I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 91

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 91

Chapter 91: The Effects of the Changes in the Spiritual Energy Concentration on the Spirit Beasts! The question Giles raised reminded the Little Fox of when she had crawled under the covers and said resolutely that she definitely wasn’t going to watch Giles.

Just now, when the spiritual energy supply got cut off, not only was she worried that something had happened to Giles during his rehabilitation training, but she had also speculated that this was the Beast Blood Sect’s revenge on Giles.

Therefore, after confirming that Giles was safe and sound, the Little Fox, who realized that this was a misunderstanding, was so embarrassed that she didn’t know how to answer Giles’ question.

Sensing that the Little Fox’s body had tensed up when she heard the question he had asked, Giles couldn’t help but feel nervous along with the Little Fox.

To the Little Fox, the distance between the spirit beast section and the evaluation section was neither near nor far.

With her size and speed, it would take at least ten minutes to run from the wooden hut in the spirit-beast section to the entrance of the evaluation section.

It had to be known that when any Beast-taming Gyms were established, in order to prevent problems such as the stoppage of spiritual energy supply in one area causing the stoppage of spiritual energy supply in all other areas, the supply lines buried in each area were independent of each other.

Furthermore, because the demand for the spiritual energy supply in each area was different, the backup spiritual energy stored in each area was also different.

Due to these reasons, Giles had already begun to mentally prepare himself for the worst-case scenario.

Is it because the spiritual energy in the spirit-beast section’s conservatory is consumed more quickly than in the evaluation section? That’s why the supply of spiritual energy in the spirit-beast section had already been stopped ten minutes ago.

Since the spiritual energy supply in the spirit beast section stopped earlier, perhaps it has already run out of backup spiritual energy.




Not even five minutes after my spirit energy supply stopped in the evaluation section, did the Little Fox already run from the spirit beast section to the evaluation section.

At the thought of this, Giles, who was carrying the Little Fox, hastened his pace towards the spirit beast section.

Fortunately, I headed towards the spirit beast section right from the start.

Otherwise, if Little Fox didn’t find me when she came to the evaluation section, I don’t know how anxious she would be.

Seeing that the Little Fox in his arms didn’t answer him after a long time, Giles had to change the question.

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COM “Little Fox, did something happen in the spirit beast section? Is that why you rushed over to look for me?” Hearing Giles’ question, the shy Little Fox seemed to have found a topic to talk about.

“Giles, for some reason, the spiritual energy concentration over at the spirit beast section has begun to thin!” “If we don’t resolve this problem quickly, the bodies of the spirit beasts inside might suffer!” Upon hearing that the situation was similar to what he had imagined, Giles nodded solemnly at the Little Fox and patted her back lightly.

“Don’t worry, we’re almost there.

” With Giles’ full speed running, and as his physical strength gradually approached its limit, his body began to absorb spiritual energy from his left arm again.

The wisps of spiritual energy spread throughout Giles’ entire body, like drops of clear spring water landing on dry and yellow grass, causing Giles’ exhausted body to regain its vitality.

In less than two to three minutes, Giles, who was covered in sweat, ran into the spirit-beast section with the Little Fox and the Metal-feathered Eagle.

As for the spirit beast cubs that had gathered in the courtyard because they realized that the spiritual energy was gradually thinning, when they saw Giles running towards them, they all agitatedly ran into Giles’ arms.

They, who were as intelligent as children of a few years old, could only place their hopes on Giles in the face of such an unexpected situation.

Seeing that the spirit beast cubs were still conscious, Giles heaved a sigh of relief after checking on them one by one.

Although the spiritual energy concentration in the conservatory is still declining, fortunately, there are no issues with their bodies yet.

It seems that the situation is not as bad as I thought.

After appeasing the panicked spirit beast cubs, Giles kept them in the space within the tattoos and let them rest temporarily.

This was also one of the most common ways Beast Tamers used to deal with situations where spiritual energy was thin.

This was because spirit beasts and ferocious beasts were much more sensitive than humans when the spiritual energy concentration around them changed.

If the spiritual energy concentration in the environment began to drop noticeably, the spirit beasts and ferocious beasts that did not know the exact reason for it would easily panic.

For example, the ferocious beast tide that erupted every few years was because the number of ferocious beasts born and living in a region had reached the limit of the region.

This resulted in a clear decline in the concentration of spiritual energy in the area.

In order to survive, the violent and crazy ferocious beasts would take the risk and rush out of the forest like a tide, charging towards the human cities where the spiritual energy was higher.

In such situations, the more rational spirit beasts were much calmer.

When the spiritual energy supply was cut off in the evaluation section, the Metal-feathered Eagle had flapped its wings a few times not only because it was not used to the change in brightness, but also because it had sensed that the concentration of spiritual energy around it was beginning to decline.

Even so, the Metal-feathered Eagle, which was a spirit beast, did not show any signs of agitation or unease.

The only time it displayed any aggression was because of the Little Fox’s sudden appearance, but even then, it was also stopped by Giles.

However, if spirit beasts stayed in such an environment with low spiritual energy for a long time, it would have a rather obvious effect on the physiology and mentality of the spirit beasts.

Therefore, for safety reasons, Giles also kept the Little Fox in his arms and the Metal-feathered Eagle beside him into the spatial tattoos on his arm, so as to prevent any adverse effects from affecting their bodies.

After storing all the spirit beasts in the spatial tattoos, Giles, who had run out of the spirit beast section, hurriedly rushed to the main door where Starlux Gym’s reception area was located.

“Huff! Huff… Looks like there’s still time.

” Seeing that there was no one outside Starlux Gym, Giles, who was panting heavily, began to calm his breathing.

His extremely nervous heart finally relaxed.

Fortunately, this month is the period when Beast Tamers team up to hunt outside the city.

Otherwise, under normal circumstances, there should already be four or five people standing at the door by now.

If people lodge a complaint to the Beast Tamer Association about something as trivial as opening the gym late, it will cause trouble for Sister Hash again.

“I better open the door of the gym first before going to the reception area to activate the emergency power.

I’ll use the computer to see what’s going on with the spiritual energy supply station.

” Giles wiped the sweat from his face and took out the key to Starlux Gym’s door from his spatial wristband.

Now that the spiritual energy supply had been cut off, he could not unlock the door using passwords or fingerprints.

He could only use the most traditional method.

Just as Giles took out his key and was about to open the door, he suddenly noticed an envelope stuck in the mailbox beside the door.

“Spiritual Energy Supply Station? It’s already this day and age, yet they’re still sending bills using hardcopy letters.

How rare!” Seeing that the address written on the envelope was that of the ‘Spiritual Energy Supply Station’, Giles frowned and opened the envelope.

When he flipped open the folded bill and saw the number written on it, his eyes narrowed.

“What’s going on? How did the spiritual energy consumption last month and this month exceed by this much?”