I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 120

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 120

Chapter 120: The Metal-Winged Eagle Can Actually Shoot Out Its Feathers!   After the four dazzling golden rays split the Green Leaf Flying Daggers into two in the air, they swiftly vanished into the bushes in the arena and completely disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

Only the few dried leaves in the air that looked like they were falling after autumn and the gradually dissipating dark green spiritual energy could prove that the four dazzling golden rays had once flashed across this arena.

The spectators looked at the greenery-filled arena and subconsciously rubbed their eyes.

After trying to find the location of the golden rays in the arena but to no avail, the spectators looked at each other.

When they looked at each other, they saw surprise and confusion in each other’s eyes.

“Uh, were my eyes playing tricks on me just now? Or was the sunlight too dazzling after the roof of the evaluation section was opened? Why did I see a dazzling golden light flash past?” “I saw it too! But it wasn’t because the sunlight was too dazzling.

It was because the Metal-feathered Eagle activated its skill! It was those four golden rays that struck the ‘Green Leaf Flying Daggers’ that the Leaf-eared Cat threw out!” “It was really dangerous just now! When the Metal-feathered Eagle closed its wings, I thought that it was too late for it to dodge and that it was planning on using its hard metal wings to forcefully withstand the attacks of the four Green Leaf Flying Daggers.

” “However, the Metal-feathered Eagle closed its wings just now to activate its skill.

That’s why it flapped them abruptly.

” “Those four dazzling golden rays seemed to have flown out from the wings of the Metal-feathered Eagle the moment it spread open its wings.

” .



“But the combat effectiveness rank of the Metal-feathered Eagle is three ranks lower than that of the Leaf-eared Cat.

Since the four golden rays it released could break apart the Leaf-eared Cat’s ‘Green Leaf Flying Daggers’, that means that the golden rays should be a metal-type skill that counters plant-type skills!” “…” At that moment, Hash, who was the umpire, also widened her eyes slightly.

A rare look of astonishment appeared on her face.

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COM This was because she was an Epic-rank Beast Tamer with the highest combat effectiveness rank among everyone present.

Therefore, her eyesight and spiritual perception were also the strongest.

Just now, her eyes had clearly captured the trajectories of the four Green Leaf Flying Daggers.

Just as she was thinking about how Giles would get the Metal-feathered Eagle to dodge the Green Leaf Flying Daggers, the Metal-feathered Eagle, which had closed its wings, suddenly flapped them open.

The moment the Metal-feathered Eagle spread open its wings, Hash, who had been staring at the metal-feathered eagle, clearly saw four golden feathers flying out from between its wings.

Those four dazzling golden rays are not metal-type skills formed from metal-type spiritual energy.

Under the cover of the metal-type spiritual energy, the Metal-feathered Eagle’s sharp, blade-like golden metal feathers have increased their lethality by several times.

The final outcome of a skill collision between spirit beasts essentially conforms to three laws.

That is, skills that consume large amounts of spiritual energy will completely suppress skills that consume small amounts of spiritual energy.

Skills that use concentrated spiritual energy will completely suppress skills that use dispersed spiritual energy.

Skills that have spiritual energy attached to physical things will completely suppress skills that are made of spiritual energy.

In the Metal-feathered Eagle’s case, the skill that attaches metal-type spiritual energy to its metal feathers and fires it, completely matches the third law.

Furthermore, metal-type skills are supposed to suppress plant-type skills.

Therefore, when the four dazzling golden metal feathers collided with the ‘Green Leaf Flying Daggers’, they easily cut the ‘Green Leaf Flying Daggers’, which was completely made of plant-type spiritual energy, in half.

At the thought of this, the surprised Hash suddenly felt that this ability evaluation had become interesting.

I got Giles to undergo this ability evaluation purely to go through the process and leave behind a recording of the battle.

As for whether Giles wins or loses in this ability evaluation, I actually don’t care.

As long as Giles doesn’t lose too miserably, I will have a way to make Giles the Acting Gym Leader of Starlux Gym.

But I didn’t expect Giles and his Metal-feathered Eagle to give me such a huge surprise! Both are new species of spirit beasts that were discovered recently.

Miss Annie’s Leaf-eared Cat has a newly discovered innate skill, ‘Cloak of Nature’, while the metal-type skill that Giles’ Metal-feathered Eagle used to shoot its feathers is also a new skill that I’ve never seen before.

Most importantly, since the Metal-feathered Eagle is able to calmly shoot its feathers at the ‘Green Leaf Flying Daggers’, it means that it has been able to track the movements of the Leaf-eared Cat! I didn’t expect Giles to specially train the Metal-feathered Eagle’s eyesight! In that case, this metal-type skill that launches feathers should be the Metal-feathered Eagle’s main long-range attack skill.

In that case, it seems that Miss Annie’s strategy of using the Green Leaf Flying Daggers, which consumes the least spiritual energy, to suppress the Metal-feathered Eagle’s flying height, won’t work.

In fact, Annie and the audience, including Hash, had no idea.

As it was in the air above the arena, the Metal-feathered Eagle only needed to move its eyes slightly to spot the tracks of the Leaf-eared Cat.

Previously, the Metal-feathered Eagle had shaken its head slightly as it tracked the movements of the Leaf-eared Cat because it wanted to stare at the Leaf-eared Cat’s location after it stopped.

However, as the cat began to accelerate, it had no intention of stopping.

Therefore, the Metal-feathered Eagle, which could capture the trajectory of the Leaf-eared Cat’s movements, decided not to shake its head anymore.

Except that neither the Metal-feathered Eagle nor Giles had expected that Annie and the audience had actually mistakenly thought that the Metal-feathered Eagle had gotten dizzy from the high-speed movements of the Leaf-eared Cat.

Moreover, Annie had mistakenly treated this situation as a rare opportunity and got the Leaf-eared Cat, which was shuttling through the bushes, to unleash its ‘Green Leaf Flying Daggers’ on the Metal-feathered Eagle.

Just as Hash had thought, the Metal-feathered Eagle could dodge to its right and flap its wings to safely dodge the attacks.

However, even though Giles had also considered this, he did not get the Metal-feathered Eagle to dodge the attacks.

Instead, he got the Metal-feathered Eagle to shoot the ‘Feather Arrows’ directly at the four Green Leaf Flying Daggers that were flying towards it.

This was because Giles had completely placed himself in the position of the Gym Leader of Starlux Gym.

As the Gym Leader of the Beast-taming Gym, when facing the challenges of Beast Tamers, what he had to do was to continuously pose new challenges to the challenger during the battle.

In the process of Beast Tamers challenging Beast-taming Gyms, the Gym Leader of Beast-taming Gyms was actually not the challenger’s opponent.

The role that the Gym Leader played after accepting the challenge was more like that of an examiner.

The examiner named “Gym Leader” was going to continuously give new questions to the examinees named “Challenger” in this test.

Just now, as a “candidate”, Annie had already given her answer to the question of “How to get the Leaf-eared Cat to forcefully reduce the flying height of the Metal-feathered Eagle?” Based on the decision Annie made after hearing his suggestion, Giles quickly performed an analysis in his mind.

If he chose to let the Metal-feathered Eagle avoid the Green Leaf Flying Daggers, Annie would definitely not change her mind.

Instead, she would continue to let the Leaf-eared Cat waste its spiritual energy and use the Green Leaf Flying Daggers to suppress the Metal-feathered Eagle’s movements, thereby forcing it to fly at a lower height.

Therefore, as the examiner, Giles now posed Annie a new question.

That was, “How does a Leaf-eared Cat deal with a Metal-feathered Eagle that also has a long-range attack skill?”