Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 198

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 198

Since he already knew that nothing would happen to the Godly Sea Steadying Needle, Ye Chen was relieved and focused on dealing with the cover that covered the other fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool.

It was smelted from the corpses of the Deep Sea Dragons.

It could only be destroyed by attacks of Fire Spiritual Energy because of the nature of its Spiritual Energy.

Zhurong could not use its power in the secret chamber, so Ye Chen could only do this.

Of course, Ye Chen, who had yet to open the Titan’s Eye, could not see the cover in the illusionary mist completely.

Fortunately, before he came in, Kun Peng put another layer of the Spirit Wall Space on him and successfully isolated part of the illusionary mist.

Therefore, Ye Chen could vaguely see a slightly pulsating area on the ground, like a heart.

The density of the illusionary mist indeed increased slowly as the ground in this area pulsated.

The system warning about the density of the illusionary mist had already appeared several times but was ignored by Ye Chen.

He squatted down and carefully placed the hand that was burning with the Undying Divine Fire close to this hidden cover.

At the same time, he adjusted the flames to a very small cluster.

The Undying Divine Fire had the ability to burn all matter.

However, the current situation was that Ye Chen couldn’t destroy this cursed cover completely at the same time.

Instead, he needed to preserve most of it.

Other than being afraid that he would hurt the fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool below, it was also because the Godly Sea Steadying Needle needed the Spiritual Energy in it.

That was why he controlled the flames more accurately, in case his previous preparations were wasted.

The moment the cover touched the Undying Divine Fire, Ye Chen immediately saw that its appearance had changed.

The dense illusionary mist in front of him had faded significantly.

The gray stone that was originally the same color as the bottom of the secret chamber had also changed briefly.

It looked like a red translucent gel that was similar to a Fire Spirit Stone.

It was still pulsating slightly and felt soft.

At first glance, it looked like a huge heart.

However, as soon as Ye Chen stopped, the appearance of this heart quickly changed back.

The illusionary mist must have become stronger again.




Ye Chen no longer had any doubts.

When he squatted down and continued to use the Undying Divine Fire, he got closer to the ground.

This time, he could see even more clearly that as the Undying Divine Fire attacked, a burn mark appeared on the gel.

The color of the golden-red fragment of the Spirit Pool below was already very obvious.

It was as if the crack of the gel on the cover and the fragment of the Spirit Pool were only less than a centimeter from each other.

He put away the Undying Divine Fire and switched to ordinary flames.

Then, he took out a dagger made of the sharp teeth of a Flame Lizard.

This was one of the items that Kun Peng had taken from the mansion in Fan City.

Ye Chen had used it a few times when he was cooking.

It was easier to cut the flesh with this dagger.

This time, he could use it.

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COM He attached the flames to the dagger.

The dagger was much easier to control than the Undying Divine Fire.

This way, he didn’t have to worry about accidentally injuring the fragment of the Spirit Pool.

Although he wasn’t sure if the attack power of the Undying Divine Fire could cause damage to the fragment of the Spirit Pool, ordinary flames definitely couldn’t do that.

It couldn’t even compare to the heat of the Spirit Pool.

It was only used to increase the hardness of the dagger.

Ye Chen used his hand that was covered in flames to grab the part that had already been cut open and pulled it up.

When it looked like part of the cover had already been separated from Zhurong’s Spirit Pool fragment, he calmly let the dagger enter into the hole again and cut down.

The fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool was completely revealed.

Part of it was grayish-white and there was an obvious hole in the area that had clearly been dug out.

Golden-red liquid seeped out from it and soaked most of the fragment of the Spirit Pool into the liquid.

It looked a little disgusting.

Zhurong immediately came up.

“Well done, kid!” It said loudly and quickly reached out its claws to grab the cover that had been divided into two and threw it into Ye Chen’s arms.

“Looks like the illusionary mist on my side has been resolved!” It smiled.

As it tore off the cover, the illusionary mist in the fire array immediately dissipated.

Ye Chen hugged the two pieces of red gel and was a little stunned.

“That’s it?” He asked in disbelief.

“It was taken away from where it was.

Why did the illusionary mist dissipate?” “Because it’s not just covering the center of the array, it’s also covering the fragment of my main body’s Spirit Pool,” Zhurong explained.

“Although the power in the fragment of the Spirit Pool isn’t enough to burn away the cover, it’s still very easy to cover the illusionary mist.

” “Didn’t you say that releasing Spiritual Energy alone isn’t offensive?” Ye Chen looked at it a few more times.

“It depends on what Master is thinking.

If you want to attack, then it will be offensive.

If you don’t want to, then it won’t.

” As Zhurong spoke, it squatted down on the fragment of the Spirit Pool.

“Whether it’s me or this fragment of the Spirit Pool, it’s very difficult not to attack after being imprisoned here for so many years.

” “I understand.

” Ye Chen nodded and asked, “Why are you squatting? Aren’t you coming out with me?” Zhurong looked at him in surprise.

“How can I go out with you?” It asked.

“Have you forgotten that there’s a trap? If I don’t absorb its overflowing Spiritual Energy and mental energy here, the trap will be triggered at any time!” “Can’t you stop its Spiritual Energy from leaking?” Ye Chen asked.

“Is this also a trap?” As he spoke, he opened the interface and looked at Zhurong’s data panel.

His combat strength had increased and there was no third degree of growth.

This meant that the consciousness of this fragment of the Spirit Pool had already been absorbed and merged, completely under the control of Zhurong’s consciousness.

“That’s fine too.

After all, it’s damaged.

It’s normal for Spiritual Energy to leak… If my main body wasn’t here, I would have triggered the trap again.

Therefore, I advise you not to think about going to the secret chamber in the ice array to remove the cover there.

Goulong isn’t possessed.

If Spiritual Energy also leaks from the fragment of its Spirit Pool, it won’t be able to come out and stop the trap from being triggered.

” It instructed Ye Chen.

This way, there was only one thing Ye Chen could do for the time being.

That was to give the cover that had just been peeled off to the Godly Sea Steadying Needle and let it adjust its original Spiritual Energy.

After all, it might have to cooperate with Little Purple and use the Titan’s Eye to observe.

Ye Chen’s plan was to go to the secret chamber in the ice array again before the plan completely started.