I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 31

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 31

Chapter 31: First Victory Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations In the venue of the Gym Tournament, the spectators were in high spirits.

This kind of opportunity to watch so many talented Beast Tamer compete was not common.

The commentator continued to announce the names of the contestants and their gym, the loudspeaker equipment placed around the venue allowed everyone to hear him clearly.

Soon, it was Giles’ turn.

“Next up is Giles from Starlux Gym.

” As the commentator spoke, Giles slowly walked into the arena.

As the audience looked at Giles, many of them looked puzzled.

As one of the top few contestants in the previous Gym Tournament, the audience was naturally familiar with Starlux Gym.


But who is Giles? A new disciple of Starlux Gym? “What the hell is Starlux Gym doing? Why isn’t Alice here?” .



“What are you thinking? Alice took over the position of Gym Leader of Starlux Gym last year.

This must be her disciple.

” “If Alice is so powerful, then her disciple is probably not simple either.

” Just then, an audience who had been to Yin City recognized Giles.

“Wait, don’t jump to conclusions yet.

” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM “This Giles is just a Bronze-rank Beast Tamer.

” “What?! Bronze-rank Beast Tamer? You must be kidding!” “I’m not kidding.

He’s a Bronze-rank Beast Tamer.

Many people in Yin City know this.

” “Ah, this… a Bronze-rank Beast Tamer is also participating in the Gym Tournament?” “What is Gym Leader Alice thinking? Is Starlux Gym going to be the last place this time?” The audience was discussing fervently.

The audience had a deep impression of Starlux Gym in all their hearts.

This was because from the first time Alice represented Starlux Gym up till the last Gym Tournament, although she had never won the championship, her performance had always been outstanding.

Yet now, a Bronze-rank Beast Tamer was actually representing Starlux Gym in the tournament.

This was simply incredulous to the audience.

However, this had nothing to do with them.

The audience could only lament that Starlux Gym might end up in last place.

On the other hand, Giles had also run into some trouble.

“Mr Giles, the tournament arena is too dangerous.

We will take care of this child for you.

” When the staff saw Giles entering with Sun Wukong who was in human form, they immediately came to stop him.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, but this is my spirit beast,” Giles explained with a smile.

Sun Wukong also rolled its eyes at the staff member and said, “Have you never seen a human-shaped spirit beast before?” With that, it followed Giles into the arena.

The staff thought that Giles was spouting nonsense and wanted to stop him, but he suddenly had a frightening speculation.

He stared at Sun Wukong with eyes full of fear.

“Could that be a Legend-rank spirit beast?” This was because only spirit beasts that had reached the Legend rank could possess the ability to transform into a human form.

The staff member muttered under his breath, “Legend-rank spirit beast.

Oh my God, it’s actually a Legend-rank spirit beast…” Needless to say, Giles was unaware of the staff’s reaction.

At that moment, he had already reached the competition grounds.

“Are you sure that you, a Bronze-rank Beast Tamer, wants to participate?” “Hehe, look, he even brought a child with him.

He must be treating this tournament as a game.

” The contestants from Ireland Gym and Victor Gym laughed when they saw Giles arrive.

Upon hearing this, it immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding contestants.

They all looked at Giles curiously.

Even Jameson, Robert, and Anna also glanced at Giles, but they didn’t say anything.

If that was really the strength of the Bronze-rank Beast Tamer, there was no need for them to continue paying attention.

The only ones worthy of their attention were the few famous Beast Tamers.

They didn’t care about anyone else.

Seeming to have thought of the same thing , their eyes met and sparks flew.

Naturally, Giles heard their discussion but he didn’t take it to heart.

Abilities will speak for themselves! Soon, the entrance ceremony ended.

As the last person entered, the tournament officially began.

“All the contestants are in position.

I will now announce the rules of the tournament.

” The commentator cleared his throat and signaled for everyone to remain quiet as he announced the rules of the tournament The rules of the tournament this time were very simple.

The contestants would draw lots to battle and advance to the next rank each time, eventually determining the champion! After the commentator finished giving the introduction, a huge projection appeared in the air.

All the names of the gyms appeared on the projection.

There were a total of 128 gyms.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the system will now randomly select the battle name list for the first knockout round.

Please wait and see!” As the commentator’s voice faded, the names of the first matchup slowly appeared.

Starlux Gym vs Ireland Gym.

The contestant from the Ireland Gym was an Epic-rank Beast Tamer.

Even though he was not as famous as the other genius Beast Tamers, he was still considered one of the stronger contestants.

As for Giles, who represented Starlux Gym, he was only a Bronze-rank Beast Tamer in the eyes of the spectators.

In the spectator’s view, there was a huge disparity in their strength, but it tied in with their expectations.

This was because the random selection wasn’t really random.

There were official considerations.

Every contestant had to be officially labeled as strong or weak.

Even if the officials knew that Giles’ true identity was a Gold-rank Beast Tamer, he was still the weakest in the batch compared to the other Epic-rank Beast Tamers.

At the start, strong players wouldn’t meet other strong players.

This was to ensure the accuracy of the tournament rankings as much as possible, so as to prevent any extreme situations from occurring.

If the strong competed against each other in the early stages, it would undoubtedly affect the true rankings.

It would also be unfair to the strong contestants.

This was also something that the spectators did not wish to see.

Because of this, even though the officials had taken action in secret, many of the spectators were well aware of it but did not criticize them and even supported them.

Rankings based on luck would only make people despise them.

At the same time, the other groupings had also come out.

The battle of each group began.

Just as Giles stepped into the arena… “I didn’t expect to meet you in the first round.

I can eliminate you and let you take care of the child in peace.

” Michael, who was the contestant from the Ireland Gym, mocked.

Then, he summoned his spirit beast.

Gold-rank spirit beast, Fiery Dog.

He didn’t take Giles seriously at all and didn’t even summon his Epic-rank beast.

Seeing this scene, Giles smiled and did not speak.

He summoned the Swan Beast.

“Swan Beast, use your Wind Wings and defeat it.

” Michael’s expression changed drastically upon seeing the Swan Beast that Giles had summoned.

However, before he could react, his spirit beast was defeated by the Swan Beast.

Michael was in complete disbelief when he saw this.

“Aren’t you a Bronze-rank Beast Tamer?” Upon hearing this, Michael’s face turned ashen, knowing that he had underestimated his opponent.

As he thought, he let out his Epic-rank spirit beast, Rock Elephant.

“I was too careless just now.

Let’s see how you win this time!” The battle adopted the ‘best of three’ format.

Michael had already lost one round.

Right now, he could not afford to lose a single match.

With this thought in mind, he stared intently at Giles.

However, Giles didn’t know what Michael was thinking.

He recalled the Swan Beast and summoned the King Kong Beast.

“King Kong Beast, use Giantize and win with one strike!” Then, to Michael’s horror, the King Kong Beast’s body grew to ten meters tall, and its aura also grew stronger.

Then, it charged towards Michael’s Rock Elephant.

When the punch landed on the Rock Elephant, it instantly let out a shrill cry before losing its ability to fight.

Giles won and advanced to the next round!