I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 21

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Bart’s Death, Battle with Richard Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations Bart was about to continue his search for his grandfather, Rex.

Richard had his Epic-rank beast, the Lava Python, block the way.

At this sight, Giles’ eyes narrowed and he grew wary.

“Senior Richard, what do you mean by this?” However, Richard didn’t say anything.

He communicated with the Lava Python in his mind.


  The next moment, the Lava Python attacked.

It suddenly swung its tail and let out a fierce howl.

Bart had no chance of dodging the Epic-rank beast.

In his despair, the Lava Python’s tail landed heavily on his body.

Accompanying a muffled sound, Bart died on the spot and his blood splattered all over the ground.

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COM Soon after, Bart’s Gold-rank spirit beast, the Savage Blood Lion, was also not spared and was instantly killed by another attack from the Lava Python.

Upon seeing this scene, Giles’ pupils constricted.

He actually killed Rex’s grandson! If Rex knows about this, he will definitely fight Richard to the death! Then, realisation dawned upon Giles.

He and Alina are Richard’s next targets.

Because as long as he killed both of them, no one will know that Richard killed Bart.

However, Giles wasn’t too worried about this.

The spirit beasts on him had no problem fighting against Epic-rank spirit beasts.

Richard can’t be more powerful than the four Epic-rank pythons, can he? On the other hand, Giles was pretty curious as to why Richard wanted to kill Bart.

With this thought in mind, Giles quietly turned on the recording function of his communicator.

“Senior Richard, what are you doing?” Giles asked directly.

“Don’t think about stalling for time.

Since I killed Bart, I won’t let you guys live either.

” “Should I say that you are lucky or unlucky?” “You were able to escape from the four Epic-rank pythons, but you ran into me again.

” “Goodbye, go to heaven with Bart.

” Before he could finish his sentence, the Lava Python attacked.

Just then, Richard saw that Alina was actually smiling.

He did not understand.

 There’s actually someone who can laugh in the face of death? Giles’ King Kong Beast grew taller in an instant.

After which, it warded off the Lava Python’s fatal blow! “Epic-rank spirit beast!” Richard stared at the King Kong Beast in shock.

“No, that’s not right.

It’s a Gold-rank spirit beast.

” “Senior Richard, I think I’m quite lucky.

” A hint of viciousness flashed across Richard’s eyes upon hearing this.

Then, he summoned another Epic-rank spiritual beast, the Blood-Winged Bat.

“So what if you can fend off an Epic-rank spirit beast? Can you fight against two of them?” Seeing this scene, Alina frowned.

Richard sneered nonchalantly.

“Young lady, you’re still too young.

Don’t be so naive in your next life.

” In Richard’s mind, these two people were dead for sure.

They were just two Gold-rank Beast Tamers.

So what if there was a spirit beast that could withstand the power of an Epic-rank spirit beast? In his eyes, it was still not enough.

He could already see Giles’ and Alina’s deaths.

He then shifted his gaze onto the King Kong Beast.

A Gold-rank beast can resist the attack of an Epic-rank beast! The potential of this spirit beast must be enormous! Richard’s eyes were ablaze with excitement at this thought.

“Kid, speaking of which, I have to thank you for giving me such a talented spirit beast.

” “Senior Richard, you seem to be celebrating too early.

” The King Kong Beast, which had activated its Giantize innate skill, warded off the attacks of the two Epic-rank spirit beasts.

However, the King Kong Beast didn’t want to passively take a beating and began to retaliate.

The King Kong Beast displayed a speed that was incompatible with its massive body as it approached the Lava Python.

It opened its hands and grabbed the Lava Python’s body tightly before pulling it apart with all its might.

With a muffled sound, the Lava Python was ripped into two.

It was still alive and half of its body was squirming.

When the King Kong Beast saw this, it threw the two halves of the snake’s body to the ground in disdain before ruthlessly stomping down on the head of the python.

The Lava Python was completely dead, and only half of its body was left writhing unconsciously.

At the same time, as the Lava Python died, Richard spurted out a mouthful of blood.

If the spirit beast contracted by the Beast Tamer died, the Beast Tamer would suffer a certain degree of damage.

Richard stared at the corpse of the Lava Python in disbelief.

He had not expected such an ending.

It was supposed to be an easy battle.

Yet this was the situation.

Richard glared at Giles with a vicious gaze and a ferocious expression.

“Blood-Winged Bat, attack Giles directly!” The Epic-rank flying beast was extremely fast.

Upon hearing Richard’s instructions, it charged towards Giles like a sharp sword.

Seeing this, Alina panicked.

“Giles, dodge quickly!” However, Giles did not panic in the face of an attack by an Epic-rank spirit beast.

This was because he had the Three-Headed Hellhound by his side.

Giles said calmly, “Three-headed Hellhound, make your move.

” Hearing this, the three heads of the Three-Headed Hellhound instantly revealed happy expressions.

It instantly activated its skill.

Guardian of the Underworld River: Condense the Underworld River to resist the enemy’s attack.

Soul Poison: A poison that originated from the depths of the soul.

Spirit beasts below the Legend-rank cannot withstand it.

Instantly, a black fog surged out of the Three-Headed Hellhound’s body before quickly condensing into a black river that enveloped Giles and Alina.

At the same time, the black flames burning on the Three-Headed Hellhound began to grow.

Then, they spread towards the outside of the Underworld River Shield.

Seeing this scene, Richard snickered.

“You actually want to use a Gold-rank spirit beast to ward off the attack? Has your brain been damaged on the brink of death?” “I don’t believe that your spirit beast can fight against an Epic-rank spirit beast.

” At that moment, the Blood-Winged Bat’s attack arrived.

However, just as it reached Giles, it suddenly fell from the air and landed on the ground, motionless.

Seeing this, Giles understood that the Three-Headed Hellhound’s Soul Poison had already taken effect.

The Soul Poison was a poison that directly affected the soul.

Spirit beasts could only resist it after reaching the Legend rank when their spiritual strength had increased greatly.

At this moment, the Blood-Winged Bat’s soul was being corroded by the poison.

Unless the Three-Headed Hellhound retracted its poison, the Blood-Winged Bat would definitely die! Needless to say, Giles wouldn’t do that.

On the other hand, Richard’s face was filled with horror as he roared at Giles,* “What have you done?” “Blood-Winged Bat, you piece of trash, get up!” Just then, he suddenly spat out another mouthful of blood.

Richard’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

His Epic-rank Blood-Winged Bat was dead! After confirming this, Richard could only suppress the horror and shock in his heart.

Then, he summoned a Gold-rank flying spirit beast and flew towards the distant forest.

He knew that he had severely underestimated Giles.

“Gold-rank spirit beasts? They can kill two Epic-rank spirit beasts? Great, great!” Richard’s eyes were filled with insanity.

“But I haven’t lost yet.

Just you wait, Giles!” Richard looked towards the depths of the forest, where his hope lay.

As long as he succeeded in that matter, it would be the death of Giles!