning black dresses embellished with white lace appeared before Lin Qi.

The two girls looked about 16 years old.

One of them had beautiful red hair, and she exuded a seductive charm.

Her curvy figure made Lin Qi’s mouth dry.

The other maid had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Her exotic look coupled with her shyness made one feel pity for her.

‘Was this the extravagance of the medieval nobles?’ Soon, an abundance of delicacies filled the huge dining table.

There were many dishes that Lin Qi had never seen before.

‘This degree of extravagance is simply amazing.

There are so many kinds of food in just one meal? Even just a taste of each is enough to fill one’s stomach!’ Lin Qi’s fingers moved as he stuffed himself with food.

Soon after he was full, he tasted the red wine in satisfaction.

Looking at the endless fiefdom outside the window, he sighed.

‘This world sure is fascinating.

Sadly, the food is a little bland and tasteless.

’ ‘But that is to be expected.

The magic in this world is powerful but the industrial standard is still similar to that of the medieval period.

Therefore, the seasoning is basically just salt.

All the flavor has to be attributed to the taste of the ingredients itself.

’ Lin Qi shook his head, but that was far from enough to satisfy the stomach of an oriental foodie.

When chili and all kinds of seasonings have been discovered, then real enjoyment would begin.

“Sob, sob, sob… Young Master, we will miss you.

” “Sob, sob, sob… Young Master, we hope you can go in peace!” Lin Qi was stunned.

He looked at the lovely Mary and Dinah with tears in their eyes and asked, “Why are you crying? I’m fine.

” He could not help but shiver.

Why had those words made him uneasy? At that moment, the door was pushed open, and more than ten knights entered.

Lin Qi recognized the leader of the knights.

It was the impressive head knight, Andrew.

Although his strength was not as strong as a mage of the same rank, he was still a very powerful knight.

Andrew knelt down and bowed respectfully before saying, “Young Master Lin Qi, please go to the family hall.

The head of the family is waiting for you!” The current head of the Lin family was Lin Qi’s father in that life.

It was worth mentioning that because of his earlier health condition, his father only had one son.

Naturally, there was no such thing as fighting for favor or power.

As they followed Andrew to the family hall, multiple gazes fell on Lin Qi.

“Lin Qi, you are now an adult.

It’s time for you to go to the Black Wind Castle to complete the trial!” Lin Shixiong’s dignified gaze fell on Lin Qi.

Even though Lin Shixiong restrained his aura, Lin Qi still felt a terrifying pressure.

It was the aura of a superior! However, in reality, his father still indulged him to the point of spoiling him.

“Dad, I don’t have any talent for magic, so I won’t be able to become a mage in the future.

There’s no need for me to participate in the Black Wind Castle’s trial.

” Lin Qi waved his hand indifferently.

For the first time, Lin Shixiong rejected Lin Qi’s lazy behavior without hesitation.

He stood up and said seriously, “This is not only for the glory of the Lin family but also the tradition of the empire.

It even concerns the inheritance of the Holy Knights.

As the heir of the Lin family, you have to bear this honor!” “The matter has been decided.

We will set off tomorrow!” Lin Qi was stunned.

He finally understood why Mary and Dinah were crying.

It was all because the Black Wind Castle’s trial could not be refused! He wanted to cry, but he shed no tears.

It seemed that he was the last person to know about it.

He did not possess any magical talent.

The Black Wind Castle’s trial was practically a suicide mission! Then, a cold, electronic voice sounded in his mind.

[ Ding! A suitable environment has been detected.

The system is activating! ] [ Ding! The Super Gourmet System has been activated.

Binding to Host: Lin Qi! ]