I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 117

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 117

Chapter 117: The Metal-Feathered Eagle Gets Dizzy from the Leaf-eared Cat’s Movements   Swoosh… The sound of leaves rustling could be heard coming from the bushes.

It was the Leaf-eared Cat responding to Annie’s instructions.

At that moment, the Leaf-eared Cat, which had begun to accelerate, continued to expend its spiritual energy as it activated its innate skill, ‘Cloak of Nature’.

This caused its pure-white and flawless fur to be covered in a green cloak of spiritual energy with complex patterns.

At the same time, the Leaf-eared Cat began to move faster through the bushes.

The audience sitting in the spectator stands could see the swaying bushes and hear the noisy sound of leaves rustling against each other.

However, their eyes could not capture the trajectory of the Leaf-eared Cat’s movements.

To them, the Leaf-eared Cat, which was shuttling back and forth between the bushes, was like a gust of wind in the arena.

The branches shook incessantly from the “wind”, and the rustling between the leaves did not stop.

However, they could not see the “wind” that created these movements.




“No wonder Miss Annie’s Leaf-eared Cat hid itself completely after entering the bushes.

Furthermore, it can move so quickly between the bushes.

It’s because of the effect of the Leaf-eared Cat’s innate skill, ‘Cloak of Nature’.

” “Moreover, Miss Annie’s Leaf-eared Cat is actually moving faster and faster! In this battle environment filled with plant-type spiritual energy, it feels like its speed is almost equivalent to an agile spirit beast at Gold-rank five-star !” “Speaking of combat effectiveness rank, don’t forget that the Leaf-eared Cat’s combat effectiveness rank is three ranks higher than the Metal-feathered Eagle! Even if both sides were to fight head on, the Leaf-eared Cat should have a higher chance of winning!” “However, Miss Annie still chose the tactic that is most suitable for the Leaf-eared Cat.

Moreover, this battle environment can allow the cat to perfectly unleash the advantage brought about by its innate skill!” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM “That’s right! As long as the Metal-feathered Eagle’s eyes can’t keep up with the Leaf-eared Cat’s movements and reveals a flaw, the Leaf-eared Cat will be able to rely on the battle prowess difference of three ranks between them to determine the outcome with one strike!” “Didn’t you hear what Giles said to Miss Annie just now? If Miss Annie’s Leaf-eared Cat keeps using its innate skill to hide in the bushes, the Metal-feathered Eagle, which will only need to exert a small amount of physical strength to maintain its current flying height, will be able to last until the Leaf-eared Cat’s spiritual energy is exhausted.

” “Perhaps it’s because the Metal-feathered Eagle didn’t know where the Leaf Cat was, so Giles deliberately said those words to deceive Miss Annie into making the Leaf-eared Cat start moving.

By looking at the instructions Miss Annie is giving the Leaf-eared Cat, you can tell that Miss Annie has been fooled.

” “I don’t think so.

The Leaf-eared Cat is moving much faster than before and hasn’t stopped at all.

This is obvious to everyone.

Therefore, I think Miss Annie is planning to verify what Giles said through the Leaf-eared Cat’s actions.

” “Even if the Metal-feathered Eagle can really capture the tracks of the Leaf-eared Cat, its attack might not necessarily hit the Leaf-eared Cat due to its fast movements.

If the Metal-feathered Eagle is unable to capture the cat’s trajectory, then the moment it reveals a flaw, the Leaf-eared Cat will be able to win with one strike!” “Hmm, it seems like Miss Annie’s tactical arrangement has improved greatly during this period of time.

She can also adapt her combat style flexibly according to the battle situation.

” “Even if the Metal-feathered Eagle had previously spotted the Leaf-eared Cat, given how fast it is moving now, I think the Metal-feathered Eagle is about to get dizzy from its movements.

Now, let’s see when Miss Annie plans to let the Leaf-eared Cat attack.

” “…” Annie’s strategy and Giles’ response gave rise to the intense discussion of the spectators.

As the umpire for this ability evaluation, Hash nodded in satisfaction at Giles and Annie’s performance.

When Giles said those words just now, although his tone was still a little shaky, he already had the demeanor of a Beast-taming Gym Leader.

After all, the Gym Leader of the Beast-taming Gym only accepts the challenge of a Beast Tamer, not a deathmatch.

Therefore, during the battles, the Gym Leader will often point out some flaws for the challenger and the spirit beast under their command.

” Some of the more patient Gym Leaders will save all their issues for the end of the match and summarize them with the challenger.

At the thought of this, Hash couldn’t help but look in Giles’ direction.

Facing the Leaf-eared Cat that was shuttling through the bushes, Giles just frowned slightly, but he still didn’t seem to have any intention of letting the Metal-feathered Eagle take action.

Miss Annie made use of the battle environment and the Leaf-eared Cat’s innate skill to give herself a huge advantage.

” But Giles and the Metal-feathered Eagle didn’t panic under these circumstances.

They have always been very clear about their advantages in this battle environment.

That is, the ‘safe distance’ and ‘reaction time’ from flying high enough! Even if the Metal-feathered Eagle doesn’t know the location of the Leaf-eared Cat, as long as it maintains its current flying height, it will have enough distance and reaction time when the cat attacks.

Therefore, as Giles has analyzed just now, although the Metal-feathered Eagle, who I’m not sure can see the traces of the Leaf-eared Cat, seems to be the party in trouble, the ones who should be anxious are actually Miss Annie and her cat.

When Hash’s gaze moved from Giles to Annie, she realized that Annie looked more relieved than before.

However, in the face of Giles’ response and what he had just said, Miss Annie didn’t rigidly let the Leaf-eared Cat continue using the previous method to distract the Metal-feathered Eagle.

From the looks of it, Miss Annie now has the qualifications to become a qualified Beast Tamer.

What a qualified Beast Tamer needs to do is not only to plan tactics before the battle begins.

The battle between spirit beasts is filled with variables, and the Beast Tamer, who is responsible for standing outside the arena and giving instructions, has to adapt to the situation during the battle and adjust the follow-up battle plans in real time.

Putting aside their ability to nurture spirit beasts that I have yet to understand, just based on the ability to command and fight, Miss Annie is already at the level of a Gold-rank Beast Tamer.

It’s different from the previous time when she had the Leaf-eared Cat hide in the bushes and wait for an opportunity to strike.

Even if it suddenly made a move, it was to create a sound to distract attention.

Miss Annie is now letting the Leaf-eared Cat expend its spiritual energy and physical strength continuously to maintain its current high-speed movement.

This is so that she can take the initiative to create opportunities and pursue victory in one blow.

In that case, Giles, how do you plan on letting the Metal-feathered Eagle deal with the attack that the Leaf-eared Cat might launch at any moment? The ‘Wind Wings’ skill, which can cause a gale in the entire arena, can’t be used in such an environment.

Hash, who had been standing for a long time, took the opportunity to stretch herself.

She raised her head and narrowed her eyes as she looked at the Metal-feathered Eagle flying above the arena.

She then saw the Metal-feathered Eagle, which had been staring at the venue, shaking its head slightly as the Leaf-eared Cat moved.

Perhaps it was because it felt dizzy from the high-speed movements of the Leaf-eared Cat, or perhaps it was because of something else.

Within a few seconds, the Metal-feathered Eagle stopped shaking its head.

However, as an Elite Beast Tamer, Hash carefully noticed that the Metal-feathered Eagle’s eyes did not stop moving.

After discovering this, Hash could not help but smile and she looked curious.

Oh? Giles’ metal-feathered eagle can actually track the movements of the Leaf-eared Cat? That’s going to be interesting!