I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 23

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Beast Blood Sect, Blood Contract Method Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations At the end of the cave was a lava pool.

In the lava pool, there was a rock about two meters long at the center.

There were strange patterns on it, and it trembled from time to time.

On that rock, there was a half-naked person on it.

Giles was surprised to see him.

He did not expect to meet Richard in this place.

On the other side, Rex also saw Richard.

As the saying goes, ‘Enemies see red the moment they meet’.


Ever since he learned that Bart had died, Rex had been looking for Richard to take revenge.

Now that his enemy was right in front of him, Rex felt his hatred burning.




Rex immediately ordered the Fiery Bird to attack Richard.

Richard, however, looked puzzled at this scene.

“Rex, what are you doing?” Rex grew even angrier.

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COM “Why are you asking me?” “You killed Bart, so why can’t I avenge my grandson?” Richard pretended to be innocent.

“No, no, no.

Rex, wait.

I think there’s a misunderstanding!” “They’re the ones who told you I killed Bart, right?” “This is slander.

They were the ones who killed Bart!” Richard pointed at Giles and Alina, looking like he was wronged.

Seeing this, Giles couldn’t help but admire Richard’s acting skills.

It’s a pity that he isn’t an actor.

On the other hand, Alina couldn’t help but smile when she saw this.

“Giles, I’m glad you recorded the video or else we wouldn’t have been able to explain ourselves.

” Giles nodded but said nothing.

Rex had seen the video recorded by Giles and knew that Richard was framing Giles.

He was instantly enraged.

“Richard, you’re still trying to shirk the blame!” “The video that Giles recorded is very clear.

” “I may be old but I’m not blind!” Rex roared.

He gave Giles a hard look, knowing there was no point in pretending anymore.

“Since you’ve seen through me, I won’t pretend anymore.

” “Rex, I killed your grandson.

What can you do to me?” “You’re too late.

I’ve already finished what I wanted to do!” “Next, all of you shall die!” Richard’s face was sinister.

Then, he made a cut on his palm.

When the blood dripped onto the stone, the blood instantly disappeared, as if the existence inside the stone had absorbed it.

At the same time, as Richard dripped more and more blood onto it, the stone shook more and more.

Rex was stunned at first.

Then, his expression changed drastically.

“Richard, how dare you set your sights on this beast again!” Richard smiled sinisterly.

“That’s right, right from the beginning, I wanted to contract this Epic-rank beast that was about to have a breakthrough.

” “Think about it.

As long as I can successfully contract it, it will break through to the Legend rank later on.

This is such a good opportunity.

” “Only an old-fashioned person like you would think of killing this ferocious beast.

” Rex’s expression was extremely awful.

“So you’re even willing to join the Beast Blood Sect in exchange for the Blood Contract method?” Perhaps it was because he had lost too much blood, but at this moment, Richard’s face was extremely pale.

Coupled with his sinister expression, he looked just like an evil spirit.

“So what? The Beast Blood Sect’s doctrine is to strengthen oneself.

What’s wrong with that?” “Think about it.

If a human can directly possess the power of a ferocious beast, how charming would the physique of the ferocious beast be?” Upon hearing this, a chill ran down Giles’ spine.

As a Beast Tamer, he naturally knew about the Beast Blood Sect.

The Beast Blood Sect had existed since the birth of Beast Tamers.

However, at the beginning, it did not exist in the form of a Sect, but rather a small group of people with the same ideals.

In that era, humans were forced to retreat under the attacks of the ferocious beasts.

Although there were Beast Tamers around, they were often targeted by ferocious beasts due to their weak physiques.

After all, the intelligence of ferocious beasts was not lower than that of humans.

It was not surprising that they knew about the concept of decapitation.

For a time, humanity was in an increasingly precarious situation.

At that moment, a new theory appeared.

It was the fusion of a Beast Tamer with a spirit beast, whilst possessing the strength of the spirit beast.

The concept was realized after being studied by many people.

A Beast Tamer who had reached the Legend rank could fuse with the spirit of their contracted spirit beast and control the power of the spirit beast.

It was also the application of this ability that laid the foundation for humanity’s victory in the war against the ferocious beasts.

However, if that was all, the Beast Blood Sect wouldn’t have emerged.

Later, those who proposed the concept were not happy with the status quo.

Why is it that only those at Legend rank can fuse with beast spirits? Can’t the requirements be lowered? Thus, they began to experiment with low-rank Beast Tamers.

However, they all failed, and the Beast Tamers who participated in the experiment all became lunatics.

As such, they pulled the plug on the experiment.

However, they did not give up on that belief, which was to allow humans to possess the power of ferocious beasts.

Gradually, they began to conduct various brutal experiments in private.

Their beliefs gradually became distorted.

Finally, it gave rise to the condemnation of Beast Tamers.

In the end, their forces were completely wiped out, leaving only a few underlings who had escaped.

However, it was these underlings who eventually developed the powerful Beast Blood Sect, which was presently hidden in the dark.

Now, the Beast Blood Sect was a target of scorn.

However, its power continued to grow, especially after the Blood Contract appeared.

Blood Contract was a contractual method invented by the Beast Blood Sect.

After Beast Tamers used this type of spirit beasts that were contracted using the Blood Contract, they would directly obliterate the soul of the spirit beast and allow the Beast Tamer’s soul to enter the body of the spirit beast.

It was equivalent to transforming from a human into a ferocious beast! This method undoubtedly attracted a large group of wicked Beast Tamers to join the Beast Blood Sect.

After all, if a Beast Tamer wanted to possess the power of a spirit beast, it could only be achieved by fusing with the soul of a beast after attaining the Legend rank.

However, now that the Beast Blood Sect’s Blood Contact could allow one to possess the power of a ferocious beast should they give up on their human body.

This was extremely tempting to many people.

“Rex, Giles, just wait to die!” Richard roared furiously.

Then, his body lost all signs of life.

At the same time, the stone in the middle of the lava pool shattered.

A beast covered in rocks and flowing lava appeared before them.

Richard’s body was in its grasp.

“I’m about to break through to the Legend rank.

This power is truly intoxicating.

” The beast raised its hideous head and looked at everyone as it spoke to them in human language.

“But before that, I need to get rid of all of you!”