I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 83

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Good Night… Oh, That’s Not Right, It Should be Good Morning Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations “That’s right.

It has already gone on for a week.

We can’t give up halfway, right?” Giles wasn’t surprised to hear Little Fox’s voice coming from behind him.

Instead, he continued to wipe his body with a towel.

From the first day he started raining the Metal-feathered Eagle, the Little Fox would pretty much be awake by the time he ran back to the wooden hut in the morning.

The reason why the Little Fox woke up so early with Giles and the others was also to help Giles treat the injuries on his left arm.

Every night before going to sleep, Giles would smear the paste of the Pulse Condensation Herb on the wound on his left arm, as Hash had instructed.

When the paste completely solidified on the wound, the medicine would take effect.

Therefore, the next morning was the best opportunity for the Little Fox and Giles to heal his left arm and guide his spiritual energy.

Under the Little Fox’s treatment and guidance, Giles’ body had also improved greatly after two weeks of continuous exercise.

The most obvious manifestation was that his originally thin and weak body had become muscular and powerful.

Furthermore, the wounds on his left arm had almost healed.




Hence, starting from last week, Giles had begun training his left arm.

After wiping off all the sweat on his body, Giles began to skillfully remove the gauze on his left arm.

As strips of gauze with dark blue paste fell to the ground, Giles’ injured left arm gradually revealed itself.

The scars that had just healed looked especially ferocious and terrifying against the dark blue paste.

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COM However, Giles pointed to the scar on his left arm and smiled at the Little Fox as he said, “Besides, your treatment and the effect of your rehabilitation training is not bad.

” “Awoo…” The sleepy Little Fox rubbed its eyes with its two paws and yawned.

“Isn’t it because the effect of the paste of the Pulse Condensation Grass that your Sister Hash gave you, is good?” “My treatment is only based on the foundation of the Pulse Condensation Grass to help you absorb spiritual energy faster.

” “You can’t say that…” When he heard that the Little Fox had given all the credit for healing his left arm to Hash, Giles emphasized the importance of the Little Fox’s treatment to him, “If you hadn’t given my left arm an emergency protective treatment when I was unconscious and helped me guide the spiritual energy in my body after I woke up, I might not have been able to live to see Sister Hash, let alone obtain the Pulse Condensation Grass to treat my left arm.

” “I… I only helped to heal you because we’re contracted!” 1 When the Little Fox, who was lying on the bed, heard Giles’ words, it suddenly sat up and mentioned her contract with Giles.

Seeming to have realized that its actions were a little too dramatic, the Little Fox paused for a second before calmly analyzing the relationship between Beast Tamers and spirit beasts to Giles, “If your body is destroyed by that violent spiritual energy, I will also be severely injured because of the contract.

” However, judging from the way she kept wagging her furry little tail, she was not as calm as she looked.

Moreover, when she was saying these words, she had turned her head to the side and looked out the window, not daring to meet Giles’ eyes at all.

When Giles, who was standing at the side, saw the Little Fox behaving like this, he suppressed his smile and washed the towel in his hand before hanging it up.

Seeing that Giles suddenly stopped talking, the Little Fox tried to turn its head and glanced in Giles’ direction.

Looking at Giles who was hanging up the towel, the Little Fox couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and angry when she realized that her thoughts had been seen through.

“Alright! Since you still insist on continuing with the rehabilitation exercises for your left arm, I won’t advise you against it anymore.

” “Come here quickly and finish the treatment for guiding the spiritual energy on your left arm.

I still need to sleep!” When he heard the Little Fox starting to change the topic, Giles decided not to expose her.

He walked to the bed and went along with the Little Fox’s topic.

“Oh? Aren’t you coming to supervise our training today?” When Giles mentioned the rehabilitation of his left arm to the Little Fox last week, the Little Fox was completely against it.

However, at that time, Giles had also insisted that rehabilitation training could help him to absorb the spiritual energy in his left arm.

Seeing that Giles was so determined, the Little Fox had no choice but to agree.

However, every morning, after she finished the treatment to guide the spiritual energy in Giles’ left arm, she would follow Giles to the evaluation section of Starlux Gym.

While Giles did his rehabilitation exercises for his left arm, she, who was standing at the side, was also prepared to deal with him losing control of his spiritual energy at any time.

“I’m not going!” Although the Little Fox said that she wouldn’t supervise Giles in his rehabilitation training, when she saw Giles reaching out his left arm to her, she still slowly opened her narrowed eyes as usual.

As the peach blossom in the Little Fox’s eyes glowed faintly, a ball of pale pink spiritual energy enveloped Giles’ left arm.

Giles could feel that under the guidance of the Little Fox’s spiritual energy, he could use the paste from the Pulse Condensation Herb as a carrier and begin to steadily absorb the spiritual energy in his left arm.

A few seconds later, the pale pink spiritual energy gradually fused into Giles’ left arm, which also meant that the treatment to guide the spiritual energy was over.

However, the Little Fox suddenly began to blame Giles, “I’ve been doing rehabilitation training for your left arm for a week.

In the past week, I’ve been supervising your training every day, but when has the spiritual energy in your left arm ever gone out of control?” “In any case, I don’t care.

Even if you tell me to go today, I won’t go.

I want to make up for my past week’s sleep!” As if to prove its determination to go back to sleep, the Little Fox even stretched out its little paws and wrapped Giles’ blanket around itself, leaving only its furry little tail wagging outside the blanket.

The Little Fox’s suggestion reminded Giles of a similar situation.

In order to prevent a fire at home, someone had specially bought a fire extinguisher and placed it at home.

In the end, that person realized that even after all the fire extinguishers he had bought had expired, there was still no fire at his house.

“Oh? You’re really not going today?” Looking at the furry little tail swaying in front of his eyes, Giles subconsciously grabbed it and pinched it when he asked the Little Fox.

“Ah!” Accompanied by a cry of surprise, the Little Fox abruptly hid its little tail under the blanket.

“Ah?” Looking at the blanket that kept flapping around on his bed, Giles was momentarily at a loss.

“I’m not going! I’m not going no matter what!” After the blanket flapped for a few seconds, the Little Fox popped its head out from under the blanket and shook its head vigorously.

“Alright then, hope you have a good sleep.

” Seeing the Little Fox’s reaction, Giles knew that he couldn’t touch her tail anymore.

He waved at the Little Fox and hurriedly walked out of the door.

Before closing the door, Giles, who was standing at the door, even turned around to bid farewell to the little fox, “Goodnight… Oh, that’s not right, good morning.

” Creak… As the door of the wooden hut closed, the entire wooden hut fell into a short silence.

Until the Little Fox pulled the blanket away.

She rubbed her face in frustration.

“Ahhh! Why am I still worried about that guy?!”