I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 75

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 75

Chapter 75: The Elite Beast Tamer’s High-Level Use of the Absorbing Vines For Hash to suddenly make such a vivid metaphor was indeed beyond Giles’ expectations.

However, on second thought, he realized that although he and Rex called Hash “Your Excellency”, Haxi was only three years older than him.

Judging from Hash’s behaviour previously, she was not a talented Beast Tamer who behaved arrogant and looked down on others.

Besides, Hash was right.

If the Metal-feathered Eagle watched as the vines slowly pierced into its body, it would clearly suffer more.

Giles squatted beside the Metal-feathered Eagle and stroked it gently as it lay trembling on the ground.

“Metal-feathered Eagle, how are you feeling?” Through spiritual communication, Giles asked the Metal-feathered Eagle about the feeling in its body.

“Giles, the swelling pain from the remnant spiritual energy from the beast cores has been greatly reduced.

” Sensing the message from the Metal-feathered Eagle, Giles realized that the absorption vine hadn’t pierced the Metal-feathered Eagle’s abdomen.

Although the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle released and absorbed the vines very quickly, the vines seemed to be attached to the Metal-feathered Eagle’s abdomen before slowly extending to wrap around its waist.

Looks like the vines are absorbing the remnant beast-core spiritual energy in the Metal-feathered Eagle.




Seeing the absorbing vines grow thicker and thicker, Giles made his own speculation, but at the same time, a question arose in his heart.

Is Her Excellency Hash planning to absorb all the remaining beast core spiritual energy in the Metal-feathered Eagle using the vines?” In that case, how will she release the spiritual energy absorbed by the vines? With that question in mind, Giles prepared to observe the situation first and see what Hash had in mind.

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COM As the Metal-feathered Eagle stopped trembling, the vine had also formed a belt around its waist.

“Giles, will this belt made of vines continue to absorb the spiritual energy in my body like it did just now?” Although the swelling pain from the beast core’s spiritual energy was gone, the Metal-feathered Eagle still felt a lingering fear when it recalled the feeling of its spiritual energy being forcefully absorbed from its abdomen by the vines.

After Giles communicated with the Metal-feathered Eagle telepathically and confirmed that there was nothing unusual with its body, he voiced his doubts to Hash, “Your Excellency Hash, as far as I know, the ‘Absorption Vines’ is a control-type skill that limits the target’s movement by continuously absorbing the spiritual energy in the target’s body.

” “However, the spiritual energy absorbed by the vines will turn into nutrients for the vines.

If we allow the vines to absorb spiritual energy incessantly and grow, the vines will eventually entangle around its target.

” At that, Giles paused.

Then, pointing to the vine belt around the Metal-feathered Eagle’s waist, he looked gravely at Hash and said, “So, does the ‘Absorption Vines’ that you got the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle to use on the Metal-feathered Eagle still have some special effects?” “Don’t worry about that, Giles.

” Rex, who was standing at the side, thought to himself, Not good.

Initially, after seeing Giles thank Hash for what had happened this morning, he thought that Giles’ way of handling the situation was pretty good.

Although this didn’t change the fact that Hash had made the judgment to have Starlux Gym close for the time being, it could at least improve Hash’s impression of Giles.

And the fact of the matter was that Hash actually had a pretty good impression of Giles.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle to help.

However, Giles’ questioning gaze might offend Hash and Rex knew how strong Hash was.

It was said that two days ago, the Gym Leader of the Ireland Gym had wanted to challenge Hash because he was unhappy with Hash’s attitude of lying on the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle when she was meeting him.

In the end, his three strongest spirit beasts took turns fighting, but they didn’t even make the Tree-tailed Crocodile Turtle, who was standing at the same spot, take a step back.

Instead, the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle took on all three by itself and defeated them one by one.

On the same day, the Gym Leader of Ireland Gym was warned and punished by the Beast Tamer Association.

Although Hash gave Rex the impression that she was lazy, it had only been a week since Rex met Hash.

Therefore, he was unable to determine what kind of temper Hash had.

He could only hurriedly step forward to smooth things over after Giles asked the question.

He started to change the topic, “Her Excellency Hash’s Tree-tailed Alligator Turtle is a spirit beast that is about to enter the Legend rank.

Furthermore, Her Excellency Hash is also an Elite Beast Tamer.

She must have her reasons for the way she’s dealing with the Metal-feathered Eagle’s problem.

Giles, you don’t have to ask too much .

” Seeming to be afraid that Giles had yet to realize Hash’s strength as an Elite Beast Tamer, Rex even introduced the characteristics of spirit beasts like the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle to Giles, “Giles, you should know that the flaw of spirit beasts with long average lifespans is their slow growth.

” “The average lifespan of the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle has always been in the top three among the known spirit beasts.

” “When a wild Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle is 20 years old, it’s usually only at the Silver rank.

Very few can break through to the Gold rank.

” “Her Excellency Hash had contracted the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle since she was young and was able to raise the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle to the Epic rank within 20 years.

That’s simply unprecedented.

” Before Rex could finish, Hash put one hand on his forehead and waved at Rex with the other, gesturing for him to stop.

“Enough, enough, Mr Rex.

I know you’re stating the facts, but I’m sick of hearing them.

Besides…” Hash paused for a moment before putting down his hand that was covering his forehead and looking at Giles with interest.

“Based on Giles’ understanding of the abilities of plant-attribute spirit beasts, he clearly has some understanding of the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle.

” In the face of the question Giles had raised to him, not only was Hash not the least bit angry, but she actually admired Giles.

When Giles found out that she was going to help, he had trusted her completely and made the Metal-feathered Eagle stay where it was.

However, Giles wasn’t the kind of weakling who blindly worshipped and trusted the strong.

He knew the effect of the skill ‘Absorption Vines’, which was why he was assured to let her Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle unleash its ‘Absorption Vines’ on the Metal-feathered Eagle.

However, the reason he asked this question now was clearly because he was weak and had yet to come into contact with the high-level usage method of the ‘Absorption Vines’ At the thought of this, to reassure Giles, Hash explained to Giles why she was doing this, “Giles, as you described just now, the ‘Absorption Vines’ is a control skill that continuously absorbs the target’s spiritual energy and binds the target to limit their movement.

” “However, I got the Tree-tailed Alligator Snapping Turtle to only release one Absorption Vine in order to deliberately control the binding effects of the ‘Absorption Vines’ so that the vine would mainly exert the absorption effect.

” “Right now, the belt around the Metal-feathered Eagle’s abdomen that is formed from the ‘Absorption Vine’ is actually a protective measure to help the Metal-feathered Eagle absorb the remaining spiritual energy in the beast cores.

” “After that, you can get the Metal-feathered Eagle to absorb the spiritual energy stored in the vines first.

With the ‘Absorption Vine’ as a transit point for the beast core’s spiritual energy, it shouldn’t experience any uncontrollable rampage when it absorbs the remaining spiritual energy in the beast cores.

” “However, even if the Metal-feathered Eagle loses control again when it absorbs the spiritual energy in the beast cores, the ‘Absorption Vine’ will also forcefully absorb the spiritual energy of the uncontrollable rampage as nutrients for its growth, just like what happened just now.

“Therefore, with this ‘Absorption Vine’ as the carrier for the beast cores’ spiritual energy, the safety of the Metal-feathered Eagle can be guaranteed.