I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 70

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Starlux Gym Will Close From Today Onwards Could it be that because I’ve been away for some time, so no one has come to the gym to challenge me recently? Upon thinking of this, Giles subconsciously shook his head and immediately dismissed the thought that had just popped into his mind.

It shouldn’t be because of this reason.

After all, when I was out recently, the gym was handed over to Mr.

Gars from the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce to manage.

” I only asked Mr Gars to manage the employees who are responsible for opening and cleaning the training areas of the gym every day because the number of Beast Tamers who come to the gym every day to borrow the training ground is many times more than the number of Beast Tamers who come to challenge the gym daily.

Even if no one came to challenge the gym today, there should still be Beast Tamers who come to borrow the training ground.

As far as Giles knew, for Beast Tamers, apart from “finding the Gym Leader to carry out the evaluation for spirit beasts” and “obtaining the badge that allowed them to participate in the tournament by challenging the Gym Leader,” the most important use of the Beast-taming Gym was to provide training grounds for Beast Tamers and spirit beasts.

This was because hundreds of years after the resurgence of spiritual energy, in order to withstand the impact of the beast tide that could break out at any moment, humans had built layer after layer of high walls outside the base city.

However, not all Beast Tamers had the ability to bring their spirit beasts out of the base city to train in the wilderness.

Almost 90% of Beast Tamers usually trained their spirit beasts in the base city.

Since they were going to train their spirit beasts in the base city, the division of training grounds became a problem.

There was limited space in the base city, and Beast Tamers’ training of their spirit beasts would greatly affect the surrounding environment.

Therefore, the trainee Beast Tamers who were still learning in the school basically used the training ground in the school.




However, in society, there were countless cases of public training grounds being insufficient or occupied.

There were even groups that had formed cliques to occupy training grounds.

After the Beast Tamer Association intervened, the Beast Tamers who had originally fought over the public training grounds were eventually punished.

After that, the Beast Tamer Association also guaranteed that in every municipal district in the base city, there would be at least a larger public training ground that would be provided to Beast Tamers who lived in that area.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM This “public training ground” was the predecessor of the gyms in all the base cities.

The original gym leaders were actually the administrator sent by the Beast Tamer Association to each public training ground to maintain order.

Therefore, the title of “Gym Leader” was equivalent to the glory of being the strongest in the municipalities.

They were used to intimidate and deal with groups that wanted to occupy the public training ground using violence.

“Could it be that those Beast Tamers have waited until almost noontime, so they went to have lunch first?” Giles stepped out of the door and looked up at the blinding sun as he speculated.

“At least, that should be the case for now.

But as long as someone comes, it’ll be fine.

At the very least, it won’t be a case of zero income for today.

” Whether it was to borrow the training ground in the gym, letting the Gym Leader evaluate the ranks of the spirit beasts, or to obtain the badge by challenging the Gym Leader, all these events needed to be paid for.

After all, the manpower and resources needed to manage such a large gym were not small expenses.

‘Borrowing the training ground in the gym’ was the main source of income for the gym.

This was because although there might not be someone challenging the Gym Leader or asking the Gym Leader to evaluate the rank of their spirit beasts on a daily basis, there would definitely be many people coming to the gym to borrow the training ground every day.

“If that’s the case, we can just wait for them to come knocking as usual.

” Although the reason for this speculation was a little far-fetched, it allowed Giles put his doubts aside for the time being.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he turned around and headed back to the reception area.

He then switched on the computer at the front desk.

“Let’s see if anyone made an appointment to come to Starlux Gym for the evaluation or to challenge the Gym Leader, during the period I was gone.

” Normally speaking, after finding the Gym Leader to complete the evaluation for a spirit beast, it would usually be accompanied by a challenge against the Gym Leader in order to obtain the badge.

This was because after the ranking evaluation was completed, the challenger and the Gym Leader would know the rank of the spirit beast.

The Gym Leader would also take out spirit beasts of similar ranks to accept the challenge.

However, there was a limited number of spirit beasts registered by the Gym Leader on the official website of the Beast Tamer Association for the challenge against Beast Tamers.

Therefore, in order to challenge the Gym Leader, Beast Tamers from the same district and city would come to the Gym to register their appointments a day earlier.

The Beast Tamers from other base cities would make appointments online and wait until their appointments were successful before coming to challenge the Gym Leader.

After logging into Starlux Gym’s account on the official website of the Beast Tamer Association, Giles directly clicked on the profile picture of the account.

It was a star that shone in the dark night sky, and also the badge that represented Starlux Gym.

After the stars on the profile picture flickered, Giles entered the main page of Starlux Gym’s webpage which was registered with the Beast Tamer Association.

However, to his surprise, when he scrolled down to the Beast Tamer appointment interface, he was surprised to discover that the number of people who had made an appointment for the “Rank Evaluation” was 0, and the number of people who had made an appointment to “Challenge the Gym Leader” was also 0.

“How strange! Why didn’t anyone make an appointment for next month?” Looking at the two “0s” displayed on the interface of the Starlux Gym’s website, Giles frowned slightly.

His expression gradually became serious.

He had originally wanted to confirm how many people had made bookings before going online to search for relevant information to solve the problem of the Little Golden Eagle’s incomplete evolution.

Moreover, he also wanted to know if he could strengthen his physique like other Beast Tamers by absorbing that enormous amount of spiritual energy.

As for the matter of Beast Tamers making appointments for “Rank Evaluation” and “Challenge the Gym Leader”, he could either design a short-term training plan for the Little Golden Eagle and Little Fox, or he could directly cancel the appointments on the Internet.

After all, he was only the “acting gym leader” in name.

In reality, he was just an ordinary Beast Tamer in the gym.

As long as he told the Beast Tamer Association’s municipal department about the actual situation and let the relevant staff and the headquarters of the Beast Tamer Association confirm that ‘Starlux Gym Leader Alice is temporarily not in the gym because of a certain mission’, Giles would no longer have to worry about the ‘rank evaluation’ and ‘challenge the Gym Leader’.

Although Giles only wanted to search for information as soon as possible to solve the Little Golden Eagle’s problem and the problem with his body… He had also thought that the fewer Beast Tamers who made appointments for the ‘Rank Evaluation’ and ‘Challenge the Gym Leader’, the better.

If that really couldn’ work, he could just cancel all of them.

However, the special occurrences that had happened one after another made him feel somewhat uneasy.

It was almost noon today.

Not only were there no Beast Tamers who came to the gym to borrow the training ground, but the number of Beast Tamers who scheduled evaluations and challenges online for the next month were also ‘0’.

“Has something major happened recently?” With this question in mind, Giles exited from the main page of Starlux Gym.

Just as he switched to the official website of the Beast Tamer Association to search for real-time news, a striking notice posted on the official website made his eyes widen.

“Announcement: The Beast-taming Gyms in each base city will be closed one after another from today onwards.

Please wait for the Beast Tamer Association to make announcements about the specific opening time.

The name list of the first batch of Beast-taming Gyms to be closed is as follows: Ireland Gym, Victor Gym, Starlux Gym.