I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 99

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Where Did Starlux Gym Use All Its Spiritual Energy This Month? “What do you mean by these two matters are actually the same thing? Is it because they’re both related to this piece of paper?” Giles’ words puzzled Hash, but she still took the paper from Giles.

“Payment notice for the spiritual energy supply? Is the notification method adopted by the spiritual energy supply station in this base city so traditional?” After seeing the words “Spiritual Energy Supply Payment Notice” on the paper, Hash subconsciously let out a sigh that was similar to Giles’ previously.

“Hmm? Why did Starlux Gym calculate the amount of spiritual energy used this month along with the amount used last month?” Hash couldn’t help but ask Giles curiously when she saw that the date on the payment notice was from the beginning of last month until yesterday.

“Because the amount of spiritual energy the Starlux Gym used this month has already exceeded the fee that Gym Leader Alice paid last month.

” After taking out the payment notice from the spiritual energy supply station, Giles truthfully told them the reason why Starlux Gym’s spiritual energy supply had been cut off.

“Isn’t there still a few days left till the end of this month? But the spiritual energy consumption for Starlux Gym has already exceeded the limit?” When she found out that Starlux Gym’s spiritual energy supply had been cut off because its spiritual energy consumption exceeded the fees paid, Hash even specially checked today’s date.

“Regarding the monthly spiritual energy bill for Beast-taming Gyms, the Beast Tamer Association will subsidize a portion of it.

” “Furthermore, because the Beast Tamer Association requested for the gym closure and Gym Leader Alice had gone out, Starlux Gym has not opened the evaluation section for more than two weeks this month.

” .



“Additionally, since the start of this month, we have already entered the autumn harvest hunting season.

There will be fewer Beast Tamers who come to Starlux Gym to borrow the training ground as compared to last month.

” “So, Giles, why would Starlux Gym have a problem with the overconsumption of spiritual energy at a time like this?” As a Beast-taming Gym, Starlux Gym was an official organization under the Beast Tamer Association.

The spiritual energy that Starlux Gym consumed was also a public resource that was specially provided by the spiritual energy supply station.

When it came to handling the issue of ‘the allocation of public resources’, the Beast Tamer Association’s attitude was serious and unyielding.

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COM Once someone discovered or reported that Starlux Gym had wasted a lot of spiritual energy or sold it for private usage, the entire Starlux Gym would be closed for a period of time until all the people involved in the case were investigated and dealt with.

Therefore, when Hash heard that it was a question about “the Starlux Gym’s overconsumption of spiritual energy”, she solemnly listed out the three reasons why the spiritual energy should not have exceeded.

This was because if the spiritual energy supply station reported this rare unusual situation to the headquarters of the Beast Tamer Association, they would also ask Giles this question.

If Giles could not give a reasonable explanation for this situation, the headquarters of the Beast Tamer Association would contact the Beast Tamer Alliance to send people over to investigate.

“Giles, is it because Alice paid too little before going out last month?” Although Hash was now the person raising the question to Giles on behalf of the Beast Tamer Association’s headquarters, this did not prevent Hash from taking the initiative to help Giles find the “reason” for the excess consumption of spiritual energy.

The first person that Hash thought of to bear this responsibility on Giles’ behalf was Alice, who had been away for more than a month and had yet to return.

In Hash’s opinion, Alice was not in Starlux Gym right now.

Even if she were to shoulder the responsibility for Giles, the Beast Tamer Association’s headquarters would not be able to contact her for the time being.

When Alice returned, she would mention this matter to her and get her to contact the Beast Tamer Association’s headquarters.

Furthermore, if Alice were to take responsibility for Giles, the Beast Tamer Association’s headquarters might even let Alice off the hook because of the fact that ‘Alice went out to investigate Mythic-rank spirit beasts’.

At the thought of this, Hash couldn’t help but lament in her heart.

Alice, I don’t think you’re going to make things difficult for your brother Giles because of this, are you? “Sister Hash, this situation actually has little to do with Gym Leader Alice.

” Unexpectedly, even though she had reminded Giles to let Alice bear the responsibility, Giles had not made that choice.

“Because Gym Leader Alice had already paid a fee for the spiritual energy supply last month before she went out.

” “Although she had paid less than the previous months because this month is the beginning of the autumn harvest hunting season, it’s still enough for this month.

” “Also, the main reason for the overconsumption of spiritual energy is actually because of my Metal-feathered Eagle which has undergone an incomplete evolution.

” “Oh! Giles, I understand what you mean!” When Giles said that Alice had nothing to do with the stopping of the spiritual energy supply, Hash was still worried that the reason Giles gave would not be accepted by the Beast Tamer Association’s headquarters.

However, when he heard Giles mention his Metal-feathered Eagle that had undergone an incomplete evolution, Hash immediately understood.

“It’s because the Metal-feathered Eagle lost control of its evolution, resulting in the spiritual energy storm, right?” “One of the unique features of a spiritual energy storm is that it will continuously absorb spiritual energy.

” Seeing that Hash understood what he meant, Giles nodded slightly.

Then, he handed Hash another piece of paper.


This is the breakdown for the amount of spiritual energy Starlux Gym used every day this month.

” “Sister Hash, you can take a look at this particular day.

” After Hash took the paper from him, Giles specially walked over to her and pointed out the day two weeks ago.

“Oh? What’s with this day?” Hash looked at the date of that day and tried to recall carefully.

Then, she looked at Giles in surprise.

“Isn’t this the day that Mr Rex and I came to Starlux Gym to look for you?” “Did Starlux Gym open at noon that day because you and the Metal-feathered Eagle experienced a spiritual energy storm that morning?” “That’s right, Sister Hash.

Fortunately, I met you that day.

” Giles thanked Hash while flexibly moving his left arm.

“If not for the Pulse Condensation Herb you gave me, my left arm wouldn’t have recovered so quickly.

” “I see! Looks like your left arm has more or less recovered.

” Looking at the detailed breakdown of the daily consumption of spiritual energy on the piece of paper, Hash nodded slightly.

The day that she and Rex came to find Giles, Starlux Gym had indeed used many times more spiritual energy than usual.

“No wonder Starlux Gym has a situation of spiritual energy overconsumption before the end of the month, resulting in the spiritual energy supply getting cut off now.

” Just as Hash said that the spiritual energy supply of Starlux Gym had been cut off, a few young men walked over from the square outside the gym and asked about the situation.

“Ah? The spiritual energy supply for Starlux Gym has been cut off? Can you still provide us with a training ground today?” “Don’t worry, we’re already dealing with this problem.

” Giles recognized these youths as Beast Tamers who lived in the nearby blocks.

As their current strength was not enough for them to go out of the city to hunt, they had been coming to Starlux Gym of late to borrow the training ground.

Therefore, when they learned that the spiritual energy supply of Starlux Gym had been cut off, they could not help but get worked up.

“They’re already dealing with this problem? Previously, when we sent a joint letter to the Beast Tamer Association’s headquarters, they said the same thing.

But what’s the outcome now?” “The result is that the Beast Tamer Association’s headquarters’ efficiency in handling the problem is too low.

Or perhaps there are too many situations like that of Starlux Gym now, so they can’t handle it all!” “Giles, why don’t you just close the Starlux Gym completely! The evaluation section has yet to be opened up, but the entire gym’s spiritual energy supply has been cut off today!”