I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 1

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: What? You Want Me to Manage the Gym? Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations Yin City.

Inside Starlux Gym, Giles was feeding a group of small beasts.

The little beasts hummed as they ate the red fruit that he handed over.

Their eyes were squinting as if they were enjoying the delicacy at that moment.

“All of you eat so much all day, but you don’t grow any bigger.

I wonder where all your food went?” Giles smiled at their nonchalant behaviour and continued to put the fruit in front of them.

After a while, seeing that they were almost done eating, Giles put away the remaining fruits and prepared to head back.

A dark shadow landed at Giles’ feet and tugged at his pant leg.

Giles instantly felt a huge force coming from his leg and he couldn’t break free.




He looked down and saw a little black gorilla.

“I knew it was you, Little Black.

You’re always late for meals.

” While saying that, Giles handed Little Black the rest of the fruit.

Little Black took it and started eating happily.

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COM Staring at it, Giles felt slightly wistful.

“To have such strength before growing up… The spirit beasts in this world are simply too terrifying.

” That’s right, Giles was a transmigrator.

He had transmigrated from Earth to the present world.

Unlike Earth, this was a world where spiritual energy had awakened.

The blood moon hung in the sky, enveloping the entire world.

The Blue Planet instantly became countless times larger, and many unknown places appeared.

However, this was not a good thing.

At first, the humans did not notice anything unusual.

Instead, they organized teams to explore these unfamiliar territories that no one had ventured to before.

Who would have thought that there would be numerous ferocious beasts inside? Humans had suffered an unprecedented attack.

Other than that, the animals and plants in the real world also began to evolve into all kinds of terrifying ferocious beasts.

Within a short period of time, countless animals evolved, developed intelligence, and began to attack humans.

At that moment, they were more than ten meters long.

Even mankind’s firearms could not stop their advancement.

In this spiritual-energy awakening, the only ones who did not evolve were humans.

Some people felt that it might be because humans had reached the peak of evolution, so they couldn’t infuse the spiritual aura and evolve further.

However, it was useless to talk about all these.

The reason being that the apocalypse had arrived.

In the face of these terrifying ferocious beasts, the human army suffered defeat after defeat and was massacred by these vicious beasts.

Many people had to leave their homes and struggled to survive.

In just a few decades, mankind had lost 80% of its population.

Without a good solution to deal with this crisis, the extermination of humanity would be imminent! Fortunately, someone had inadvertently discovered a special connection between humans and the ferocious beasts.

Using this connection, humans could contract the ferocious beasts and communicate with them, thereby turning them into their comrades.

These beasts that were contracted were known as Spirit Beasts.

The people who contracted them were called Beast Tamer.

Henceforth, the Blue Planet entered the era of spirit cultivation! Anyone could choose their own spirit beasts to contract and cultivate, imparting them combat knowledge.

Just like that, under the leadership of generations of powerful Beast Tamers, humans escaped the calamity of extermination and began to launch a counterattack against the ferocious beasts.

In the end, the humans chased the beasts back into the forest and won the final victory.

Countless years later, human civilization had been rebuilt.

New steel cities rose from the ruins destroyed by the ferocious beasts.

The survivors gradually adapted to their current peaceful lives.

This was obtained through earless Beast Tamers who put their lives out there in exchange for all of these.

Presently, Beast Tamers had already become a nation-wide occupation.

After reaching a certain age, everyone could choose to contract a spirit beast.

This also led to the birth of numerous Beast-taming Gyms.

Beast-taming Gyms were exclusive places to evaluate the ranks of Spirit Trainers.

At the same time, they could provide the training grounds that Spirit Trainers needed.

In addition, each Beast-taming Gym was also a ticket to the Global Beast Tamer Tournament.

Only those who successfully challenged a certain number of Beast-taming Gyms could participate in the Global Beast Tamer Tournament.

This was the dream of almost every Beast Tamer.

Everyone wanted to participate in the Global Beast Tamer Tournament to prove themselves.

This resulted in many people challenging the Beast-taming Gyms, wanting to obtain the admission ticket to the tournament.

Just as he was thinking about this, he suddenly heard a voice coming from the front yard.

Probably someone here to challenge the Beast-taming Gym.

Giles understood and walked over to watch the battle.

“Hello, Gym Leader, I want to challenge you!” A girl of around 17 or 18 years old, said to the Gym Leader in the training ground of the Starlux Gym.

She clenched her fists and took a deep breath, looking a little nervous.

Opposite her was a woman in her twenties.

She was slim and had a pretty face.

Her skin was as white as snow, and she had a head of golden hair.

It was Alice, the ninth-generation leader of the Starlux Gym.

Faced with the girl’s challenge, she flipped her hair aside and smiled.

“I accept your challenge.

What level of challenge do you want to choose?” The girl was still a little nervous.

Even her tone sounded a little unnatural.

With that, she raised her right arm, and a silver tattoo on it began to glow.

The next moment, a cat-like animal appeared beside the girl.

“This is my spirit beast, Green-tailed Cat!” “Gym Leader, please teach me.

” Alice also raised her arm and began to summon her spirit beast.

When the light disappeared, a huge silver wolf appeared beside her.

“Spirit beast, Silvermoon Wolf King.

” “The challenge begins.

” Following Alice’s announcement, there was a flash of light and the training ground was enveloped in a transparent light shield.

This was the Gym’s protective measure.

This was to prevent the gym from being affected by the attacks of the spirit beasts during the challenge.

Giles, who was watching from outside the training ground, shook his head.

“Another one who’s not afraid of death.

” As one of the only two people in the gym, he was sure that this girl would lose.

This was because the gym leader’s spirit beast, the Silvermoon Wolf King, was no ordinary spirit beast.

Although it was of the same rank as the girl’s spiritual beast, the Silvermoon Wolf had a unique innate skill.

[Bloodthirsty Halo: It can greatly increase one’s combat power within a short period of time.

] As for the girl’s spirit beast, the Green-tailed Cat, apart from some common skills, it basically didn’t have any innate skills.

Unless that spirit beast could evolve later on, there would be no suspense in the outcome of this match.

As expected, a moment later… The girl’s spirit beast was defeated.

It turned into a ray of light and flew back to the tattoo on the girl’s arm.

The girl hung her head dejectedly and turned to leave.

She wasn’t the only one who had failed the challenge.

To his knowledge, there were many of them.

She was just one of many.

Not just anyone could qualify to participate in the Global Beast Tamer Tournament.

In every tournament, there would be an astonishingly talented Beast Tamer who would shine and become the vanguard of the new generation, obtaining innumerable glory.

For these reasons, how many people ended up participating in the competition with their heads bleeding? One could imagine how difficult the road there was.

Giles shook his head and stopped thinking about all that, as he saw Alice signal for him to go over.

Giles was utterly confused.

“What? You want me to manage the Beast-taming Gym on your behalf?”