I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 78

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Why Was Starlux Gym the Only One That Didn’t Receive the Notice in Advance? After Hash explained the effect of the Pulse Condensation Herb, she relaxed her entire body and fell back, lying comfortably on the lawn on the back of the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle.

The Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle could also sense that Hash was lying down.

Its tree-like tail curled forward, blocking out the sun for Hash who was lying on its back.

“Mr Rex, I’ve already made a trip to the last gym in the base City today.

” “I should be almost done with work.

Can I take a nap?” Although Rex addressed Hash respectfully in name, Hash’s rank and status were not much higher than Rex’s.

Furthermore, Rex was also an Epic-rank Beast Tamer, so Hash was very respectful to Rex, who was her elder.

Even the way she spoke to Rex was like how her granddaughter was whining to her grandfather.

She did not have the air of an Elite Beast Tamer at all.

“No problem, Your Excellency.

Let’s go back to the Beast Tamer Association’s Branch to have lunch now.

You can sleep for a while on the way.

” Seeing that Hash was very clear about differentiating business and personal matters, Rex wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

Previously, when Hash solemnly said that Starlux Gym was to be closed, he was extremely nervous.

Furthermore, when Giles stared at Hash and asked her why she was using the ‘Absorption Vines’, he grew even more afraid that Hash would flare up on the spot.




Fortunately, Giles, as a qualified Beast Tamer, won Hash’s admiration.

He did not bring Hash to Starlux Gym in vain today.

Not only did Hash help Giles’ Metal-feathered Eagle resolve the problem of its incomplete evolution, but she also gave Giles a stalk of Pulse Condensation Herb that could treat the injury on his left arm.

However, Giles’ identity as the ‘Acting Gym Leader’ had not been confirmed yet.

Instead, it had caused Starlux Gym to close indefinitely, causing Rex to feel guilty towards Giles.

“Giles, you can go back to the gym first.

In the next few days, we’ll temporarily open the training area of the gym like Her Excellency Hash said.

” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM Rex looked a little embarrassed when he said this to Giles and he sounded very apologetic.

Although this was decided by Hash, he was the one who had brought Hash to Starlux Gym.

Moreover, he hadn’t expected so many accidents to have happened to Giles during this period.

Giles could tell that Rex felt apologetic towards him, and he also knew that Rex had done what he did today out of goodwill.

However, he actually didn’t care about the identity of the ‘Acting Gym Leader’.

He was more concerned about other problems.

“Your Excellency, before you leave, I would like to ask, why didn’t Starlux Gym receive the notice that it would be closed in advance?” “Since the other gym leaders rushed to the Beast Tamer Association’s district branches this morning, it means that Starlux Gym was the only exception.

” “Logically speaking, when the staff of the Beast Tamer Association gave the notice in advance, they definitely wouldn’t make such a low-level mistake.

” “After thinking about it, I can only think of one reason.

That is, the Beast Tamer Association doesn’t want me to know why they closed the gym.

” Giles chose this moment to raise the question that had been buried in his heart for a long time because he realized that Hash seemed to have a pretty good impression of him.

Although Giles had already made a rough guess about the reason why the Beast Tamer Association had all the Beast-taming Gyms close one by one, he still needed Hash to give him a general direction.

This was because in Giles’ opinion, the Beast Tamer Association’s sudden announcement that all Beast-taming Gyms would be closed one after another was most likely related to the future development of the Beast-taming Gyms.

He could not let Starlux Gym fall behind other Beast-taming Gyms in this regard.

For Giles, Starlux Gym was a home he had grown up in.

Now that Gym Leader Alice was not in Starlux Gym, even if Giles was not the “Acting Gym Leader”, he had to be responsible for the future of Starlux Gym.

Rex was standing beside Giles, ready to head back to the Beast Tamer Association’s Branch with Hash.

After hearing Giles’ question, he stopped in his tracks and frowned.

Although he was also very curious as to why the Beast Tamer Association had made all the Beast-taming Gyms close their doors, he was, after all, a Commander of the City Guards who belonged to the Beast Tamer Alliance.

He did not have the right to ask about any arrangements made by the Beast Tamer Association.


Your Excellency, I’ll head over to the Beast Tamer Association’s Branch first and get them to prepare lunch in advance.

” As Giles’ question concerned the internal arrangements of the Beast Tamer Association, Rex also realized that it was not suitable for him to stay here.

He coughed and raised his head to look at Hash who had just sat up on the back of the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle.

He proposed for him to head back to the Beast Tamer Association’s District Branch first.

“Mr Rex, it’s alright.

You don’t have to leave in a hurry.

” Giles’ heart sank when he heard Hash stop Rex, who was about to avoid the topic.

He had chosen this moment to raise the question because Rex was the Commander of the City Guards of the Beast Tamer Alliance.

Whether Hash let Rex avoid the question after hearing it was the standard for Giles to gauge if he could hear the answer from Hash.

If Hash allowed Rex to leave first, it would mean that she planned to tell him the insider information of the Beast Tamer Association, but if it was the current situation… With this in mind, Giles looked up at Hash, who was shaking her legs on the back of the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle.

After Hash stopped Rex, who was about to leave, she turned around and began to blame Giles.

“Giles, can’t you let me have a good nap?” Hash said while scratching her head resignedly.

“Giles, seriously, you surprised me a lot today.

” “However, regarding the reason as to why the Beast Tamer Association is closing all the Beast-taming Gyms one by one, the information I have is actually only slightly more than yours.

” “For example, I know why the Beast Tamer Association didn’t inform your Starlux Gym.

” Even an Elite Beast Tamer doesn’t know much about this matter? Giles couldn’t help but frown at Hash’s answer.

From the tone of Hash’s reply, Hash didn’t seem to be lying to him.

Giles then continued the topic that Hash threw out.

“I just checked the official account of our Starlux Gym, and indeed, I didn’t receive any notice about the gym closure.

Why is that?” “The reason is very simple…” Hash yawned as she spoke.

“That is, when the Beast Tamer Association notified the Beast-taming Gyms in advance, they did not send it to the official account of the Beast-taming Gyms, but to the personal account of the Gym Leaders of the Beast-taming Gyms.

” “Therefore, just like you said earlier, the Beast Tamer Association indeed doesn’t want you to know the reason for closing the gym.

” “And it’s not just you.

Other than the Gym Leaders, no one knows why the other Beast-taming Gyms are temporarily closed.

” “As for the specific reason, everyone will only know when the other Beast-taming Gyms are opened.