I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 124

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 124

“It’s true that the Leaf-eared Cat didn’t look in the direction of the golden ray of light, but don’t forget that as a cat-type spirit beast, its hearing is also very sharp.

” Therefore, the Leaf-eared Cat must have determined the direction of the golden ray based on the sound of air splitting” Tf that’s the case, then it won’t even need Miss Annie to remind it.

The Leaf-eared Cat can safely avoid the attack in its blind spot.

” While most of the spectators in the spectator stand had their attention attracted by the Leaf-eared Cat, someone suddenly exclaimed as if he had discovered something strange.




Look at the spot where the Leaf-eared Cat was standing! What’s that shiny patch on the ground? Although the person who shouted subconsciously controlled his volume, the content of his words drew even more attention.

Hence, everyone in the spectator stand shifted their gaze from the Leaf-eared Cat to the spot where it was standing just now.

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COM A golden object was standing on the small patch of grass where the Leaf-eared Cat had stood just now.

Under the sunlight, the golden object reflected a dazzling light Surrounded by green bushes, it appeared especially eye-catching.

“Hmm? The metal-type spiritual energy released by Giles’ Metal-feathered Eagle can actually last for such a long time after leaving its body? Under normal circumstances, the Green Leaf Flying Daggers that the Leaf-eared Cat had created from amassing plant -type spiritual energy would dissipate within a few seconds after leaving its body and return to become the plant-type spiritual energy it had condensed from previously.

However, the Vine Whip’ that the Leaf-eared Cat used was different.

As the two vines made of plant-type spiritual energy had not left the Leaf-eared Cat’s body, they could remain their vine form under the Leaf-eared Cat’s control.

However, what the audience in the spectator stand did not expect was that the golden ray of light that the Metal-feathered Eagle had shot out could actually maintain its condensed form for so long after leaving its body.

Just as some people were having doubts about this, the spectator who had first exclaimed, made his own discovery.

“I don’t know if it’s because my spiritual perception is too weak or because I’m too far from the battlefield.

I realized that I can’t sense metal-type spiritual energy from that shiny golden object” This discovery that the spectator proposed also made the other spectators give it a go.

All of them tried to sense the spiritual energy from the shiny golden object, but the end result was.


“Eh? Why can’t I sense any spiritual energy from that object? I’m a Silver-rank four-star Beast Tamer!” “Heh, I, a Silver-rank eight-star Beast Tamer, can’t even sense it! How can a silver-rank four-star Beast Tamer like you sense it? “That’s not right! But why can I sense the plant-type spiritual power around the object at the same distance away?” The spectators were curious and puzzled as they tried to sense the golden object.

Until a spectator with better eyesight squinted his eyes and carefully looked at the object on the ground.

When he saw it clearly, he began to persuade the people around him to stop wasting time and energy.

“Don’t use your spiritual perception anymore! Didn’t you notice that the golden object is a feather?” “It’s not like the Green Leaf Flying Dagger that ‘s completely condensed from spiritual energy.

“How can you sense spiritual energy from it after the spiritual energy attached to it has dissipated This shocking discovery might explain why the golden glow on the ground did not dissipate into metal- type spiritual energy.

However, it also made the spectators realize another problem.

“So the golden ray that the Metal-feathered Eagle shot out was actually the metal feathers on its wings? “No wonder its metal-type skill could cut through the Leaf-eared Cat’s ‘Green Leaf Flying Daggers so easily.

Metal-type skills are supposed to suppress plant-type skills.

Furthermore, it’s a skill that’s completely condensed from spiritual energy against a physical object with spiritual energy attached to it.

” “However, if that’s the case, then the current situation is disadvantageous for the Metal-feathered Eagle!” “Yes, that’s right.

Although the Metal-feathered Eagle can shoot out its metal feathers to cut open the Leaf-eared Cat’s Green Leaf Flying Daggers, its Green Leaf Flying Daggers’ are completely condensed from spiritual energy.

“As long as the Leaf-eared Cat still has spiritual energy, it will be able to continuously use the ‘Green Leaf Flying Daggers’ to interfere and suppress the movements of the Metal-feathered Eagle!a “That’s right! Every time the Metal-feathered Eagle uses this metal-type skill, it will lose its feathers.

Even if it usually has so many feathers till they shedall over the ground, it’s impossible for it to rely on its feathers to fight a prolonged battle against the Leaf-eared Cat’s spiritual energy! “Tn that case, I think I can understand why Giles didn’t have the Metal-feathered Eagle initiate the attack at first, but instead got it to maintain its flying height.

” “After all, in the case of the Metal-feathered Eagle, one bullet shot means one bullet less.

That’s why it can’t attack easily.

For Giles and the Metal-feathered Eagle, it’s best to end the battle quickly” The contents of the audience’s discussion in the spectator stand were heard by the umpire, Hash, who was standing at the side of the arena.

However, Hash, an Epic-rank Beast Tamer with the title of Elite, had a different view from them.

Annie told the Leaf-eared Cat to stop using its innate skill and got it to climb up the tree branches and prance around the forest.

This means that she has already realized that the Metal-feathered Eagle can see the tracks of the Leaf-eared Cat That’s why she chose this head-on combat method of using the ‘Vine Whip’ to get as close as possible.

However, as the ‘Gym Leader, Giles reminded Annie to fight head-on.

This means that he also has a way of fighting head-on! At the thought of this, Hash raised her head slightly and looked at the battlefield above the arena.

Using the skill Vine Whip’, which coiled around the tree branches, the Leaf-eared Cat swung its body.

At that moment, it was less than five meters away from the Metal-feathered Eagle.

The Metal-feathered Eagle was flapping its wings slightly to maintain its current flying height.

There didn’t seem to be any sign of it firing the metal feathers in its wings.

However, as an Elite Beast Tamer, Hash’s spiritual perception was much stronger than others.

Hash, who had focused her attention on the Metal-feathered Eagle, keenly noticed that the Metal-feathered Eagle’s spiritual energy was not amassing on its wings that could shoot the metal feathers, but on its four limbs!