I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 62

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Overconsumption! Turbulent Spiritual Energy! Failed to Evolve? As the Little Golden Eagle began to evolve, the surrounding spiritual energy amassed and surged towards it.

Giles was neither surprised nor shocked by the dramatic scene in front of him.

This was because he had already experienced a few similar situations whenever he finished telling a story.

In his memories, some spirit beast cubs would more or less undergo some changes after hearing the story.

They would either begin to absorb the surrounding spiritual energy and evolve, or assimilate some special skill in the story.

Evidently, the Little Golden Eagle was the former situation.

However, after more than ten seconds of the Little Golden Eagle being enveloped in the spiritual energy, Giles could not help but frown.

This was because the commotion caused by the Little Golden Eagle’s evolution was much greater than he had expected.

Perhaps it was because it had swallowed the beast cores, but as the Little Gold Eagle absorbed the spiritual energy, the green and moist grass under its feet was also turning yellow and dry at a visible speed.

Furthermore, the spirit beast cubs nearby who were listening to the story also fainted one after another because of this.

This forceful plundering of the surrounding spiritual energy, coupled with the Little Golden Eagle swallowing the beast cores, made Giles think of the story he had just told.




The Little Golden Eagle must have learned the ‘Devour’ skill like that of the Garuda in the story.

If that’s the case, then it’s clearly out of control right now! After realizing this, Giles had a bad feeling.

At that moment, the Little Golden Eagle, which was enveloped in spiritual energy, began to cry out miserably.

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COM Upon hearing this, Giles hurriedly raised his left hand towards the spiritual energy where the Little Golden Eagle could no longer be seen.

As the eagle claw tattoo on the back of his hand that represented a contract with the Little Golden Eagle lit up, he began to help the Little Golden Eagle, whose body was almost bursting, to absorb the spiritual energy through the connection established between them.

At that moment, the immense spiritual energy seemed to have found an outlet.

Like a stormy sea, it surged towards the back of Giles’ hand from the Golden Eagle’s body.

The moment the spiritual energy entered the spirit beast tattoo, a violent pain shot through the back of Giles’ hand.

Even with his powerful spiritual power, which allowed him to contract more than ten spirit beasts, he still nearly fainted from the intense pain.

As spiritual energy continued to surge into his body, drops of sweat the size of soybeans gathered on Giles’ forehead and rolled down.

His entire left arm had swelled up because he had forcefully absorbed a large amount of spiritual energy, making it look rather hideous and terrifying.

The veins on his arms popped as Giles’ heavy breathing continued.

Furthermore, the skin on his left arm gradually cracked, and the blood flowing out of the wound quickly stained his arm red.

Fortunately, the Little Golden Eagle’s continuous cries of agony also began to lessen after Giles lent it a hand.

“Little Golden Eagle! Stop absorbing the spiritual energy! If this goes on, both our bodies will collapse!” When the Little Golden Eagle stopped shrieking, Giles suppressed the pain in his arm and commanded the Little Golden Eagle.

Following Giles’ command, the eagle claw tattoo on the back of his left hand lit up again.

This was the support-type control method Beast Tamers could use on their spirit beasts after their spirit beasts agreed to establish a connection.

After a spirit beast lost control of its emotions, Beast Tamers usually used this method to help the spirit beast stabilize its emotions.

This was because Giles was not sure if the unconscious Little Golden Eagle could hear his command especially after it had experienced the pain from before.

Therefore, he could only try this method to help the Little Golden Eagle stop absorbing the spiritual energy.

Under the continuous impact of the spiritual energy in its body, the Little Golden Eagle was already dizzy from the pain.

However, in its trance, it vaguely sensed that the spiritual energy was no longer entering its body.

Instead, it flowed in Giles’ direction through the connection it had made with Giles.

After the pain continued to lessen, it gradually regained consciousness and clearly heard Giles’ command.

Furthermore, it could also sense Giles’ powerful spiritual power through the connection.

With Giles’ help, the focused Gold Eagle finally stopped absorbing the spiritual energy.

As the spiritual energy enveloping the Little Golden Eagle gradually dissipated, the Little Golden Eagle’s evolved body was revealed.

Compared to before its evolution, its body was several times larger and it was a meter tall when it stood up.

If one did not look carefully, it looked like a child standing on its two feet.

However, the most eye-catching thing was the two additional eagle claws that had grown out from the sides of its chest.

The sharp claws were shimmering with an icy-cold glow.

Its originally glossy metal feathers seemed to have been polished as they had become even smoother and more dazzling.

Even the withered grass on the ground beside it was reflected in them.

The spirit beast cubs that were originally sitting in a row finally snapped out of the terrifying “spiritual energy storm”.

With the brutal and unyielding way that the Little Golden Eagle had crazily plundered and absorbed spiritual energy just now, it had caused them, who were sitting nearby, to fall into a temporary coma.

After they regained consciousness, the group of spirit beast cubs couldn’t help but retreat a distance when they saw the Little Golden Eagle, their eyes filled with fear and panic.

This was because in their opinion, the Little Golden Eagle’s current image was almost identical to that of Garuda in the story.

The way the Golden Eagle swallowed the beast cores and absorbed the spiritual energy was completely in line with the Garuda, who could devour everything, in the story.

However, what surprised the spirit beast cubs was that after the Little Golden Eagle caused such a huge commotion, the aura it emitted after its evolution was inferior to the Gold-rank spirit beasts from before.

This was because previously, apart from the Little Beetle who had learned a skill after listening to the story, the other spirit beasts had all broken through to the Gold rank after evolving.

Only the Little Golden Eagle knew the reason.

After the spiritual energy wrapped around its body dissipated, it did not pay attention to the group of panicked spirit beast cubs nearby.

Instead, it looked down at its additional claws.

It wanted to clench its claws into fists, but its claws only shook weakly.

Seeing that its claws were so weak, the Little Golden Eagle could only accept reality.

Its evolution had failed… However, the Little Golden Eagle now realized how dangerous its action of swallowing the beast cores was.

If it hadn’t forcefully stopped its evolution with Giles’ help when it had lost control, the violent spiritual energy in its body would have exploded in its body like a detonated bomb, even before it could successfully evolve.

Moreover, it would also have endangered its Beast Tamer Giles and its other spirit beast companions.

Feeling the remaining spiritual energy from the beast core in its body, the Little Gold Eagle recalled the excruciating pain that had penetrated deep into its bones.

It was Giles who had reached out to it in the nick of time to share the burden of the violent and uncontrollable spiritual energy and helped it to withstand the agony.

At the thought of its Beast Tamer, Giles, the Little Golden Eagle turned its head gratefully in Giles’ direction.

Unexpectedly, it saw a scene that made its eyes widen! Giles’ raised left arm, which was covered in sweat, was bleeding incessantly and was extremely swollen.

His right arm, which was trembling non-stop, could barely prop him up on the ground to prevent his body from falling.

Seeing that the Little Golden Eagle was looking at him and was safe and sound, Giles finally felt relieved.

He smiled at the Little Golden Eagle, telling it not to worry about him.

“I’m glad you’re okay.

Don’t worry about me…” Before he could finish his sentence, Giles’ frail body collapsed forward.