I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 93

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 93

Chapter 93: I Want to Challenge Starlux Gym “Hu, thank goodness there’s someone here.

” Seeing that someone had stood up from the front desk, the person at the door heaved a sigh of relief and walked over to the front desk.

“Aye! Giles, so you’re on duty today!” Seeming to have recognized the staff member at the front desk as Giles, the person exclaimed and asked Giles curiously, “Why is the front desk the only one with the lights on in such a large reception area?” “Yes? Annie?” Giles, who was standing at the front desk, found the person’s voice familiar.

At first, he thought he had heard wrong.

As the entire reception area was pitch black apart from the lights on at the front desk, it was not convenient for Giles to verify.

When the person approached the front desk, Giles finally recognized her as Alina’s younger sister, Annie, who was also the Second Young Lady of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce.

“I heard from Mr Gars, the person in charge of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce, that ever since your older sister Alina consumed the Dragon Blood Grass to treat her illness, both of you have returned to your hometown in Yorkshire.

” As the first Beast Tamer to come to Starlux Gym to borrow the training ground this morning, Annie’s appearance took Giles by surprise.

“From our base city to Yorkshire, it would take two days to fly even if it’s on the fastest spiritual-energy airship.

It’ll take four days to travel back and forth.

” .



“It’s only been two weeks since Alina and I returned to the base city from the Decker Mountain Range.

” “In other words, you and Alina have only stayed for less than ten days after returning to your hometown in Yorkshire?” Giles had some understanding of Alina’s health.

Although her curse-like illness had been cured after consuming the Dragon Blood Grass, she still had to recuperate for a while to absorb the powerful medicinal effects of the Dragon Blood Grass.

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COM Alina’s situation, which required time to absorb and recover, was actually similar to Giles’ absorption of the spiritual energy in his left arm.

Therefore, when he thought about how Alina’s body might worsen because of the journey, Giles couldn’t help but worry about Alina, who had fought alongside him previously.

“Miss Alina has just regained her health.

I don’t recommend that she travel back and forth on such a long journey.

Her body might be affected.

” As the only light in the reception area that was turned on was by the front desk, the brightness was limited.

Furthermore, Giles was currently worried about Alina’s health.

When he said this, he did not notice that Annie’s expression had changed.

When Annie heard Giles’ concern about her sister, Alina, right after he had greeted her, the excitement and joy she felt when she saw Giles immediately dissipated.

However, Annie did not know why her feelings were affected by that sentence.

This was because she had come to look for Giles today and had wanted to tell Giles about her sister’s situation.

However, when Giles asked about her sister, her heart wavered.

Annie, Annie, what’s going on with you today? Annie shook her head slightly, trying to calm down.

“Giles, don’t worry.

I came to the base city alone first.

” “Sister Alina is still recuperating in Yorkshire.

” Annie’s words made Giles relieved.

Recalling that it was still working hours, he asked Annie curiously, “Annie, are you here to borrow the training ground today? I remember that there are many Beast-taming Gyms in Yorkshire too.

” “Giles, I’m not here to borrow the training ground today.

” Annie told him the reason she came back from Yorkshire.

“Previously, I followed Sister Alina back to our hometown in Yorkshire because I wanted to challenge the Beast-taming Gyms.

” “But in the past two weeks, weren’t the Beast-taming Gyms temporarily closed under the Beast Tamer Association’s notice?” “I originally thought that I would at least succeed once, but three days ago, the Yorkshire Beast-taming Gyms’ turn to close.

” “Later, I heard that the Beast-taming Gyms in Florida have already been opened, so I came back first.

” “So that’s how it is…” Upon hearing that Annie had returned here to challenge the Beast-taming Gyms, Giles nodded thoughtfully and gave Annie some suggestions, “Annie, although the Beast-taming Gyms have been temporarily closed this year, the Global Beast Tamer Tournament will still be held as scheduled.

” “If you plan to participate in this year’s National Beast Tamer Tournament, the time might be a little tight.

I suggest that you try your best not to go to other states after this.

” “As the Beast-taming Gyms in our Florida base city and those in the neighboring Flange City were the first to close, they’ve been completely open since last week.

” “In the other states, there should be many Beast-taming Gyms that will still be closed this month.

In order to gather eight gym badges in the shortest time, the simplest and most direct method is to challenge eight Beast-taming Gyms in the same base city.

” The act of “challenging eight Beast-taming Gyms in the same base city” was actually approved and recommended by the Beast Tamer Association.

This was because when the Global Beast Tamer Tournament had just been established, the transportation network between the base cities was not as developed as it was now.

Furthermore, the areas outside the bases were almost equivalent to the territories of ferocious beasts.

At that time, forget about crossing states to challenge other Beast-taming Gyms, they might have been attacked by many ferocious beasts on the way to the nearby base city.

Therefore, almost all the Beast Tamers who participated in the Global Beast Tamer Tournament had collected eight badges from the same base city.

Now that the transportation was convenient, and the communication between the various base cities was frequent, it resulted in Beast Tamers challenging Beast-taming Gyms in other base cities.

These kinds of challenges not only allowed them to experience the different culture and customs of other base cities, but it also allowed them to come into contact with the strength and specialties of other Beast-taming Gyms.

Furthermore, the matter of ‘leaving the base city that they lived in and entering the dangerous wilderness’ was a form of training for Beast Tamers.

As for the questions about the disparity in strength between the various Beast-taming Gyms… At the end of the day, the Beast-taming Gyms in each base city were only organizations that evaluated the strength of Beast Tamers and spirit beasts.

When facing a Beast Tamer’s challenge, the Gym Leader only needed to bring out a spirit beast that was similar in strength to the challenger’s spirit beast to fight.

This was merely a basic requirement for the Gym Leader whose average strength would be above Gold rank.

“Yeah, that’s right, Giles.

Actually, that’s what I thought too.

That’s why I came to you today.

” When Annie heard Giles voice out what she was thinking, she nodded at Giles happily.

“Annie, if you want to challenge the Beast-taming Gyms in our base city, I recommend you to go to Ireland Gym first.

” Seeing that his suggestion was the same as Annie’s, Giles began to recommend and analyze the current situation of the other Beast-taming Gyms in the base city.

“Although Ireland Gym is currently the second most powerful gym in our base city, your Green-tailed Cat, which is a plant-type spirit beast, can restrain the rock-type spirit beasts of Gym Leader Crowley.

” “No, no, no, Giles.

I think you probably got me wrong.

” Before Giles could introduce the other Beast-taming Gyms, Annie raised her hand and interrupted Giles.

“The reason why I came to Starlux Gym to look for you today is neither to borrow the training ground nor to consult about other Beast-taming Gym.

” “I came to you for only one purpose today, and that is to challenge Starlux Gym.