I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 84

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Metal-Feathered Eagle’s Finger Exercises “Giles, did you disturb the Little Fox’s sleep again?” On the way from the wooden hut in the spirit-beast section to the Starlux Gym’s evaluation section, the Metal-feathered Eagle beside Giles asked this question curiously.

It had been standing outside the wooden hut the entire time, so it wasn’t sure what had happened between Giles and the Little Fox.

However, from the Little Fox’s sudden exclamation and Giles’ embarrassed expression when he came out, Giles had clearly angered the Little Fox.

“Little Fox is your doctor after all.

We better not disturb her rest.

” “Metal-feathered Eagle, why did you say that I woke her up “again”?” Hearing the Metal-feathered Eagle suddenly start persuading him earnestly like an adult, Giles also felt that it was a little cute for being so pure.

Over the past two weeks, Giles discovered that the Metal-feathered Eagle and the Little Fox’s spirituality were much higher than those of the spirit beast cubs.

If those spirit beast cubs were comparable to human children who were a few years old, then the Metal-feathered Eagle was almost at the level of secondary school students.

As for the Little Fox, Giles felt that she was very mature and calm at times, but at other times, she was like a child who liked to whine and throw tantrums.

“Because this situation has already happened twice this week!” .



As the Metal-feathered Eagle spoke, it turned its head to look at Giles and extended two fingers towards Giles with its hand.

“Oh, that’s not right.

Including today, it should be three times.

” After realizing its mistake, the Metal-feathered Eagle quickly corrected itself and extended another finger.

“Uh…” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM Looking at the Metal-feathered Eagle reminding him that today was already the third time, Giles scratched his head awkwardly.

Then, as if he had discovered something, Giles looked at the three fingers of the Metal-feathered Eagle in surprise.

“Hey! Metal-feathered Eagle, your fingers are already very agile!” “It’s all thanks to you, Giles, that I slowly learned how to control these hands.

” The Metal-feathered Eagle clearly didn’t realize that Giles’ feigned surprise was to change the subject.

As soon as it heard Giles begin to praise its fingers for being more agile than before, it was so happy that it stretched out both hands to Giles and nimbly did the finger exercises Giles had taught it.

Furthermore, the fingers of the Metal-feathered Eagle looked much more dangerous than those of humans.

The reason for that was that the claws on its fingers, which were equivalent to the nails of a human, were as sharp as blades.

Therefore, when it comes to finger exercises, the slightest carelessness could result in an injury.

However, when Giles was teaching the Metal-feathered Eagle how to use its fingers, he realized that the Metal Feather Eagle’s sharp claws could actually shrink back like a cat’s claws by controlling the muscles in its hands.

After discovering this, the Metal-feathered Eagle would first retract its claw into its finger to prevent it from cutting itself.

Now, the Metal-feathered Eagle could nimbly shrink and release its sharp claws while doing finger exercises.

Under the Metal-feathered Eagle’ skillful control of its finger muscles, the danger of it performing finger exercises was no less than playing with several butterfly knives at the same time.

Its shaking fingers and its constantly shrinking claws that were as sharp as blades were like a few fluttering butterflies under the weak sunlight of the morning.

“Okay, based on the current situation, after you break through to the Gold rank, I should be able to try teaching you combat skills.

” Giles nodded in appreciation when he saw that the Metal-feathered Eagle could already play tricks with the finger exercises he had taught it.

As combat skills had certain requirements for human-shaped spirit beasts, Giles had been laying the foundation for the Metal-feathered Eagle for the past two weeks.

For example, the long-distance run to train its balance and endurance, as well as the Metal-feathered Eagle’s finger exercises, were all for the sake of laying the foundation.

The most important reason was actually the Metal-feathered Eagle’s hands.

Due to the incomplete evolution, even if it could agilely perform finger exercises now, its hands were still far from strong enough to clench its fists, let alone fight with its fists.

“Giles, you previously said that after I absorb all the spiritual energy in the vine belt, I can break through to the Gold rank, right?” Hearing that Giles was finally going to teach it combat skills, the Metal-feathered Eagle stopped its finger exercises and looked at Giles excitedly.

“That’s right, so let’s hurry up and train!” As the evaluation section of Starlux Gym was near the spirit-beast section, while Giles and the Metal-feathered Eagle were chatting, they had already entered the evaluation section.

As Giles turned on the switch that supplied spiritual energy to the evaluation area, the equipment in the evaluation zone lit up one after another, waiting for someone to use them.

“Only through continuous training can we absorb spiritual energy steadily and quickly.

” “Yup, it’s good to wake up earlier than others.

You don’t even have to queue for your equipment.

” The Metal-feathered Eagle looked at the equipment in the evaluation section and sighed.

Although it was Giles’ spirit beast, even if Giles finally had the time during working hours to train it, they would still have to wait until there was a training ground available.

Therefore, the Metal-feathered Eagle was very enthusiastic about getting up early in the morning to train.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, don’t worry about that.

” After Giles turned on the main switch and came back, he stroked the Metal-feathered Eagle that was rooted to the spot.

“Only the training section of Starlux Gym is only open to other Beast Tamers.

Other than us, no one else uses the equipment in the evaluation section, let alone queue up for them.

” “Furthermore, like most Beast-taming Gyms, our Starlux Gym’s evaluation section also has another name – The Gym Leader Area.

” “This is because Gym Leader Alice usually uses this place as her main working space whether it is for the Beast Tamer’s spirit beast evaluation test or for the Beast Tamer challenge.

” “Most importantly, the venue that Gym Leader Alice used to accept the challenges from Beast Tamers is also the venue that she usually uses to train her spirit beasts.

” “Therefore, this training ground is far more complete than those on loan to other Beast Tamers.

” The Metal-feathered Eagle enjoyed Giles’ caress from Giles as it listened to Giles’ explanation.

“No wonder this training ground is so much larger than the other training grounds.

It turns out that this training ground is exclusive to Gym Leader Alice.

” “Yes, that’s why we have a chance to use it for a while now that Gym Leader Alice is not in Starlux Gym.

” At this point, Giles activated one of the evaluation equipment and called for the Metal-feathered Eagle, “Come on, Metal-feathered Eagle.

Same as usual today.

Let’s start with the Strength Evaluation.