I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 53

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Obtaining the Dragon Blood Grass and Jim’s Sudden Arrival In the mountain range, Giles and Bob had already disposed of the corpses of the Beast Blood Sect.

It was almost night time.

“Giles, we need to find a place to spend the night,” Bob said.

Giles nodded.

They had to survive in this place for three days.

Today was only the first day.

They casually picked a direction and hurried forward.

After they had left for a while, a group of people from the Beast Blood Sect arrived.

The leader was a Shadow Wolf.

Its scarlet eyes scanned the surroundings.

“Someone killed Shadow Ghoul and the others.

Catch up to them and kill them.

” Then, he spun around on the spot and led the members of the Beast Blood Sect in a particular direction.

Surprisingly, that direction was where Giles and the others had headed.

Giles didn’t know about this.

At that moment, he and Bob had found a cave.

The two of them let out their respective beasts to stand guard during the night.

Then, they went to rest.




The night passed uneventfully.

Giles and Bob woke up from their sleep.

After washing up and eating something, the two of them continued deeper into the mountain range.

The contestants did not know their current rankings, so they could only kill as many ferocious beasts as possible during these three days.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM At the same time, the other contestants in the mountain range had all been attacked by the members of the Beast Blood Sect.

York was attacked by many ferocious beasts from the Beast Blood Sect.

The Silver-horned Rhinoceros had to use all its strength before he could escape with much difficulty.

However, it had also killed many members of the Beast Blood Sect.

Sophia’s Purple-winged Wind Butterfly used hypnosis pollen to hypnotize many members of the Beast Blood Sect, but they quickly regained consciousness.

However, Sophia had also seized the opportunity to escape.

Jim and the others were also hunted down by the Beast Blood Sect.

After Jim’s spirit beast died, he directly surrendered to the Beast Blood Sect and begged them to spare his life.

Other than that, there were many others who were chased down and killed by the Beast Blood Sect.

Even the elderly man and Gym Leader Camilla did not have the time to save them because an unfamiliar Legend-rank Beast Tamer had stopped them.

Ryder had also been hunted, but he had run into Giles while on the run and was saved by him.

After getting rid of the members of the Beast Blood Sect, Ryder thanked Giles breathlessly.

“Giles, I didn’t expect you to be the one who saved my life again.

” “The people from the Beast Blood Sect are crazy.

We saw them slaughtering the people who participated in the competition today.

I saw several of them getting killed.

” “I just found a stalk of Dragon Blood Grass and didn’t have the chance to pluck it before they discovered me.

” Upon hearing this, Giles instantly looked at Ryder.

“Dragon Blood Grass?” “Yeah, it’s not far from here.

” The Dragon Blood Grass was the herb that could save Alina’s life.

Now that he had obtained this information, Giles naturally wouldn’t let it slip by.

“Ryder, lead the way.

We’re going over.

” Seeing how serious Giles looked, Ryder didn’t waste any time and led Giles over.

As for the Beast Blood Sect, Ryder naturally didn’t worry about them since he had seen Giles’ true strength.

Along the way, Giles introduced Ryder and Bob to each other.

At the same time, they encountered many members of the Beast Blood Sect, but they were all killed by the three of them.

Soon, Giles and the others arrived at the location of the Dragon Blood Grass.

It was a small blood-red lake.

At the center of the lake was a bit of soil.

On it grew a spirit herb that was completely blood-red.

It was the Dragon Blood Grass.

Giles directly commanded Sun Wukong to teleport over and pluck the Dragon Blood Grass.

As he held the Dragon Blood Grass in his hand, Giles felt like it was surreal, but he had finally gotten it.

Giles let out a long breath and stored the Dragon Blood Grass in his spatial wristband.

Then, he turned around and said to Ryder and Bob, “This thing is useful to me.

After we get out, I’ll use other resources to compensate you.

” Ryder didn’t care at all when he heard this and said nonchalantly, “You’re welcome.

You’ve already saved me twice.

This is just a stalk of Dragon Blood Grass.

What’s there to compensate?” Bob had a similar attitude.

“The same goes for me.

This entire way, if it weren’t for you, I might have been killed by the people from the Beast Blood Sect.

Don’t talk about compensation.

” Upon hearing this, Giles glanced at them and committed the favor they did him to memory.

Just as he was about to leave with the two of them, someone came over.

“I saw the Dragon Blood Grass here just now.

However, there were people from the Beast Blood Sect here, so I didn’t have the time to pluck it.

” A young man led a few people here.

However, he was stunned when he saw that the Dragon Blood Grass was gone.

Then, when he saw Giles and the others, he immediately realised what had happened.

“Did you guys take the Dragon Blood Grass? Quickly hand it over!” Upon hearing this, Giles felt amused.

Ryder and Bob also felt that there was something wrong with this person’s brain.

“Hey, you’re really thick-skinned.

Why should we give you the Dragon Blood Grass we obtained?” Ryder said rudely.

Hearing those words, the young man opposite him became unhappy.

“I was the one who discovered this Dragon Blood Grass first.

I merely didn’t pluck it at that time.

Hurry up and return it to me.

” Upon hearing this, Giles and the others found it even more ridiculous.

Ryder mocked, “Just because you said that you were the first to discover it, so it must be true? In that case, I can say that I was the one who planted the Dragon Blood Grass.

” “Isn’t it just a fabrication? Everyone has a mouth, who doesn’t know how to talk?” Upon hearing this, the youth was so angry that he didn’t know what to say.

“You…” Just then, a blond-haired man behind him walked up to the front.

“Cut the crap.

Hand over the Dragon Blood Grass, or else we’ll fight.

” The blond man’s name was Jerome.

He wanted to snatch the Dragon Blood Grass because he knew the truth behind this stalk of Dragon Blood Grass.

If he hands it over to the elder outside, who is in charge of the assessment, he believed that the points he could get would definitely not be low.

Just this alone was enough for him to snatch it.

After all, which Beast Tamer, who is participating in this competition, doesn’t wish to have more points? Giles couldn’t be bothered to talk to them anymore.

Since they wanted to fight, he would fight with them.

“King Kong Beast, use your Giantize innate skill.

” The King Kong Beast that was initially only one meter tall instantly enlarged.

Its thirty-meter-tall body enveloped the surroundings, and its endless shadow blocked out the sunlight.

Seeing this, Jerome suddenly thought of something and his face turned pale.

“A thirty-meter King Kong Beast? Are you the person who defeated Gene Gym’s Gym Leader?” “That’s right,” Giles replied calmly.

Jerome smiled wryly and said, “Sorry, I was rude previously.

” You must be kidding.

That King Kong Beast defeated a Legend-rank beast before.

Although that Legend-rank beast only used the power of an Epic-rank beast, this proves the King Kong Beast’s strength.

Rather than fighting the King Kong Beast, Jerome would rather hunt other Epic-rank beasts.

Giles was happy to see Jerome admit defeat.

“You don’t want the Dragon Blood Grass anymore?” Ryder asked slyly.

“I don’t want it anymore,” Jerome said with a wry smile while shaking his head.

Then, he cupped his hands in salute at Giles.

Just as he was about to leave, a group of people appeared here.

Giles looked over and saw a few familiar faces.

There was York, Sophia, and Jim, whom he had seen in Gene Gym.

At that moment, Jim was leading the group.

He started momentarily when he saw Giles.

Then, a look of resentment appeared in the depths of his eyes, but it was hidden very well and no one noticed it.

Jim looked around and smiled.

He said, “Everyone, do you want to earn more points?”