Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 196

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 196

The refinement method of Wood Spirit Stones was no different from that of Water Spirit Stones.

It was just that the former had a thin protective shell.

After activating the Fire Melting Art to remove the impurities from the outer layer of mixed Spiritual Energy, Ye Chen started to carefully refine the Wood Spiritual Energy in the core of the Spirit Stone.

However, a different situation appeared.

After being refined, the Wood Spiritual Energy did not form a cloud of Spiritual Energy like before.

Instead, a sticky liquid landed in his palm.

The Spiritual Energy formed around the liquid did not spread out.

It looked like a light green ball of fur in Ye Chen’s hand.

“What is this, Wood Marrow?” He asked in doubt.

“It’s just a part of the Wood Marrow.

When the Wood Marrow of the Life and Death Wood is active, it has a special function.

It can absorb a large amount and create a small amount of Wood Spiritual Energy.

As time passed, the Spiritual Energy merged with the Wood Marrow.

This is a part of the Wood Marrow that has yet to turn into a Spirit Stone.

It’s just that the Spiritual Energy inside is already quite weak,” Zhurong replied.

“Does this mean that it’s still active since the Spiritual Energy is gathered beside it?” Ye Chen pointed at the yellowish-green Spiritual Energy ball.

“It’s already been so long since it left the main body.

Is it actually still active?” Zhurong let out a sigh.

“No one knows the wonders of the Life and Death Wood anymore.

The ability of the Life and Death Wood is to exchange for life and death.

At that time, there were many mutated beasts that killed the other mutated beasts under the Life and Death Wood and used its ability to convert their life force to heal themselves.

” It sighed.

“How can such a magical plant not have extremely strong vitality?” As it spoke, it came in front of Ye Chen and looked at the Life and Death Wood Marrow in his hand for a while before speaking again.

“It seems to be a little lacking in vitality, so it’s impossible to completely retract the Spiritual Energy that has dissipated, nor can it create Spiritual Energy again.

” It said seriously, “You’ve already refined it.

Just inject the Water Spiritual Energy into it and activate it.

As long as the Wood Marrow can regain its vitality, the Spiritual Energy will naturally be retracted.

At that time, it will be able to maintain its fluid state to cleanse the Beast Spirit Contract.

” Ye Chen stopped using the Fire Melting Art and gathered the Water Spiritual Energy in his palm.

Originally, he guessed that after coming into contact with the cold Water Spiritual Energy, the Wood Marrow might condense even faster.

However, in fact, this phenomenon did not happen.

Instead, as his Spiritual Energy was injected, the Wood Marrow seemed to have reconnected with a living being.

The slightly dark yellow color turned golden again.

The Spiritual Energy was also completely absorbed not long after.

It was indeed restored to a piece of seemingly fresh Wood Marrow that Ye Chen held in his palm without any external influence.




“Idiot, remove the Spirit Wall Space.

” Ye Chen said to Kun Peng and turned to the other side.

“Godly Sea Steadying Needle, come here.

” The Godly Sea Steadying Needle hurried forward and obediently revealed the Beast Spirit Contract.

After Ye Chen smeared the Wood Marrow on the contract seal, it revealed a slightly uncomfortable expression.

“Senior Zhurong, I feel a sharp pain in the location of the contract seal.

This should be normal, right?” It turned its head and asked.

“I’ve never cleansed it before.

I don’t know.

” Zhurong’s answer was very heartless.

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COM Instead, Little Purple suddenly spoke.

“Five, I’ve used the Titan’s Eye to check.

The remaining power on your Beast Spirit Contract is being removed,” it said.

“I really didn’t expect that the remaining Spiritual Energy of that person from before actually exists in your entire body even though there’s only the external manifestation of the Beast Spirit Contract!” The Godly Sea Steadying Needle shuddered.

“Little Purple, your words are so terrifying.

It’s as if the poison has already spread to my entire body after I was poisoned…” It said and then curled up even tighter on the bone pillar.

” I’ll be able to cleanse that human’s Spiritual Energy soon.

Please don’t say such things again! ” “That’s something I have to say.

” Little Purple blinked.

“That’s because the power in the Wood Marrow of Life and Death is also flowing through your meridians.

It seems like it’s being absorbed by you.

” Upon hearing this, the Godly Sea Steadying Needle finally reacted and looked at the original location of the Beast Spirit Contract.

The Wood Marrow that had been smeared on it had already dried out at some point in time, leaving a small light brown translucent shell on the scale, far less than the Wood Marrow itself.

When he probed it with his Spiritual Energy again, he could no longer sense any Spiritual Energy.

“So, I absorbed a wood-type Spirit Stone from another world? Let me see…” The Godly Sea Steadying Needle said in disbelief.

As it spoke, it immediately mobilized its Spiritual Energy and searched its meridians.

“I do have a lot of Wood Spiritual Energy in me!” After a while, it nodded and said, “However, I don’t have any related Mystic Abilities.

When I find a Wood-type cultivation art tablet in the future, you must teach it to me.

Master, I feel that it will be very useful.

Master, what’s wrong?” It looked at Ye Chen confidently but realized that Ye Chen’s gaze was a little complicated.

It could not help but ask.

“Don’t you think there’s a problem with the Spiritual Energy you absorbed?” Ye Chen asked, “Can you completely control it?” He asked this for no reason.

The Godly Sea Steadying Needle clearly didn’t understand the situation but still answered him.

“It’s a little difficult to control.

I feel that its flow is different from my original Spiritual Energy.

Moreover, my perception seems to be a little weaker for the time being.

I’m trying to adjust it now.

” It said softly and couldn’t help but ask, “Master, how did you know that there was a problem with my control of it?” The one who answered the question was not Ye Chen.

“Are you saying that you can’t control the flow of the Spiritual Energy you absorb? It’s not that you can’t adapt to the speed of its flow, but that the entire operating system is different from yours?” Zhurong exclaimed, “This is a huge matter! In your situation, it’s as if the Spiritual Energy in the Wood Marrow hasn’t lost its activity but has resurrected you as the main body!” “Do you mean… the Wood Marrow treated me as a Life and Death Wood?” The Godly Sea Steadying Needle asked carefully, “Will anything happen to me?” “Nothing will happen,” Ye Chen replied.

However, what made the Godly Sea Steadying Needle uneasy was that he added another sentence.

“It’s just that I don’t quite understand your current constitution.