Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 190

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 190

Ye Chen retracted the flames and looked at the time shown by the system.

The search took less than three minutes.

He had more than enough time—if he didn’t fight to the death with this secret treasure.

He was very clear about the way to use the illusionary mist.

The Godly Sea Steadying Needle had once told him that when it was only used to hide an item or a human or a mutated beast, the illusionary mist would not be dispersed.

Instead, it would condense in one place and wrap around the hidden item.

Although the range would clearly be greater than the hidden item, it would not exceed it by too much.

It was precisely because of this characteristic that the effect of the illusionary mist would actually be slightly weakened in the eyes of some extremely powerful perception-type Divine Beasts.

This was because the other party could sense the range of the Spiritual Energy of the illusionary mist.

In this case, what was hidden inside was equivalent to being directly exposed.

And now that he had found the illusionary mist on this stone wall, it could basically prove that the hidden treasure was on the stone wall.

However, there was also something used to release the illusionary mist on the stone walls.

If it was the same as the situation in the real world, it would be the body parts of the Deep Sea Dragons.

It was impossible for Ye Chen to quickly find the exact location of the secret treasure on this entire stone wall with it around.

The time limit for the Divine Descendant Body would pass.

Therefore, Ye Chen’s plan was very simple and crude.

“I won’t have to touch it directly as long as I knock down this stone wall and take it away… It’s really convenient that the interior of this mental world can be destroyed.

” He retreated to the outside of the tunnel at one end and started a fire on the stone wall about four to five meters away.

After burning through the entire stone wall and confirming that there was no illusionary mist, he extended his right index finger and drew a vertical line on the stone wall.

Immediately, a crack as wide as a finger appeared on the vertical line that he had touched after a crisp sound.




“Its power is not bad!” Ye Chen smiled confidently and flew up.

The lines he casually drew slashed out inconspicuous dark lights.

Wherever they went, there were cracks that were so deep that they pierced through the entire tunnel.

In the blink of an eye, half of the tunnel was cut down.

This was another Divine Power that Ye Chen had just found from the icon of the Divine Descendant Body.

The name of this Divine Power was very simple.

It was called the Stone Blade.

It was specially used to deal with items with the earth attribute and could destroy it at will.

For example, the petrified body tissues of the Ice Fire Beetle or the extremely strong ordinary advanced Spirit Stones could be destroyed by it instantly.

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COM According to Ye Chen’s experiment just now, its power was indeed extraordinary.

And now, he only needed to cut the connection between the tunnel and the ground to take the entire tunnel away.

At this moment, he had to thank the system inventory that had unlimited space.

Ye Chen confidently extended his finger to the part where the tunnel connected to the ground.

At this moment, a system notification popped up.

[Hidden prompt message: This tunnel is the balance point of the Ice Fire Beetle’s mental world.

Please operate carefully and don’t make the tunnel deviate from its balance.

If it deviates, please transfer the key in the tunnel out of this mental world.

Otherwise, it might lead to serious consequences.

] Ye Chen’s hand stopped.

“Warning tip?” He was puzzled.

“What’s a balance point?” This notification came just in time, but it more or less made him speechless.

“I can’t make the tunnel deviate and lose its balance… How is that possible? How can my hand be so stable? Furthermore, after the Stone Blade had cut through it, this large piece of tunnel will definitely smash into the ground.

I can’t possibly control the direction it falls, right?” Although he grumbled, Ye Chen still decided to listen to the system notification obediently.

After all, what it said had indeed never tricked him.

Since he couldn’t not destroy the balance of the tunnel, he would throw it into his inventory after he had cut it.

The secret treasure that the system notification called “the key in the tunnel” would naturally be transferred out of the mental world.

He immediately bent down and held onto the stone wall outside the tunnel with one hand while quickly using the Stone Blade with the other to cut down half of the tunnel.

There was another crisp sound, followed by a heavy thud.

After the last bit of support was cut open, the tunnel fell heavily and the entire ground shook.

Ye Chen, who was already prepared, quickly opened his inventory and threw the entire tunnel into it.

In an instant, Ye Chen’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right.

It looks brighter after the tunnel turns bigger.

” He knew that the problem was solved.

He looked at his inventory happily and was stunned by the item named “Ice Fire Beetle Mental World Trap.

” “It’s true that it has the characteristics of a trap, but can it be considered a trap in this entire mental world?” He looked around in disbelief.

In the end, he realized a huge problem.

In the mental world of the Ice Fire Beetle, the ceiling and four walls were initially filled with round and smooth silver-gray stones.

But now, many at least two-meter-long spikes had appeared on these stones, and the spikes were all aimed at the entrance of the tunnel.

“I think I put it in my inventory within a second of the tunnel crashing down, right?” Ye Chen felt a chill down his spine.

“If I was a few seconds late, these stone spikes would have grown here and pierced through me, right?” This time, he deeply understood why this secret treasure was called the trap of the entire mental world of the Ice Fire Beetle.

However, what was even stranger was that the abnormalities of the spikes did not appear above the two secret chambers.

However, they clearly moved a little in the direction of the tunnel, which made Ye Chen vigilant.

“Little Purple, Monkey, has the array in the secret chamber over there moved?” Because he sensed his race, Ye Chen directly asked Little Purple and Monkey about the situation in the real world.


” Little Purple was the first to answer.

“As soon as I saw the secret chamber over there move, I tried to look at the secret chamber over here.

Its location hasn’t changed at all.

” Ye Chen frowned and walked through the tunnel again, heading towards the corresponding space in the ice array on the other side.

The situation there was still the same as in the fire array.

Before he could figure out what was going on, he felt his vision blur.

The scene of his mental world quickly faded away and the scenery of the ice and fire arrays appeared below.

However, before the image of the mental world completely disappeared, he vaguely saw that the four walls and the spikes on the top of the array were slowly retracting.

At the same time, the entire space was gradually shrinking.