I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 65

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Don’t Call Me Master “You failed in your evolution?” Giles repeated the words of the Little Golden Eagle.

Then, he used his right hand to prop himself up and walked towards the Little Golden Eagle.

When he reached the Little Golden Eagle, Giles stretched out his right hand.

The Little Golden Eagle watched as Giles walked over to it with a serious expression.

He thought that Giles had been angered because it had swallowed the beast core without permission, thereby losing control of its spiritual energy to lose control and ultimately failing in its evolution.

Master, are you going to punish me? As it faced Giles, who was standing in front of it, the Little Golden Eagle closed its eyes in fear.

One has to be punished for making a mistake.

This was the conclusion that the spirit beast cubs had reached after Gym Leader Alice taught them a lesson when they had been mischievous previously.

Therefore, even though it had the strength of a spirit beast that was close to the Gold rank, the Little Golden Eagle did not intend to fight back after realizing its mistake.

However, to its surprise, it was not Giles’ punishment that landed on its body.




The Little Golden Eagle, who had its eyes closed, felt a hand gently stroking its head.

The Little Golden Eagle tried to open its eyes slightly, but realized that Giles had squatted down at some point and was observing it attentively.

“Oh? Are you uncomfortable with my touch?” Seeing the Little Golden Eagle suddenly open its eyes, Giles, who had snapped out of it, retracted his right hand and looked at the Little Golden Eagle in confusion.

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COM “No, no! It’s very comfortable!” The Little Golden Eagle hurriedly shook its head when it heard this.

Moreover, as if trying to prove that it was comfortable being touched, the Little Golden Eagle even lowered its head and rubbed it against Giles’ right hand, suggesting for him to continue petting its head.

“That’s good then.

I remember that you like having your feathers stroked.

” Giles stroked the Little Golden Eagle’s head as he continued to observe its feathers.

“From the luster and sensation of your feathers, I can tell that although your evolution has failed, your body is still very healthy.

” After confirming that the Little Golden Eagle was fine, Giles heaved a sigh of relief.

The intelligence of the Little Golden Eagle and the other spirit beast cubs was actually similar to that of human children.

Therefore, in Giles’ view, it was understandable for them to make some mistakes from time to time.

However, if he did not discipline them properly, as a Beast Tamer, he would regret it if such a thing happened again.

“I’m glad you’re okay.

Everything that happened today was because of me.

” Giles gently patted the Little Golden Eagle on the head, letting it know not to be afraid because of this.

“Don’t worry, leave the rest to me.

There will definitely be a solution.

” When the Little Golden Eagle heard Giles say this, it was so touched that it rubbed its head against Giles’ right hand.

“Thank you, Master.

” However, when Giles heard the Little Golden Eagle call out to him, his expression turned serious.

Giles said solemnly to the Little Golden Eagle and the spirit beast cubs, “Everyone, you don’t have to call me Master in the future.

We aren’t master and servant.

In my opinion, we are friends who help each other.

” Giles’ words caused an uproar among the group of spirit beast cubs.

This was because to their knowledge, the growth of a spirit beast was largely determined by its Beast Tamer.

Just the fact that Beast Tamers could provide a comfortable and safe environment for spirit beasts to grow was enough for spirit beasts to regard Beast Tamers as their Masters.

Although most Beast Tamers did not treat their spirit beasts as their slaves, it was very rare for them to speak of such a serious matter like Giles.

On the other hand, the Little Fox had a carefree attitude towards Giles’ words and it wasn’t as flustered as the other spirit beast cubs.

After personally witnessing Giles risk his life to rescue the Little Golden Eagle from the ‘spiritual energy storm’, the Little Fox realized that Giles was different from ordinary Beast Tamers.

Hence, it was within the Little Fox’s expectations that he would say something like this.

However, she was still a little angry at Giles for getting up to move around.

“Regardless of whether it’s Master or friend, if you cause your wound to bleed again next time, I won’t help you heal it.

” With the Little Fox’s reminder, the Little Golden Eagle and the spirit beast cubs snapped out of their daze.

Only then did they realize that after Giles got up and moved around, there was a trace of blood on the bandage on his left arm.

Although the Little Fox’s words were filled with accusation, she still waved her soft tail and signaled for Giles to sit down.

Then, she opened her slightly narrowed eyes while facing Giles’ left arm, and the peach blossom in her eyes glowed.

However, this time, the pale pink spiritual energy on Giles’ left arm was much weaker.

Sitting cross-legged, Giles closed his eyes and quietly felt the numbness coming from the wound on his left arm.

Through his spiritual power, he discovered that the restless spiritual energy that had surged into his body, under the guidance of the little fox’s pale pink spirit energy, no longer damaged his blood vessels, bones, and muscles.

Furthermore, his spiritual power seemed to have established a special connection with that spiritual energy.

That spiritual energy actually began to heal his wounds together with the Little Fox’s spiritual energy.

However, Giles vaguely realized that this spiritual energy was very different from the Little Fox’s spiritual energy.

Instead of healing his wounds, it was actually strengthening his body.

“Could this be the method Beast Tamers, after increasing their spiritual power, use to absorb spiritual energy to strengthen their bodies ?” After realising that there was some kind of special change within his body, Giles suddenly thought of how Beast Tamers could absorb spiritual energy to strengthen their physique at the Bronze-rank and Gold-rank stages.

Giles slowly opened his eyes and was about to prop his body up with his right hand to open the computer in the gym to look up the relevant information on ‘failure of a spirit beast’s evolution’ and the ‘strengthening of Beast Tamers’ body’.

However, he didn’t expect the Little Fox to jump into his lap when it saw that he was about to get up.

Giles’s legs felt heavy.

Then, he looked down and saw that the Little Fox was healing him.

He thanked her subconsciously.

“Thank you…” “Shh!” Before Giles could finish, the Little Fox, who was lying on Giles’ lap, raised one of its front paws to cover Giles’ mouth, signalling for him to remain silent.

“I’m exhausted today.

Don’t disturb my rest.

” After saying that, the Little Fox shifted into a more comfortable position on Giles’ lap and narrowed its eyes.

Seeing this, Giles understood what the Little Fox meant.

The reason why the wound on his left arm could stop bleeding and heal so quickly was thanks to the Little Fox’s help.

Furthermore, she did not want him to get up and move around like before right after his wound had just healed.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome if the wound split open again.

Hah… In that case, I’ll sit here for a while… Giles sighed in his heart.

Reaching out his right hand to touch the Little Fox on his lap, he closed his eyes and hummed a lullaby.

When she felt Giles’ touch, the Little Fox that was still sleeping trembled slightly.

However, after hearing Giles hum the lullaby, her body quickly relaxed.

A gentle breeze slowly blew across the courtyard.

As the spirit beast cubs listened to Giles hum a tune they had never heard before, they felt an unprecedented fatigue.

After experiencing several intense and exciting situations that day, they quickly fell asleep after relaxing.

“Hmm? Aren’t you going to rest for a while?” After Giles finished humming the lullaby, he slowly opened his eyes and realized that the Little Golden Eagle standing by the side didn’t seem to want to rest.

“Mast… Giles, I seem to have a lot of spiritual energy from the four beast cores left in my body.

” Hearing the Little Golden Eagle stammer about the situation inside its body, Giles’ expression turned serious.

“Tell me in more detail.