I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 110

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Bloodline Potential and Combat Rank “Meow~” When it heard Annie call its name, the cat meowed softly.

Then, it continued to lower its head and close its eyes as it enjoyed Annie’s touch.

Giles saw that the Leaf-eared Cat had obediently responded to Annie, and that they were very close.

He was completely certain that this Leaf-eared Cat was the evolved Green-tailed Cat.

However, Giles couldn’t help but have some questions in his mind.

Why did the Green-tailed Cat, who was evaluated as ‘Silver-rank’, evolve? Could it be that Annie had some fortuitous encounter when she returned to her hometown in Yorkshire? At the same time, the Beast Tamers who were preparing to watch the battle also heard Annie introduce her Leaf-eared Cat to Giles.

This news also caused quite a commotion among them.

“Miss Annie, has your new cat-type spirit beast been named ‘Leaf-eared Cat’?” .



“No wonder it looks similar to the Green-tailed Cat.

It turns out that this is what the Green-tailed Cat looks like after its evolution!” “Just now, I was still wondering when Miss Annie had contracted another Gold-rank spirit beast.

Turns out it’s actually the Green-tailed Cat from before!” “But isn’t the Green-tailed Cat’s bloodline potential publicly acknowledged as Silver-rank? Logically speaking, spirit beasts whose bloodline potential is evaluated below Gold-rank won’t be able to evolve!” “Speaking of which, don’t forget that Miss Annie is the Second Young Lady of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce.

With their family’s wealth, it won’t be difficult for them to improve the Green-tailed Cat’s bloodline potential.

” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM “So, is this the power of money? Even a Silver-rank spirit beast that wasn’t able to evolve in its lifetime can raise its bloodline potential to the Gold-rank by spending money to think of other ways.

” “…” The spectators started discussing fervently.

Giles also liked to understand all kinds of knowledge about spirit beasts.

Hence, he could not suppress his curiosity and his desire for knowledge as he asked Annie a question, “Annie, although I know that I might intrude into yours and the Leaf-eared Cat’s privacy if I ask such a question, I really want to know how your Green-tailed Cat managed to increase its bloodline potential and evolve into the current Leaf-eared Cat.

” After hearing Giles’ question, the spectators also stopped discussing.

Furthermore, they, who had been sitting upright, were now leaning forward slightly, seemingly worried that they might miss Miss Annie’s answer or not hear it clearly.

Annie, who had the answer, seemed to have been mentally prepared when everyone looked at her curiously.

Thus, there was no sign of embarrassment or panic on her face.

Annie, who was squatting beside the cat, slowly stood up and smiled at Giles.

“Giles, I already told you before that we’re good friends.

” “Therefore, you don’t have to worry that this question will offend me.

” “And the question you brought up didn’t really involve personal privacy.

” “I expect that this piece of news will soon spread from Yorkshire to Florida.

” “…” Listening to Annie’s answer, Giles, who was standing in front of the scene simulator, nodded slightly.

The actual situation was similar to what he had speculated.

Annie’s Green-tailed Cat had indeed evolved into a Leaf-eared Cat in her hometown, Grey City.

There were many cat-type spirit beasts in Grey City, Yorkshire.

Among them, wild Green-tailed Cats accounted for a large portion.

That was why out of love for the Green-tailed Cat, Annie, who grew up in Grey City, had made the Green-tailed Cat her first spirit beast to contract with.

However, half a month ago, Beast Tamers, who had gone out collectively during the autumn hunting season, suddenly discovered a new breed of cat-type spirit beast in the wilderness of Grey City.

It was a Leaf-eared Cat that looked similar to the Green-tailed Cat but was twice as large.

As wild Leaf-eared Cats appeared one after another in the eyes of the Beast Tamers who were out hunting, they also realized that the Leaf-eared Cat that they had first discovered was not a rare case.

Hence, the local Beast Tamer Association sent out professional investigators and researchers.

After their investigation and research, they realized that this new breed of cat, the Leaf-eared Cat, actually evolved from a Green-tailed Cat.

The reason why the wild Green-tailed Cats suddenly had an increase in their bloodline potential in their body and completed their evolution was because they had all lived near a stream before.

The water in the stream seemed to have a magical power.

As the investigators and researchers ventured deeper, they started searching downstream all the way till they reached the upper reaches.

They finally found the reason why the Green-tailed Cat evolved into a Leaf-eared Cat.

It was an old tree that had been severed near the upper reaches of the stream.

Although that old tree was merely an ordinary willow tree, the Ink Spiritual Vine attached to it had been soaking in the upper reaches of the stream, thereby affecting the quality of the water in the stream.

Therefore, because the Green-tailed Cats living downstream drank water that contained the residue of the Ink Spiritual Vine over a long period of time, their bloodline potential rose from Silver rank to Gold rank.

When the combat power of these Green-tailed Cats also increased to the Gold rank that corresponded to their bloodline potential, they then evolved into Leaf-eared Cats.

Hence, after the investigators and researchers came to this conclusion, they tried to feed an Ink Spiritual Vine to a Green-tailed Cat that had already reached the Gold rank.

The final outcome of the trial was the same as their conclusion.

After eating the Ink Spiritual Vine, the Green-tailed Cat, which had reached Gold-rank, evolved into a Leaf-eared Cat within a day.

This shocking discovery quickly spread from the wilderness of Grey City to the city, causing a stir among some Beast Tamers in Grey City.

As there were a lot of Green-tailed Cats in Grey City, more than a third of Beast Tamers in the city had contracted a Green-tailed Cat as their first spirit beast.

However, most of the Green-tailed Cat’s potential was only limited to Silver-rank.

Thus, their highest combat prowess could only barely reach the Gold rank.

However, there were very few Beast Tamers like Annie who could train the Green-tailed Cat’s combat strength to Gold rank.

Therefore, the Silver-rank Beast Tamers in Grey City, who had contracted Green-tailed Cats,were moved to tears by this news.

This was because after those Silver-rank Green-tailed Cats that had reached a bottleneck ate the Ink Spiritual Vine, not only did their combat strength level break through to the Gold rank more easily than before, the Green-tailed Cats could evolve into a Leaf-eared Cat after its combat strength broke through to the Gold rank and they could assimilate a new innate skill.

Two weeks ago, Annie had returned to her hometown, Grey City, with Alina, who had gone home to recuperate.

Her Green-tailed Cat, which had long broken through to the Gold rank, had also caught up with this trend in Grey City and evolved into the current Leaf-eared Cat.