I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 50

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Hunting the Pack of Shadow Wolves and Encountering the Beast Blood Sect Again Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations In the Decker Mountain Range.

Giles followed Bob in the direction of the pack of Shadow Wolves.

However, the group of ferocious beasts was also moving.

The two of them followed the traces they left behind.

“The pack of Shadow Wolves should be right ahead.

” Bob and Giles were hiding in the dense forest.

Giles nodded.

The two of them cautiously traversed the dense forest and slowly advanced.


The next moment, the roar of a ferocious beast suddenly rang out.




Giles and Bob exchanged glances with each other and quickly moved ahead.

Then, they saw the pack of Shadow Wolves.

At that moment, this pack of Shadow Wolves was acting on the command of the Shadow Wolf King and hunting down two Earth Barbaric Bears.

The two Earth Barbaric Bears were Epic-rank ferocious beasts.

Even so, they still got surrounded by the numerous Gold-rank Shadow Wolves.

Under the attacks of the Shadow Wolves, wounds kept appearing on their bodies.

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COM “Giles, shall we attack?” Bob asked when he saw this.

“How do we split the points?” Giles was in no hurry to hunt them down.

He would negotiate with Bob about how to distribute the points first, or else there would be unnecessary disputes.

He wasn’t afraid, but it would be troublesome.

“It belongs to whoever killed it.

It depends on strength.

” Bob would not think of distributing the points equally as well.

After all, Giles was not weak.

Thus, he proposed such a distribution plan.

Giles nodded at that.

This plan was very suitable for him.

“King Kong Beast, Sun Wukong, get rid of them.

” On the other hand, Bob also commanded the Two-headed Demon Serpent and was about to attack.

Just then, another voice came from the side.

“Shadow Wolves?” “These are really points that come knocking on my door.

” A few people walked out from the dense forest beside them and appeared in Giles’ line of sight.

From the looks of it, they were contestants as well.

“Friend, there’s a ‘first come, first served’ for everything,” Bob couldn’t help but say.

The leader was a short-haired youth.

Giles realized that this was the same person who had mocked him in the gym the day before.

When the short-haired youth saw Giles and Bob, his expression changed.

“Are you sure you want to compete with us?” Giles smiled, revealing white teeth and a radiant expression.

Seeing this, the short-haired youth’s expression changed.

He recalled how he had failed in his challenge against the gym yesterday, but Giles had succeeded.

What shocked him even more was that the Gym Leader of that gym was actually a Legend-rank Beast Tamer.

Even though she had only used Epic-rank strength, Giles’ successful challenge undoubtedly proved his strength.

“Let’s leave.

” The short-haired teenager pondered for a moment.

He glanced at Giles with a livid expression before turning to leave.

The people following him did not know what was happening.

They hesitated for a moment before leaving.

After they had gone some distance, someone asked indignantly, “Jim, why did we leave? There are only two of them.

Why should we be afraid of them when there are so many of us?” Jim was the short-haired youth.

Upon hearing this, Jim halted in his tracks.

“One of them challenged Gene Gym’s Gym Leader yesterday and won.

” “Do you guys understand if I say this?” “It’s just a pack of Shadow Wolves, so what if I let them have it?” Hearing this, the people behind him felt a little scared.

This was because the news that the Gene Gym’s Gym Leader was a Legend-rank Beast Tamer had already spread throughout Eugene City.

They had also heard about it.

Even so, there was still a Beast Tamer who had succeeded in their challenge yesterday.

When they heard this news, they were all shocked.

Now that they knew that they had nearly fought with that person, they felt a sense of relief that it didn’t happen.

“Fortunately, we didn’t attack.

Otherwise, we would have lost face in front of so many people.

” One had to know that everything they did would be projected in Eugene City via the mini cameras.

There would definitely be many people watching.

Losing was a small matter, but losing face was the worst.

After all, many people cared about their own reputation.

Listening to everyone’s chaotic discussion, Jim turned his head to look in Giles’ direction, his eyes filled with darkness.

Then, all of them left this place and headed in another direction.

No matter what, hunting ferocious beasts and accumulating points in this allocated region was their top priority.

On the other hand, Giles didn’t know that he had already incurred someone’s hatred.

Even if he knew, he wouldn’t care.

Right now, he wasn’t even afraid of Legend-rank Beast Tamers, let alone an Epic-rank Beast Tamer.

At that moment, Giles and Bob had already attacked the Shadow Wolves.

The King Kong Beast hammered its chest with both hands and roared towards the sky.

Its body enlarged to about five or six meters.

It had not reached its limit.

After all, this was enough to battle Gold-rank beasts.

Soon, it charged into the pack of Shadow Wolves and started a massacre.

Sun Wukong was the same.

With its long staff in hand, it struck the Shadow Wolves and with every blow, a Shadow Wolf would definitely die.

At the same time, Bob commanded the Two-headed Demon Serpent to charge into the pack of Shadow Wolves.

Of the two heads of the Two-headed Demon Serpent, one spat out flames and the other spat out ice.

They quickly killed off numerous Shadow Wolves.

Under the joint forces of these three terrifying spirit beasts, the Shadow Wolves were quickly slaughtered.

Only the Shadow Wolf King and the two Earth Barbaric Bears were left.

Seeing this, Bob laughed heartily.

“Giles, leave this Shadow Wolf King to me.

” Then, he commanded the Two-headed Demon Serpent to attack the Shadow Wolf King.

When the Shadow Wolf King saw that its subordinates had been completely massacred, a wave of rage surged in its heart.

When it saw the Two-Headed Demon Serpent’s attack approaching, it didn’t dodge and instead charged towards it.

Bob did not panic and relaxedly commanded the Two-headed Demon Serpent to attack the Shadow Wolf King.

On the other hand, the King Kong Beast and Sun Wukong also faced off with the two Earth Barbaric Bears.

Although these two Earth Barbaric Bears had been attacked by the Shadow Wolves earlier and had many wounds on their bodies, their life force was extremely tenacious.

At that moment, the wounds on their bodies had actually healed quite a bit.

Facing the attacks of the King Kong Beast and Sun Wukong, they roared and charged forward.

However, this was all in vain.

After all, the King Kong Beast and Sun Wukong’s strength were simply extraordinary.

Soon, they were beaten until they kept retreating and their bodies continuously suffered attacks.

“Giles, I’m done here.

Do you need help?” After killing the Epic-rank Shadow Wolf King, Bob turned around and looked at the two Earth Barbaric Bears with a strange glow in his eyes.

Needless to say, Giles knew what he was thinking.

He wanted to kill these two Epic-rank beasts and increase his points.

“Thanks, but no thanks.

” Soon after, the King Kong Beast and Sun Wukong stopped playing around.

They unleashed their strength and killed the two Epic-rank Earth Barbaric Bears.

Seeing this, Bob’s eyes gleamed and he smiled as he said, “As expected of someone who can defeat Gene Gym’s Gym Leader.


” Giles glanced at him but said nothing.

Then, he went to deal with the valuable materials on the beast corpses.

Bob was clearly not welcomed.

He smiled awkwardly and went to deal with the beast corpses as well.

Just as the two of them were about to leave after settling everything, birds and beasts scattered in the distant forest.

At the same time, there was a vibration.

Clearly, something was approaching.

Giles’ expression was grave.

Bob looked in that direction.

“Should we leave?” Giles shook his head.

“It’s too late.

” The next moment, a group of ferocious beasts with a blood-red glow around their bodies appeared in front of Giles.

Giles’ expression hardened.

These ferocious beasts are the members of the Beast Blood Sect!