Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 204

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 204

“Let’s not talk about these phenomena for now.

At least, the problems we’re facing now are relatively obvious.

” After summarizing the information he saw, Ye Chen paused and decided to explain the current problem to everyone.

“The problem is that the characteristics of the secret chamber in the mental world have yet to be completely cut off with the real world.

If it has already completely overlapped with reality, these two pieces of red gel should have been determined to be cut off from the main body.

It should have returned to its original state and not been affected by Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy.

” He explained this to everyone.

The group of Divine Beasts surrounded Ye Chen and listened to him talk about his speculations about the secret chamber.

The leader of the Feather Dragons and the uncomfortable Godly Sea Steadying Needle also joined in.

Since they were analyzing Zhurong’s memories, of course, everyone’s interest was piqued and they raised their own speculations enthusiastically.

Of course, most of it was useless.

Monkey’s words were the most ridiculous.

He asked if Ye Chen hadn’t cut the tunnel clean enough and left some remnants of the secret treasure on the walls of the tunnel, causing the characteristics of the secret chamber in the mental world to remain.

It had shared what it had seen with Ye Chen and Little Purple through the Titan’s Eye, and it could see the scene in the golden feather the clearest.

Therefore, its guess was still considered logical.

The other Divine Beasts actually couldn’t come up with any evidence to refute it.

Ye Chen could only ignore this.

The system notification confirmed that there was definitely no problem with the tunnel he cut.

Moreover, if he had left even a small fragment of the secret treasure in the tunnel, it might cause the imbalance to appear again.

The stone spikes that grew out of the four walls and the ceiling would definitely pierce through him.




Therefore, Monkey’s words could be said to be made up.

However, the leader of the Feather Dragons, who had been listening quietly, gave him a big reminder.


Ye, I’m very interested in the speculation that the Spiritual Energy of the mental world and the real world can communicate.

” It asked after a long time, “In your opinion, the gel that the Deep Sea Dragons’ corpses make is the channel to communicate between the mental world and the real world.

Is that right?” Ye Chen nodded and said, “I think so, although there’s no basis for it.

” He pointed at the Godly Sea Steadying Needle lying beside him.

“It’s not sure if the Deep Sea Dragons have such characteristics, but according to the memory images I saw, the connection between these gels is indeed strange.

After all, if one wants to bring additional substances with Spiritual Energy into the mental world, other than the method of hiding in Little Purple’s stomach like ours, the only way is to synchronize its Spiritual Energy with the creator of the mental world.

However, it wasn’t brought in by synchronizing its Spiritual Energy.

” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM After the creator of the mental world entered the mental world, the connection wouldn’t be severed if he had a connection with other people or mutated beasts with Spiritual Energy.

However, if it was someone, mutated beasts, or even inanimate objects who wasn’t connected with the creator, they wouldn’t be able to enter the mental world directly.

To this day, only the Titan Race was an exception.

If these existences wanted to enter the mental world, there was usually only one way.

That was to establish a synchronization of Spiritual Energy with the creator and unify their Spiritual Energy attributes and rhythm with the creator.

This way, they could deceive the judgment mechanism of the mental world and enter it.

However, this method was basically impossible for living beings to use.

This is because if there was a trace of unsynchronization, they would be thrown out of the mental world again.

The inanimate objects too will also lose the rhythm of their own Spiritual Energy, if their Spiritual Energy was synchronized.

The latter phenomenon should have appeared on the red gel, but it still maintained Spiritual Energy communication with the main gel part in the real world, which meant that it didn’t synchronize with the “creator.

” This characteristic also appeared between the two secret chambers in the early stages.

The same secret chambers and the illusionary mist that leaked from the mental world to reality.

These similarities made Ye Chen guess that its effect was greater than hiding in the illusionary mist.

However, the leader of the Feather Dragons was concerned about other aspects.

“If we want to communicate, it should be a correspondence between the mental world and the real world,” it said.

“There are arrays affecting the secret chamber and the outside world, so we can’t communicate with Spiritual Energy.

Therefore, there should be two Goulong arrays now, right?” “According to our previous perception, that’s right.

I’ve asked Little Purple to investigate it,” Ye Chen replied.

Then, he looked at it in doubt.

“What do you want to say? Ask me everything at once.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons gestured in the air with its wings.

“Didn’t you say that the tunnel cut out not only has the secret treasure of the Titan Race, but also something that releases the illusionary mist of the Deep Sea Dragons to hide it? Doesn’t that mean that there’s also a gel that can communicate between the two worlds?” It said and started to suggest, “In that case, why don’t you go to the intersection of the ice and fire arrays corresponding to the tunnel and see if there’s anything hidden there too?” Its words were very clear.

Its guess was that the mental world and the real world were still together because there was still one connection that had not been cut off.

In the end, the reason why the two worlds overlapped was only because the balance of the mental world had been destroyed.

If the real world had a similar safeguard, it was indeed possible for the two worlds to overlap.

Ye Chen was silent for a few seconds and suddenly clapped.

“Good! You’re right!” He said excitedly.

“Why didn’t I think of that!” The other Divine Beasts instantly turned to look at him.

“Master, are you saying that there’s also a section of that gel there to stabilize the connection between the mental world and the real world?” Monkey asked.

“Could there be a trap hidden in that place?” “What’s there to be afraid of with a trap? We have Little Purple.

” Ye Chen was full of confidence.

He could immediately confirm that there was indeed gel used to stabilize the two worlds at the intersection of the ice and fire arrays after he reacted.

It was mainly because of the scene he had just seen.

When Monkey shared its vision with him to see the inside of the golden feather, he did see the memory of the Titan secret treasure wrapped in gel being sealed in the wall.

However, his focus was on the balance point of the mental world, which is the secret treasure.

He ignored the gel wrapped around it at that time.

Based on Ye Chen’s judgment at that time, the gel was dark in color.

Or rather, he couldn’t distinguish the color clearly even though he could barely determine the material.

After all, a red filter had been added to its vision at that time.

It could only be said that the color was different from red.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such an obvious color difference.

If he removed the overly colorful red, Ye Chen guessed that it should be a light purple.

At the intersection of the ice and fire arrays, under the illumination of the blue and red Spirit Stones, there was such a color.