I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 37

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Silver-rank Beetle, One Strike to Determine the Outcome! Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations The commentator’s loud voice spread throughout the entire tournament venue.

“Everyone, this is truly unbelievable.

Giles from Starlux Gym has successfully advanced to the finals!” “Next up, he will enter the finals with another contestant.

” “Let us wait and see who will win the championship!” The Gold-rank Beast Tamer in their eyes actually made it to the finals step by step.

In the end, his Gold-rank spirit beast directly advanced to the Epic rank and had the possibility of becoming the champion.

This shocked many in the audience.


“Looks like Starlux Gym really has a chance of winning.

Giles’ spirit beast is even more terrifying after advancing to the Epic rank,” .



someone in the audience said.

The surrounding audience members echoed his thoughts.

“Now I’m really looking forward to seeing what Giles does next.

” This was what many of the audience were thinking.

They were extremely curious if a dark horse like Giles, who had suddenly appeared, really stood a chance of winning the championship.

Not long after Giles advanced, the battle on the other side also ended.

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COM Jameson from Bruce Gym had defeated his opponent and advanced to the finals! The final name list appeared on the projection screen.

Starlux Gym vs Bruce Gym.

The winner would be the champion of this Gym Tournament! Standing nearby, Jameson smiled at Giles.

“I look forward to competing with you.

” Then, he left for the rest area.

Looking at his back view, Giles smiled as well.

He was a formidable opponent, but Giles was filled with confidence.

Even if the King Kong Beast hadn’t evolved, Giles was confident of winning.

Furthermore, the King Kong Beast had evolved into an Epic-rank spirit beast.

If it used all its innate skills, it would probably be able to fight against Legend-rank spirit beasts.

“Everyone, as you can see, the contestants for the finals of the Gym Tournament have been confirmed.

” “We have the dark horse that had suddenly appeared, the Gold-rank Beast Tamer, oh no, he is now an Epic-rank Beast Tamer, Giles; as well as the famous genius Beast Tamer, contestant Jameson.

” “Who will be the final champion? Which Gym will win first place?” “The match is about to begin!” As the commentary heated up the atmosphere, the audience was in high spirits, anticipating the next match.

Giles and Jameson also returned to the resting area to adjust their spiritual beasts’ condition and wait for the finals to begin.

Under everyone’s gaze, the two of them entered the venue.

The final championship battle began! At that moment, everyone in Flange City was watching them.

Other than the tens of thousands of spectators, there were even more people watching the live broadcast of the tournament.

Looking at Giles who was not far from him, Jameson summoned his Epic-rank spirit beast, Shadow Ghoul.

Giles’ brows knitted together.

Shadow Ghoul was a dark-attribute spirit beast and its body was a black mist.

It also had an extremely troublesome skill, ‘Transform Reality into Nothingness’.

After using it, its entire body would turn into a ball of black fog.

It would be very difficult for physical attacks to work.

No matter how strong the King Kong Beast was, it would be useless.

At the same time, many people in the spectator stands were also curious about which spirit beast Giles would use.

“Giles has only sent out two spirit beasts.

One is an Epic-rank King Kong Beast and the other is a Gold-rank Swan Beast.

But no matter which one it is, it will be at a disadvantage against Jameson’s Shadow Ghoul.

” “Yes, the Shadow Ghoul’s skills are too sick.

Unless it’s an effective elemental attack, those physical attacks won’t work.

” “But Giles’ two spirit beasts don’t seem to have any elemental attacks.

Is Giles really going to lose this time?” In the arena, Giles pondered for a moment.

Then, he summoned a spirit beast.

However, when the audience saw this spirit beast, they instantly fell silent.

Then, intense discussions erupted.

“God, are you kidding me? Giles actually summoned a Silver-rank spirit beast? What is he thinking?” “Silver-rank spirit beast? To fight an Epic-rank spirit beast? Is Giles crazy?” “Could it be that there’s a conspiracy behind this? Has Giles been bribed by Bruce Gym?” “What a joke! The prize for the first place in the Gym Tournament is incomparably abundant.

How could Giles give it up?” “In that case, Giles’ brain must be fried.

I can’t understand it.

” The commentator was also dumbfounded.

“Er, our contestant Giles seems to have summoned the wrong spirit beast, but it can still be changed before the battle starts.

” The commentator simply thought that Giles had made a mistake and summoned the wrong spirit beast.

This had happened before in previous Gym Tournaments.

Hearing this explanation, the audience expressed their understanding.

After all, this was the finals.

It was understandable for him to be nervous.

Jameson looked at the Silver-rank Little Beetle and grimaced.

“Giles, the battle hasn’t started yet.

If you summoned the wrong spirit beast, hurry up and change it.

” Giles laughed and shook his head.

“I didn’t summon wrongly.

This is it for the first round.

” Giles’ answer was clearly projected onto the big screen and heard by the audience.

Immediately, the audience was dumbfounded.

At this moment, everyone felt that Giles’ brain was damaged.

After all, they had never seen anyone use a Silver-rank spirit beast to defeat an Epic-rank spirit beast.

Regardless of what they thought, the battle had already erupted in the arena.

Seeing that Giles had no reaction, Jameson could only order his spirit beast to attack.

After all, he had come for the championship.

Since Giles had made such a choice, he would not show mercy.

“Shadow Ghoul, use ‘Transform Reality into Nothingness’.

” The next moment, the Shadow Ghoul floating in the air turned into an irregular black fog.

Jameson did not hold back and deployed Shadow Ghoul’s life-saving skill.

Under this circumstance, the Shadow Ghoul could avoid the attacks of other spirit beasts.

In addition, it could also attack when it was in this form.

“Shadow Ghoul, use your skill ‘Fog Cage’.

” “As expected of a genius Beast Tamer.

Even when facing a Silver-rank skill, he still used his full strength and used the Shadow Ghoul’s life-saving skill.

” “That’s right.

Giles is definitely going to lose.

Even his Epic-rank King Kong Beast can’t do anything to Shadow Ghoul, let alone this Silver-rank Beetle.

” “Yeah, the final champion is still going to be Jameson.

” Following Jameson’s command, the Shadow Ghoul released a black mist that enveloped the Little Beetle.

This was the Shadow Ghoul’s skill, ‘Fog Cage’.

The spirit beasts that were enveloped in it would gradually lose their ability to fight.

Jameson was still cautious and didn’t dare to face this Silver-rank spirit beast directly.

After all, he did not think that Giles was stupid to let this spirit beast fight.

There must be something special about this spirit beast.

However, he soon witnessed it.

“Little Beetle, use your skill, ‘Super Atomic Ray’.

” The next moment, a scorching ray of light shot out from the Little Beetle’s horn towards the Shadow Ghoul.

When Jameson saw this scene, his expression changed drastically.

That was because that ray of light was an elemental attack and its power was comparable to an Epic-rank spirit beast.

“Shadow Ghoul, dodge quickly!” However, it was too late.

The scorching ray of light penetrated through the black fog formed by the Shadow Ghoul, leaving a hole.

The black fog shrank and condensed into the original appearance of the Shadow Ghoul.

However, it had already shrunk and seemed to have lost its combat ability.

At that moment, the Little Beetle that was only at Silver rank, determined the outcome with one strike! He won the first round of the finals!