I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 11

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Giantize Innate Skill, Instant Kill Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations Inside the training ground of Starlux Gym.

With Giles’ instant kill, the outcome was decided.

There was indeed no suspense in this match.

It was a crushing victory.

However, it was the opposite of what they had imagined.

The Green-tailed Cat was unconscious.


It lay on the ground, convulsing.

Seeing this scene, Annie’s heart ached so much that she was on the brink of tears.

She quickly went forward and kept the Green-tailed Cat in the space on her arm.




Giles looked at the girl quietly, then slowly opened his mouth, “For your own glory, you forced your wounded spirit beast to fight.

” “That aside, you didn’t even know the status of your opponent’s spirit beast, yet you let your own spirit beast fight.

” “With all due respect, a person like you is not fit to be a Beast Tamer!” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM Giles wasn’t a talkative man.

However, after what had just happened, he really wanted to say something.

Perhaps the young lady before him wasn’t intentionally disregarding spirit beasts.

However, she had not considered the consequences before taking action.

As a result, her spirit beast was severely injured.

So, whether she listened or not, Giles said what he did.

He just hoped that the girl could understand.

On the other hand, Annie felt like every word that Giles uttered was pounding on her heart like a hammer.

Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

It was all because she wanted to participate in the Beast Tamer Tournament that the Green-tailed Cat suffered such serious injuries.

She recalled the first time she met the Green-tailed Cat.

She remembered that the Green-tailed Cat had brought her a fish for her birthday.

She recalled how the Green-tailed Cat had been squeezing its potential dry to evolve in order for her to participate in the Beast Tamer Tournament.

At that moment, she suddenly understood.

Compared to the Beast Tamer Tournament, she was more concerned about the Green-tailed Cat.

Then, she wiped the tears from her face.

“Thank… thank you.

” After that, she walked off the arena and left the Starlux Gym without looking at Bart and the others.

Instead, he turned around and coldy scanned Bart and the others.

“Do you still want to challenge me?” He had thought that it would be an easy challenge, but they had lost in the end.

How can Giles be a Gold-rank Beast Tamer? He was clearly just a Bronze-rank Beast Tamer previously.

Bart stared intently at the Swan Beast in the arena.

No matter how he looked at that elegant and pure-white body, he felt awful.

When he thought about how this spirit beast had defeated Annie, he felt indignant.

“I’ll challenge you!” Bart’s expression darkened as he stepped into the arena.

Since Annie had lost, he would continue with the challenge.

After all, he was a true Gold-rank Beast Tamer! Standing across from Giles, Bart summoned his spirit beast.

Gold-rank Spiritual Beast: Savage Blood Lion.

It was a majestic blood-red lion.

The moment it appeared, it immediately let out a long howl.

Everyone’s ears hurt from the shock.

“Can you still win this time?” Bart bared his white teeth and taunted.

When the other people below the arena saw this scene, they immediately spoke up.

“Bart’s Savage Blood Lion has been in the Gold-rank for a long time, whereas Giles’ Swan Beast has only just advanced to the Gold-rank.

Bart will definitely win!” “That’s right, not to mention that the Savage Blood Lion seems to have an innate skill.

” “Hah, I really envy Bart for having such an outstanding beast.

” “What’s the use of being envious? He has a good grandfather.

” “If you can’t win, just admit defeat.

” At that moment, Bart was confident of victory, and he smiled mockingly at Giles.

“Swan Beast, come back.

” “King Kong Beast, it’s your turn now!” The next moment, the four-meter tall King Kong Beast appeared in the arena.

It didn’t restrain its aura.

The immense aura Gold-rank spirit beast enveloped the entire arena.

Instantly, everyone felt that their brains were not functioning.

“What? Another Gold-rank spirit beast?!” “D*mn it, are all Gold-rank spirit beasts as common as cabbages now?” “It must have been left behind by Alice before she left.

D*mn it, we’ve hit a brick wall this time.

” In the arena, Bart’s face was ashen as he stared at the enormous black gorilla in front of him.

He could clearly sense that this spirit beast’s aura was even stronger than his spirit beast.

However, when he thought about the innate skill of his spirit beast… He heaved a sigh of relief.

This was because his Savage Blood Lion could ignite its blood essence and greatly increase its combat strength, including strength, speed, defense, and so on.

As long as it did not encounter an Epic-rank spirit beast, it would be invincible.

With this thought in mind, Bart gave the Savage Blood Lion an order.

“Savage Blood Lion, use your Bloodthirst skill!” A thick blood mist seeped out from the Savage Blood Lion’s body.

Then, its body instantly enlarged, and its eyes were no longer clear.

It became extremely ferocious, like an evil beast that had walked out from hell.

At that moment, the Savage Blood Lion’s battle strength was much stronger than before.

However, this could only last for a minute.

The moment time was up, the Savage Blood Lion would lose its combat power.

Bart had used this skill right from the start because he wanted to crush Giles’ spirit beast and win! Therefore, he did not hesitate at all.

“Savage Blood Lion, continue to use your Blood Bind skill!” The next moment, a few streaks of blood flew out from the Savage Blood Lion and arrived above the King Kong Beast.

The King Kong Beast was instantly entangled in it.

“The battle is over!” “Savage Blood Lion, use your Charge skill!” Bart felt that he could already see the light of victory.

The people below the arena were also discussing fervently.

“Bart won as expected!” “Other than Epic-rank spirit beasts, no spirit beast can fight against a Savage Blood Lion that has activated its innate talent!” “Not to mention, Giles’ spirit beast has already been controlled and can’t avoid this attack.

Bart will definitely win!” Giles sneered at these words.

“Hmph, you guys are celebrating too early.

” “Don’t think that only your spirit beast has innate skills.

My spirit beast has them too!” “King Kong Beast, use your Giantize skill!” Following Giles’ words, the King Kong Beast’s body instantly enlarged.

This was the limit that the King Kong Beast could reach.

At the same time, the King Kong Beast’s overall combat strength was also increased.

It was different from the Savage Blood Lion.

There was no time limit to the King Kong Beast’s transformation.

At the same time, there were no side effects! Therefore, the outcome of this battle was already decided! Just then, the blood threads binding the King Kong Beast had already been severed and disappeared.

“King Kong Beast, end the battle!” Giles commanded.

Facing the Savage Blood Lion’s charge, the King Kong Beast was not bothered by it.

It waved its hand and stopped the Savage Blood Lion.

The Savage Blood Lion was sent flying to the protective barrier of the training ground and landed on the ground.

The next moment, everyone looked at the protective barrier that kept shattering.