I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 40

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Gym, Mysterious Challenger Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations Giles woke up early in the morning to wash up.

After breakfast, he brought Alina to the Beast-taming Gym in the city.

Along the way, Alina looked at Sun Wukong and asked curiously, “Giles, whose child is this?” Giles glanced at Sun Wukong.

Yesterday, Sun Wukong had been kept in the Beast-taming virtual space and wasn’t let out.

It had been holding back all day.

Today, it begged Giles to let it out.

Now that Alina suddenly asked, Giles didn’t hide anything for her and told her straight.


“What? You said that it’s a spirit beast?” “But aren’t only the spirit beasts that are Legend-rank and above able to transform?” “Dear God, Giles, don’t tell me it’s a Legend-rank spirit beast.

” .



“Of course not.

This is its innate skill, ‘Form Transformation’.

It can transform into all kinds of appearances.

” When Alina heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, Legend-rank spirit beasts were too rare.

She had lost her composure earlier.

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COM Soon, the two of them, along with Sun Wukong, followed the map to find the Beast-taming Gym in the city.

The name of this gym was Conor Gym.

Just as Giles was about to enter, he suddenly noticed a line of words on the wall next to the front door of the gym.

They were written in black paint and were extremely striking.

Beside him, Alina also saw this line of words.

“Who did this? Is no one in the gym coming to clean it?” “Let’s go in and ask the Gym Leader.

” With that, the two of them stepped into the gym.

There were a few people carrying out their challenges.

Giles was in no hurry.

He stood quietly at the side, waiting for their challenge to end.

Soon, it was Giles’ turn.

Giles stepped into the arena and sized up the Gym Leader.

The Gym Leader was a burly man.

“Gym Leader, may I ask what’s with the graffiti outside the gym?” Hearing this, the Gym Leader waved his hand.

“Don’t bring it up.

That was done by an a*shole.

” “He’s here to challenge the gym.

Before the challenge, he made a bet.

He said that if he wins, I have to write his name on the wall of the gym and leave it there for a month before I can clean it.

” “I didn’t think much about it and agreed.

” “Who knew that this guy would win? He just started writing with the paint.

” Upon hearing this, Giles didn’t know what to say.

However, this matter had little to do with him, so he just asked in passing.

Giles directly summoned the King Kong Beast.

As soon as it came out, it roared angrily.

The aura of an Epic-rank spirit beast instantly swept across the entire arena.

Seeing this scene, the Gym Leader, who wanted to summon a Gold-rank spirit beast, was stunned.

This was because Giles had contracted an Epic-rank spirit beast at such a young age.

This surprised him greatly.

At the same time, the other challengers, who arrived after him, were also discussing fervently.

“Am I seeing things? He actually summoned an Epic-rank spirit beast.

” “I didn’t expect him to be an Epic-rank Beast Tamer at such a young age.

” “Do you think he can win? After all, the Gym Leader is a veteran Epic-rank Beast Tamer.

” In the arena, the Gym Leader looked at Giles’ King Kong Beast in shock.

“Young man, you are really not bad.

However, I will not show any mercy.

Remember to bring out your true strength.

” Upon hearing this, Giles smiled.

True strength? No one below the Legend rank can withstand it.

The next moment, the Gym Leader summoned his Epic-rank spirit beast, the Green-Vine Treant.

It was the same spirit beast that Robert had used in the Gym Tournament “As expected, the Gym Leader has a lot of combat experience.

When facing such a strength-type spirit beast, a control-type spiritual beast is a good choice.

” “Yes, that challenger will definitely lose.

If I remember correctly, there was a similar battle before.

In the end, the Gym Leader won.

” “Although he’s young, it’s inevitable that he lacks battle experience.

What a pity.

” The challengers that came later discussed fervently.

None of them were optimistic about Giles winning the challenge.

At the same time, the battle in the arena had already begun.

“Green-Vine Treant, use the skill ‘Bind’!” Upon seeing this, Giles’ eyes gleamed.

He knew that this was probably the same battle style as Robert.

Sure enough, countless vines appeared from the body of the Treeant in the next moment and quickly enveloped the King Kong Beast before binding it tightly.

However, this was of no use to the King Kong Beast.

It used all the terrifying strength in its body and broke free the second it tried to tear the vines apart.

Many vines broke and fell.

“Green-Vine Treant, use the skill ‘Barbaric Growth’.

” Giles felt bored when he heard this.

The same move.

Can’t they change it to something new? Giles did not want to continue playing and was prepared to determine the winner right now.

Before the Gym Leader could react, Giles commanded the King Kong Beast to swiftly move to the front of the Green-Vine Treant.

Then, it threw a punch.

The terrifying power landed on the Tree-Man’s body, causing it to instantly lose the ability to fight.

“What? The Gym Leader actually lost?” “That spirit beast is too frightening.

It was an instant kill.

” “The Gym Leader was too careless and let that person seize the opportunity.

” The people below the arena witnessed this scene and started discussing.

“Wait, don’t you think his spirit beast looks familiar?” “What? Have you seen it elsewhere?” “I remember now.

He was the champion of the Gym Tournament two days ago.

” “When he advanced to the Top Four, that spirit beast was about to be defeated by a Green-Vine Treant like the Gym Leader’s.

In the end, it evolved and turned defeat into victory, thereby advancing to the finals!” “What? It’s the same Giles who won the Gym Tournament.

No wonder he’s so powerful!” In the arena, the Gym Leader heard the discussion below.

He could not help but size Giles up.

He did not participate in the Gym Tournament this time.

It was his disciple who participated, but he had yet to return.

He didn’t expect the challenger in front of him to be the champion of the Gym Tournament.

No wonder he has such abilities.

“You’re very impressive.

I heard that the top few contestants of the Gym Tournament will be participating in the interstate Beast Tamer Friendly Match.

All the best!” With that, the Gym Leader threw Giles a badge that was exclusive to the gym.

This was the proof Giles needed to participate in the Beast Tamer Tournament.

With this, Giles still needed seven more.

Giles took the badge and solemnly put it away.

“Thank you for your compliment.

I’ll do my best.

” Then, he jumped off the arena.

Just as he was about to leave, the youths nearby, who had come to challenge the gym, instantly surrounded him.

“Giles, can I have your autograph?” Giles signed his autograph for them one by one.

Fortunately, there weren’t many of them.

Otherwise, it would be comparable to a star-chasing scene in his previous life.

It wasn’t easy for Giles to get rid of this group of fans.

Beside him, Alina couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

“Superstar, how does it feel to be admired by others?” Giles rubbed his face.

One of the crazy fans had actually wrapped his arms around Giles’ head and buried Giles’ head in his chest.

He nearly couldn’t breathe.

When he heard Alina’s words, Giles smiled wryly.

“This feels terrible.

” After the little episode, Giles, together with Alina and Sun Wukong, played in the city for a few days before rushing to the next destination.