Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 194

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 194

Monkey couldn’t help but ridicule upon hearing Zhurong’s words.

“You also know that Zhurong’s consciousness can’t speak clearly.

Why don’t you explain it yourself? I heard it talk a lot but I still don’t understand everything!” Zhurong once again put on the airs of an elder to Monkey.

“I’ve already observed that among Ye Chen’s Divine Beasts, you’re the most rash.

” It lectured, “You’re always so rash, so you can only be taken care of by others.

When you’re alone, your combat strength will greatly decrease.

At this time, you have to learn to use your brain more.

Start from understanding that fool’s words—” “Stop, stop, stop! I don’t want to hear your lecture!” Monkey’s eyes widened.

“Besides, you said that the other Senior Zhurong’s consciousness is a fool.

Aren’t you also scolding yourself?!” Zhurong flapped its wings.

“I’m different from it.

We can only be considered a part of the whole when we return to the main body.

” It said, “Don’t worry and pass on the message.

I’ll correct anything that’s wrong.

” Ye Chen could not help but glance at Zhurong.

Although it had a bird’s face, its expression was obvious that it was playing with Monkey.

He could not help but lament in his heart that it did not change its playfulness.

He had just said that it could not joke about important matters.

Fortunately, Monkey didn’t continue to argue with Zhurong this time.

Instead, he started to seriously convey the solution to the Beast Spirit Contract to him.

“That Senior Zhurong said that the Beast Spirit Contract is a method used by mutated beasts with high combat strength and high levels in ancient times to make other mutated beasts weaker than it and submit to it.

However, because it’s not a permanent submission, the Beast Spirit Contract can also disappear.

” It first mentioned the premise.

“That’s right.

We knew about this before.

” Ye Chen waved his hand, indicating for Monkey to continue.

“The Beast Spirit Contract developed by humans now uses the same principles as before.

” Monkey continued, “Although the Beast Spirit Contract seems to be able to keep mutated beasts by its master’s side, the effect of the Beast Spirit Contract hasn’t increased.

This is because the lifespan of humans is too short compared to mutated beasts.

The owner will probably die before the hundred years of the Beast Spirit Contract expires.


” It couldn’t help but laugh.

“Be serious.

” Ye Chen patted Monkey’s head gently.

“Can’t you see that there are old demons who can live to 800 years old?” .



Of course, he was talking about the continent-level master who imprisoned the Feather Dragons here.

He was 800 years old and had long exceeded the age that ordinary people could live.

“Master, you’re right.

Therefore, the master of the mutated beasts that live for a long time will constantly renew their contracts to achieve their goal of controlling the mutated beasts under them.

” Monkey nodded.

“However, if the mutated beasts under its command have rising stars, they can also have other ways to cleanse the contract marks on their bodies.

” “A rising star… You’re saying that as long as the mutated beast’s ability exceeds its master, it will have a way to cleanse the contract?” Ye Chen was a little surprised.

“But I remember that the Godly Sea Steadying Needle’s previous master’s combat strength was at Level 100,000.

The Godly Sea Steadying Needle has yet to surpass it.

” At this point, Kun Peng flew out.

“Master, you’re wrong!” It retorted.

“I spent a day with that bandit called Gao Ming.

How could that guy have the combat strength of Level 100,000? He’s definitely weaker than me, even weaker than the Godly Sea Steadying Needle.

You must be mistaken!” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM Ye Chen frowned.

He saw Gao Ming’s combat strength through the system.

It was impossible for the system to make a mistake in this aspect.

But after a while, he figured it out.

The reason was very simple.

The combat strength Kun Peng mentioned was completely different from what the system showed.

For example, if Ye Chen opened the system to take a look at his combat strength, he would realize that his combat strength was at the Million Level.

If Zhurong’s main body, which was cultivating in the Divine Court, worked harder, it might not be a problem for him to reach the Million Level.

Was Ye Chen that strong? No.

This was just a value created by the system by superimposing the combat power of all the mutated beasts on its master.

When the Godly Sea Steadying Needle was captured by Gao Ming and forced to recognize him as its master, its combat strength might indeed be lower than Gao Ming.

However, Gao Ming’s own combat strength, according to Kun Peng’s guess at that time, was very likely less than 30,000.

It was just that he had captured more mutated beasts, which increased his combat strength to 100,000.

It was basically impossible for him to suppress the current Godly Sea Steadying Needle with his own strength.

Ye Chen was not worried at all about whether Gao Ming’s combat strength could suddenly increase and catch up.

It was only about ten days since Ye Chen first entered Fan City.

Gao Ming had lost the Godly Sea Steadying Needle and Kun Peng had taken away so many materials for mutated beasts to increase their strength.

It was already good enough that his strength had not decreased.

On the other hand, Ye Chen’s overall strength had increased greatly for both him and his mutated beasts.

He even had a few new companions.

How could anyone encounter such luck? Therefore, when Monkey said that “that Senior Zhurong thought that the combat strength of the Godly Sea Steadying Needle seemed to have satisfied the conditions for removing the contract seal,” Ye Chen did not show it on his face and remained calm even though he was overjoyed in his heart.

However, Monkey suddenly stopped talking and started to frown.

“Since the conditions have been met, how should the contract seal of the Godly Sea Steadying Needle be removed?” Ye Chen asked when it did not speak.

“It can’t explain the latter part!” Monkey looked extremely irritable.

“It said that it wanted us to find a type of wood and use the Wood Marrow to cleanse the contract seal.

Then… Oh, how troublesome!” As it spoke, it stomped its feet anxiously.

Zhurong, who was watching from the side, couldn’t help but laugh.

“Those mutated beasts whose strength has increased will have more ability to move on their own.

” It continued, “Use the Wood Marrow of the Life and Death Wood to cleanse the contract seal.

You can dilute it until it disappears.

” “What’s the Life and Death Wood? I’ve never heard of it.

” He asked in doubt.

“Of course you don’t know.

The Life and Death Wood is what we call it.

” Zhurong chuckled and said, “This plant is rare and the Wood Marrow is also extremely precious.

After that, the Life and Death Wood was gathered by mutated beasts in various foreign realms and disappeared from the world.

However, after their Wood Marrow condenses, it becomes the foreign realm Spirit Stone you mentioned.

” Then, it extended its wings and pointed at Ye Chen.

“The wood-type ones, light green or light yellow.

Look in the pile of Spirit Stones from the foreign realm you got.

There’s definitely one.